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From now on, no matter who he sleeps with, as long as Fuyuki is himself, I will forgive him. On top of that, I have not asked him about the matter regarding his “scheme”. Not finger… ahh it hurts. My fever has gone down, I don’t need the ice anymore. With that, Fuyuki turned his vision to the oil lamp which he had carried with him earlier on the ground. It’s one of the best moving cd’s I’ve heard and I was also touched about the fubako scene. Do you know Fuyuki’s whereabouts?

I am all drenched so pardon my rudeness for having to speak to you in your garden. So I thought that must be why you only gave me half of that warmth. Throw down your knife. You speak too highly of me. Miki Shinichirou x Fukuyama Jun Synopsis: I will never forget your kindness.

Something to do with Sagano-ojisama again?

Fuyuki has passed the age of 30, and is already the father of 4 children, including Kunitaka who is already 17 years abazre. Fortunately, I have a trump card. Then, why did you not ask for my heart?

(YAOI Manga) Abazure Cut – Video Dailymotion

No matter what, I won’t be the only one you need. What he is thinking, I cannot fathom. Miki Shinichirou x Fukuyama Jun Synopsis: Kojima, the Vice President of the Student Body, always strives to be on the 1 spot in school.

Qbazure, a fully subbed DGS episode that you all have been waiting for!! How confident you are. Even if no one understands how fortunate I feel, to be able to dra,a the hand that was reaching out for me, it doesn’t matter.


Why weren’t you honest with me from the start?! Then, what do you want to know? I cannot allow for that! If I don’t remove the root of the problem, you will be tied down by him forever.

On top of that, he is clothed in only a thin-layered kimono and tied up by ropes. No clue about what they were saying, beyond the passion and grief. Even after we return to Tokyo, you will be my priority.

That’s a good plan but, Yamagi is from a samurai family, and dislikes the cabinet. I am yours, and that means everything. Oh, it’s already finished.

Doutei Hitsuji to Abazure Ookami (COMPLETED)

Koyasu Takehito x Yusa Kouji Synopsis: Because of the guest, I’m unable to work on my translation. I won’t be satisfied like this. Even I’ve forgotten how beautiful you are Go to Hakone together. However, to Fuyuki who was raised under the inter-marriage concept, children born with an outsider, might appear to be drana beings to him.

Oh I love the bgm in this drama too.

If you change your mind, feel free to contact me. It’s been a while, Sagano-sensei. However he has not realize that he is different from Fuyuki. I’ll loosen you, so bear with it a while more. For now, just close your eyes.


Fuyuki’s first experience was around your age too. Even if he is reluctant, I think it’s important for him to hear the opinion of an outsider.

Again, thanks a abazuer for your wonderful translation. Ookawa Tooru x Suzuki Tatsuhisa Synopsis: Could it be, that someone has set a trap for Fuyuki?

Dráma CD kuckó: Welcome to the blog ^^

Posted on 23 Aug2: He wants us to rest here for a while more, and brought us some rice balls. Koibito Kijunchi Title, Translation: You’re always working so hard to settle your own matters, never bothering about me.

No, no, put it in. I won’t be cold if you’re around. I will bear this in mind. Hirakawa Daisuke x Takeuchi Ken Synopsis: Abazurf I was the one who introduced an outsider in to carry on the line. Yes, I will pamper you forever.

YAOİ – Manga – DramaCD – BLCD: Abazure BLCD

I’m just thinking that, the only person to be with you, can only be me. The same place we were at 11 years ago. I’ll let you stay for the night. I don’t want it.