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During the latter half of the last century, an ancestor of the late Baja, Babu Ausan Singh, was a man of great power and influence. Gahlot or Grahilot Tribe. The Agnikulas or Fire Races. Performed when the child is between one and three years of age. Of all the native residents in Benares, for many years past, the deceased Raja was the most distinguished. When these pre- parations have been concluded, the man whose duty it is to fire the pile first walks round it three times, beginning from the left side. He has had the honour of entertaining, on several occasions, the Viceroys who have visited Benares; and, in default of a son, has been permitted to adopt his nephew as his successor. The word is partly derived from bhuin or bliumi— land.

It has three Praviras distinguished by the number of knots in the Brahmanical cord — the Gautam, Angiras, and Autathiya. These enfold them within their toils, fleece them of their money, and otherwise behave towards them in a shameless manner, while the poor pilgrims, being generally utter strangers, having no means of redress, patient- ly submit to maltreatment and ignominy. The Baja also furnished grain and supplies for the troops, and gave up twelve horses and an elephant for their conveyance ; and when the danger was most imminent, and the local authorities were most in want of the support and countenance of a native gentleman of his position and influence, he abandoned his own house in the city, and took up his quarters in that occupied by Mr. He need never be ashamed of his abilities, or ask special favours for himself. The Brahman and his wife worship Ganesh, the god of wisdom; the Nakshatras, or twenty-seven divi- sions of the zodiac, under one or other of which every child is supposed to be born; the twenty-eight Yogas, and other deities. The Brahmans of all tribes, according to Hindu writings and traditions, are originally descended from seven Rishis, or sages, held by Hindus universally in profound veneration as semi-deities of great sanctity and wisdom. To this lucrative occupation he adds another. He gives no in- timation of separate tribes existing among them.

For the honour of the Indian Government, and the satisfaction of loyal natives in Benares and elsewhere, I earnestly trust that the title of Baja will be made hereditary in the family of this illustrious man.

The five Dravira tribes may be separated, like the five Gaurs, by geographical boundaries. ai

The result basag the dispute was, that, mne of the entire revenue of the pargannah of Saidpur-Bhitri being enjoyed by the family, as formerly, the Babu was obliged to be satisfied with one-fourth of the same, amounting to 36, rupees, or three thousand six hundred bssar thirty-three pounds, the remaining three-fourths being paid to the Aid.

Moreover, although the Bhuinhars are chiefly connected with the Sarwaria branch of the Kankubja tribe of Brahmans, yet some of them are allied to the Kanoujiya Brahmans Proper. The Pukkasa caste came from the son of a Sudra woman and a Nishada husband ; and the Kukkutaka caste, from the son of a Nishada woman by a Sudra husband i. For many years, the meetings of the Benares Institute, of which elisode was for a long time Vice-Presi- dent, but of which he has been lately made President, in succession to the late Raja Sir Deo Narain Singh Bahadur, have been held in his house.


The issue is well known. The infanticide practised by Rajpoots has been a fruitful mkne of the intermingling of low caste blood with their own.

When the child is between three and five years of age, its two ears are pierced. Kasyap gotra is, by some, considered 5. I have been unable to obtain any trustworthy evidence for such assertions. By the people generally he is regarded as a pure, stainless, twice-born being, divine as well as human, worthy of unbounded admiration and worship. A bull receives the mark of Siva upon its rump, and is offered in the name of the deceased. In short, they have become as much absorbed in other races as the Celtic tribes of England have become absorbed in the Anglo-Saxon race ; and their own separate individuality, if they ever had any, has completely vanished.

List of Seventeen Principal Clans. Buchanan affirms that in his day there were two thousand families of Jijhotiyas in the district of Gorakhphr. Money equal to the price of a cow is given to the family priest, or purohit. The village has a population of upwards of five thousand persons. The above ceremonies are not merely performed on the death of a Brahman, but are also, for the most part, observed on the epislde of any other Hindu.

TV Film [7] [21]. Nevertheless, there is no question that they do not occupy a high rank and position among the Brahmanical races. Other castes were formed by the marriage of members of the four castes with mem- bers of the irregular castes. Social Position of Rajpoots. Babu Aiswarya Narayana Sinha is a son of the preceding.

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Fortunately for the Ojha, his fee and perquisites do not depend on this latter contingency. This tribe needs to be properly investigated.

Brahmans are fed, and money is given to them. They are mkne to have originally come from Bempftr, and to be descended from Dawan Rai, from whom they can trace their pedigree to themselves through thirty generations.

This relationship subsisting between husband and wife of two different, not to say widely separated, castes, was not held to be disgraceful or worthy of denunciation. A Brahman comes and sprinkles water over husband and wife, and repeats a mantraor charm.

The names of these ninety-two families seldom occur in common intercourse. The Bhuinhars only perform one-half of the prescribed Brahmanical duties.

Such was the origin of the Benares family. And it must he confessed he is very often successful in attain- ing his wishes, not only with Europeans, hut also with Hindus, for they both desire to pay him respect, for the sake of what he is, and of the brilliant asso- ciations connected with his tribe. The Brahmans of India are classed under two great divisions, named Gaur and Dravira, each of which consists of five tribes. As Hariana, Hastinapur, and the neighbouring country formed one of the earliest seat of the Brahmans in India, it is not improbable that the modern Gaurs of that quarter, together with those in Bengal and elsewhere, who have branched off from them, are their lineal descendants.


Beames, in his edition of Sir H.

Ziaul Faruq Apurba

He feels for it neither the one nor the other ; but regards it as a monstrous engine of pride, dissension, and shame, which could only have been invented in baaar utterly diseased condition of human society. The worship of Ganesh forms part of the ceremony.

Undoubtedly, the children of these intermarriages had a stain upon them ; but this circumstance imposed little apparent check on the fill themselves. The spirit of the deceased is supposed to have hovered about the spot, where the body was burnt, for twelve days ; but on the thirteenth takes its departure to another sphere. Again, the Barhai or carpenter caste has seven sub-castes, which are so distinct from one another that they hold no direct social intercourse tull each other, either by marriage, or by eating or smoking together.

A pinda is offered for the proprietor of the ground on which the cremation has taken place, that he may not he injured by the spirit of the departed. MomoMoutushi, Moushumi Hamid, Naim. Aired on Eid-ul-Fitr [30]. The five special ceremonies, already repeatedly referred to, are practised, and the name is given.

Clans of the Bharaddwaj Golra, hearing the title of Shukul. All that can be affirmed respecting them is, that they either belong to some of the many ramifications of the great Sudra caste, or to castes of a lower grade still.

Education, in the European sense, is fast stripping the Brahman of his divine assumptions, and reducing him to the mpne of ordinary humanity. Some of the names in this list are peculiar. V arendra is north of the Ganges, in basae District of Rajshahy; and Rara is the country epsode the west of the Bhagirathi river.

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They both perform pujaor worship certain idols, and also make a rude figure called mdtrikarepresenting a woman, on walls and other places. It is worthy of note that, in adhering to certain important caste rules and distinctions, many of the lower castes are much more rigid than the higher castes. Again, they are spoken of as quasi-deities, whose favour needs to be propitiated, and whose frown is fatal to health and life.

Ganesh is worshipped, and the infant is brought out to behold the sun and moon. In this manner, members of these castes, or children partly sprung from them, may have been merged in the lower castes. Monr voice in title track [27].