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The archivist frowns as you enter. No one wants to learn about plants or flowers! Click on one of the three dots you see on the floor. Let’s look for the rest of the constellation. It saved me from a lot of headache. Did you hear something?

Why are the lights off?! Unfortunately, there are only two. Well no wonder you can’t find that constellation Sign In Sign Up. The goal of this step is to find the correct combination of levers and wheels in an on and off position. Every room you move into, try clicking the smaller door that is highlighted in red. Head back to the Rock Quarry , then click the path, then the faded square to find out. That would be too easy.

Oh, I almost forgot – you could also clear your browser’s cache and see if that helps things along. We don’t know how to fix it — the plant was designed by a mad wizard, and he didn’t write any documentation!

I am unable to locate it as I have been using a star mapper that you enter star data into then it appears on a starmap. But eventually, you master the art of keeping three beanbags in the air, and the Quiggle pats you on the back. Anyway, if you want to go down to the basement and take a look, just let me know. Well in theory, the constellation finder should be giving you the perfect coordinates – in this case, the most likely problem is that the way you zltador the stars was somehow slightly different from the one in the image.

Star Number X Coordinate Y Coordinate 1st Star 99 2nd Star 69 3rd Star 26 39 4th Star 66 39 5th Star 69 6th Star 99 Once you’ve got your coordinates, enter them into the chart below to get your library coordinates. This will take you atlador the depths of the archive.


Your feedback is very important to us! Back to top Next Constellation. I tore the Meepit’s head off! We surely would have drowned in a flood if it hadn’t been for your quick thinking! Try doing each gear individually to see which three open up the right side the widest. Not everyone’s coordinates are the same, but comparing yours to mine, it almost seems as if the first coordinate is not quite right. This is a real item and can be stolen by the Pant Devil.

Sign up for a new account in our community. For your last constellation, we’re going to begin at the Observatory. Did you hear something? You throw a pebble at the vase. The levers are on the left side of the chart, and the wheels are on the top of the chart. And the picture does resemble her statue in the Hall of Heroes. When you’ve got it, click submit!

It’s completely random which one will work for you. The spectral Minitheus steps aside, letting you pass.

If I hang around until he turns his back, he’ll get suspicious. You’ve just found your 11th constellation: Now return to the Archivist and click on the vase again. Go and find it, I suppose.

Neopets Altador Plot Constellation Finder

The archivist sniffles as you enter. Click on the ‘Hide the Box’ button. I’m not a wiz at Neo, but I have been through the plot recently and I might be able to point you in the right direction.

When you get there, you will be greeted by a Zafara and Shoyru. Consrellation have discovered The Thief constellation. You fixed the water. Click on King Altador and he’ll thank you for your service and offer you a gift. The janitor shouts, “WHAT?! I don’t know why it’s like this, but I seem to remember it being this way when I first completed the plot on another now self-frozen account.


Altador Plot

I think those are correct. I left them unlocked once before, by accident, but this time I’ll leave them open for you if you want to wander around. Well, let’s see if we can figure this out. You contellation the box of Meepit plushies in another closet. Please check your user inbox to see if you have been contacted regarding this incident, then review our rules.

‘s Altador Mini-Plot Coverage, Solutions, and Walkthrough

The archivist says, “Wait, I’m sorry, did you say there were only three stars you found in the clue? I was having fun looking at them, all shiny and stuff Well no wonder you can’t find that constellation You pull it off to reveal that dastardly Quiggle! Each room, as you can see, has either levers or wheels. No one wants to learn about plants or flowers! Congratulations, one possibility down, to go.

The archivist frowns as you enter. However, we now have to look at your 3rd coordinate: We’re sorry, but the plant isn’t open to the public for tours. You cannot approach the pedestal. Help with Neopets Altador Plot Constellation? The archivist frowns as you enter.