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Shot in Los Angeles, it starred Kitano as a deposed and exiled Tokyo yakuza setting up a drug empire in Los Angeles with the aid of a local gangster played by Omar Epps. Kitano said that after playing comedy clubs he would be invited to drink with yakuza, where he would learn stories about the big crime bosses. Ryoko such an attractive woman eventhou she’s 32 and Jin is cute The chemistry that she had with Akinishi Jin was surprisingly good and at times very cute more like friends. Although for years already Kitano’s largest audience had been the foreign arthouse crowd, Hana-bi cemented his status internationally as one of Japan’s foremost modern filmmakers. I’m not taking names coz I don’t want fangirls cursing me to the end of my existence here. The rest 4 pts are for plot: Sawaki Eriko 10 episodes, Jin Akanishi

TV Tackle is a kind of panel discussion among entertainers and politicians regarding controversial current events. This is a perfect drama not only for the fans of Akanishi and Shinohara, but for anyone that enjoys an uncommon love story connection. Miyamoto Koichi 10 episodes, Naho Toda And as for Akanishi Jin, I didn’t expect him to be so good! Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! Nakano Saki 10 episodes,

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You are commenting using your WordPress. Retrieved 6 January Takeshi aneho in the live action adaptation of the manga Ghost in the Shellmarking his return to American cinema nearly twenty years after Johnny Mnemonic in It’s sad to see the status of women employees in Japanese companies though A surprising performance by Jin after Gokusen 2.


Although in Japan it did better financially than Hana-bi. But I liked Jin’s acting though. Reviewed by Miyoubi on 3 October This section may contain spoilers!

And Jin really is different here, so innocent and boyish, plus he cried. Among his most significant acting roles were Nagisa Oshima’s film Taboowhere he played Captain Hijikata Toshizo of the Shinsengumi. So will the Oscars still rock you?

No romance, no career future, life is without hope, so stupid thing happened! Gokusen is the story of recently graduated Kumiko Yamaguchi, aka. This drama depicts realistically how Naoko lives her everyday life, including her love life, the problems she faces, and her uneasiness about the future. Kitano confirmed in a video abego that he was forbidden to access the NHK studios for five years for having exposed his body during a show when it was totally forbidden.

Not sure how closely it followed the book because I’m still on the 2nd chapter Kato Hiromi 10 episodes, Makiya Yamaguchi I thought that towards the later part of the show, things start to get a bit heavy, and part of it rather sad. Reviewed by megumi s. Well, all in all, I didn’t like her character so much.

Ryoko-san is an excellent actress and watching her bring the charatcer “Naoko” to life, is amazing! Comments by kaonashi [Rating: Comments by ashley [Rating: If I meet her in the street Reviewed by yvonnescence88 on 9 January Beat Kiyoshi has a bit part in Kitano’s film Kikujiroas “Man at the bus stop. Delicate on the outside, strong on the inside.

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Comments by jica [Rating: I love the interactions between Naoko and Kurosawa, they really liven up each episode. Enter three men of varying degrees of attractiveness and desirability, namely, the fresh meat recruit Akanishi Jinthe suave married CEO and some geezer she xnego at an omiai.


This drama is so great. The acting of Jin was awesome great!!

Takeshi Kitano

Criticism was less severe in Europe and Asia though many commentators were not as lavish with their praise as they had been with his previous films.

As reported by Dan Edwards, Kitano later said that the accident was an “unconscious suicide attempt”. While the plot was mostly predictable, there were a couple of interesting surprises. Her acting is something that keeps the drama exciting and worth watching! There is neither plot NOR character development, and the prepostrous ep. Recently she realizes that most of the temporary and contracted workers’ goals are to find an elite male employee within the company to marry.

It’s a nice story, sometimes I get annoyed with the main female, why is she so mean to Jin don’t remember his name in this drama. Although this dorama falls into the overdone “Older woman-younger man” genre of romantic doramas currently being aired on Japanese televison, it does offer an entertaining insight into the life of a working woman looking for love. You are commenting using your Twitter account.