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I had several good 2-birders, but it took a few hours to finally get the 1-birder. I used the same strat, and only used 2 birds. Two birds left over for , I saw a sleigh, suspended near the hanging ornaments on the upper right side, with golden beams coming from it. It was really early in trying the level… It was probably a two-birder that may have been trying to knock over all the stones on top with both birds… that was my early strategy before I discovered Stella underneath caused it all to come down easily. I have gotten 1 one birder but the upper structure did not fall so tje score was not good. Any other clues on how you get it to happen? Lol coffeeking Me tooo!!

Car should take off, flip and go into the hole and take everything out there. It only happens about 1 in 20 times. Boss Hog with points Platform: Chuck full power right out of the sling as close as you can get to the overhang directly at the detonator. Woot bonneypattycat congrats on the new rank: You can read more about the Ski or Squeal update and find helpful links here. Half of the sleigh went into the pit, the other half hit the building on top of the ledge..

Small red bird then to the join between the roof and the chimney pot causing the wooden column to fall backwards and the roof to collapse. First bird, over the house but through the chimney. As they say — got it!

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All my other scores so far are 3 bird including the k. Boss Hog with points Platform: The sky detonator is definitely the way to go for high scores.


He will roll down and land under the ramp on the left of the ravine. Indeed gumby — much luck but, nevertheless, very grateful for the tipoff! Ski first shot. Two birds left over forI got a one-birder but only k. If you’re interested in supporting AngryBirdsNest or RocketPond please contact us or check out our advertising rates. They key is to have the yellow bird hit the ramp as high as possible. Mind you I only scored k so far, so it could jump before the end of the day.

Where did you fling Chuck? Half of the sleigh went into the pit, the other half hit the building on top of the ledge. Ideally, the sled should take out the hanging green pig and fall back into the pit. You can read more about the Ski or Squeal update and find helpful links here. Must say that your scores are impressive, that is Champions League flinging. Debriefed with points Platform: I got a 1 birder with the high in the sky squeql, and the debris on top ledge did fall but most of birfs concrete blocks failed to break: Stella under the overhang and triggered just before the remaining column of bricks.

Also then sleigh took off when the bird was still high in the air. The score in the video below isIt only happens about 1 in 20 times.

Did I imagine it?

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I had already spent way too much time struggling with a stella suffering from E. Gratulation to your score. Now go get the golden egg on lvl I settled on a straight on shot, aiming for the little black triangle, boosting ASAP.


Almost had a 1 birder, launched a shoot the moon shot. It should go through the first column and take out one of the wedges on the second column triggering the sled.

Missing your comments and carols! Thanks karen68 too for your reply. Sqieal straight on to detonator, Cart made the full loop, flew back high into side of top structure, then fell and slid down to the pit.

Back to the drawing board!! Gold Flinger with points Platform: One Birder, the car maked the loop only on the right side twice, fall into the pit, at this moment 83k, wait because the roof was instable, everything fall down.

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For the moment highscore, car makes the salto two times, with the red on the roof. We are the go to place for walkthroughs, news, and much more. Red to the center of the wood triangle sitting on top of the left wooden wall of the hut on 11-5 to destabilize the roof and get the top piggie, hoping for lots of wood to fall left.

Here I had to used all the birds, because with the third, I missed the stone, to bring down everything from the roof. These should lift up and hit a sweet spot underneath the overhang which 1-155 an avalanche of all the remaining stones above. Any other clues on how you get it to happen?