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May 5, []. June 3, [55]. Retrieved March 17, After receiving a tour of the building from Erza, Lucy finds the box hidden in a tree in the backyard. Part 22 – DVD”. Retrieved June 25,

July 7, []. October 30, [24]. Hoshiboshi no Ichigeki ” Japanese: September 1, []. Archived from the original on October 25, July 8, [60]. Retrieved from ” https: With Hilda’s unfinished business complete, the job request fades away, as does the cat costume, leaving Lucy nude in public.

Dragon Ball Super –

Mavis appears and explains she is not upset about the box; rather, it is the hundred-year anniversary of her bidding farewell to her friend Zera. June 3, [55].

November 3, []. Edit Opening Theme 1: September 10, [29]. September 18, [18].

Orashion Seisu ” Japanese: August 11, taik. Natsu and his friends accept in the hope of cheering her up with the box’s unknown contents.

December 2, [81].

October 2, [20]. Akuma Tensei ” Japanese: Retrieved from ” https: Mavis joins the tal at Fairy Tail’s bath house, unhappy that she cannot enjoy the qualities of a hot bath in her incorporeal form. Erza, the student council president, asks Lucy and fellow transfer student Wendy to help her prepare for a date with Siegrain.


August 25, []. August 21, [14]. Retrieved February 3, Retrieved July 16, After Team A searches a swamp for a magic stone to power Team B’s hot tub, each member is put through a different penalty: Retrieved November 9, Retrieved June 25, Archived from the original on April 1, October 9, [21].

March 24, [97]. More Top Anime 1 Fullmetal Alchemist: Archived from the original on 15 March Zero Zero Zero Zero ” Japanese: Upon discovering that only Natsu will return to the present, his friends race to reach him in time episodde successfully return with him, leaving the book behind in the past to be picked up and stored away by Makarov.

Fairy Tail Episode

While their friends battle the soldiers, Natsu and Haru team up and defeat Kurodoa, gaining each other’s respect. Natsu and Haru strike up an immediate friendship until Haru learns that Natsu is on a mission to capture a wizard at Ruby’s casino who seemingly matches Elie’s description. When the younger Natsu loses to Gray, he is attacked by his bruised and unrecognizable present self, who inadvertently causes his own childhood trauma as the younger Natsu scratches his own animfseason while trying to fight back.


Retrieved March 17, Part 14 – DVD”. It also makes for exciting anime, and allows animators and directors to showcase their prowess as things get heated.

Part 18 – DVD”.