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Before she had her daughters she was a journalist. Cite this article Pick a style below, and copy the text for your bibliography. He figured largely in Ada and Charlie’s life and in the narrative Veronica weaves about her family history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Veronica picks out a casket. Uncle Val is Veronica’s father’s brother.

This description gives readers the sense of the sexual tension felt by Lambert. Maybe Liam tried smothering Veronica with it, but likely he and Veronica used it to smother Kitty. She realizes that, up until Liam’s death, she did not mind her life being the way it was. We were just the right distance apart. His mother and eight of the nine surviving Hegarty children gather in Dublin for his wake. During the night, while her family sleeps, she wanders the house, moving from one large room to the next.

It is our nature, the nature Enright charts. The chapter begins with a narrative flashback.

While Enright surrounds the young Ada with symbols of and references to Christ reborn and triumphant, she pairs Veronica with Christ’s suffering during gatheriny crucifixion and death.

If our or the jurors’ idea of the the peaks of literary novel is, unavoidably, defined by the Great Moderns, if it’s all of Joyce, Woolf and Lawrence; Proust and Musil and Kafka; then The Gathering had to be recognised because it’s steeped in that tradition.

The Gathering

She writes in a dense, accurate, shocking, and humorous style. The past and present merge to create a family history that is ever evolving, given the fact that Veronica involves her grandparents, her parents, and her children in Liam’s story.

Immigrants have fueled economic boom as well as social upheaval, but Ireland has taken proactive steps to ensure a smooth transition. Veronica claims to love him because he does not pretend or judge.

Enright’s title obviously refers to these family get-togethers, but also perhaps to the process of Veronica’s grieving, as she pulls strands from the past, trying to disentangle what is standard to ‘the wound of family’ and what is summarry to the Hegarty history. The reader is introduced to Liam, the narrator’s brother, and Rebecca and Emily, the narrator’s daughters.


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She believes it put a wedge between her and Liam and causes her to feel a certain level of guilt. Kennedy, the physicality of Jeannette Winterson, and the incisiveness of Sylvia Plath.

He becomes the ultimate definition of love’s stupidity – an eummary of energy towards people who are always destined to disappoint, to be disappointed and, above all, who plit compelled to leave us in the most devastating way, by dying.

And I don’t know why that is. Veronica believes he died in February Veronica describes she and Liam as teenagers. It also accounts for another motif in this section: Not just because Veronica has crossed the line between some kind of normality and some kind of a nervous breakdown: His body has been hhe by the workings of his soul—so the smell that rises from under his shirt has something of the spring air in it, a whiff of early morning soap, the quiet ming of a day’s toil.

I spend my time looking at things and wishing them gone, clearing objects away. Michael Weiss was Veronica’s lover for three years during college. The next reference to Veronica’s class and how it affects her handling of Liam’s affairs reveals her conflicted feelings over it. Pages to import images to Wikidata All stub articles.

The problem with Liam was always a hundred small things. No one believed a word he said. As soon as Michael Weiss admitted to loving the idea of Ada as a prostitute, Veronica changed her mind about the theory. Charlie makes Ada laugh and, in the process, according to Veronica, changes his future and her past. Notify me of new posts via email. In Chapter 20 I think her husband is asleep next to her with a tumescent monster of a penis weighing him down.

Catholicism has something to do with large families and the Hegartys are nominally Catholic, but no more than that. Enright’s deft handling of time slowly layers up possibilities and errors for her characters, time spent and time ahead cocooning them. Her impoverished upbringing coupled with the dissatisfaction she feels for her wealth seem to be larger root causes.


Her dependence on family history as some sort of guide toward truth reveals itself to be an act of desperation and frustration. The Gathering, her fourth novel, is ostensibly a znne thing. And I am about to hit it, now. She has returned to Dublin from her home in the United States.

The Gathering by Anne Enright – book review

She died of pancreatic cancer at the age of forty-two. The blessing and the curse of family bonds have been addressed by some of our best writers, perhaps never so movingly as by William Kennedy in his Albany cycle of novels.

She recounts the fights she had with her father and how they affected her exams, and she admits how hurt she is that he is dead. He walked to his death in the Brighton sea, his brain muddled by drink, his pockets filled with stones.

The chapter ends by hinting that Lambert and his sister Lizzy may have had an incestuous relationship. Anne Enright has all she needs in terms of imagination and technique and she’s a tremendous phrase-maker. Nugent has given up rashers, sausages and all kinds of offal for the duration, also strong drink. Although it does not play an obvious or predominant role in the narrative of Anne Enright’s The GatheringIreland’s soaring economy does have an impact on its central character, Veronica Hegarty, her domestic relationships, and how she grieves for her favorite recently deceased brother.

The Man Booker Prize.