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Arang – get a move on it!!! I loved your comment about Moo Yeon knowing the difference between existing and living. Which means, death might not be a sad ending at all. Thank you for the recap. Hyung Joon cut to the chase and asks Jung Woo if his fiancee did anything wrong? I was afraid he was going to pull a I’m-going-to-masterfully-kiss-you-into-loving-me move, but he didn’t! That he was prettier than his female co-stars?

I like him before but I really love him to pieces here. I am sorry but there is no way one or two months with JW can equal 14 years with HJ. I guess I need to applaud the writers though I do hate them for it, too! The talisman is to block out heaven; ghosts are just included in that package deal. This drama is more and more anticipating. And as Joowal softens to her, will she let Lee Seo Rim back in and let that influence draw her to Joowal instead?

Dude, I’m your bitch forever. As if sensing that Eun-oh was going to jump off the deep end and confess to her, she interrupted by mentioning the fullness of the moon- a reminder that she’s only here for a limited amount of time magiistrate that their relationship was a dead-end.

I also cry when writing them and then, this drama is so awfully heartbreaking, so I cry when watching it, too!!

Please support this website by adding us to your whitelist in your ad blocker. Except that I think her killer is JW, which was so shocking that she completely lost her memory.

I wonder if he has something to hide When she says no he asks again, to be sure, to give her a second chance if she’s lying because he must feel that she does care. Since I’m watching this and Faith, I noticed some similarities in the lead characters: Joongirl September 28, at 6: No point in comparing. Can’t wait for next week! You just want to make the last days meaningful for this person; you want to give them everything you can like shoes, peaches, clothes … but also friendship.


I like the old geezer, baddie though he is. HJ is really the one who has none except for his Zoe at this point. It was just EPIC.

Death is the big bugaboo in this story. Also agree that I hadn’t expected Eun-Oh to encounter his mother at this point. But then again this is EO we’re talking about, who’s been desperate for his mother’s love all these years.

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It could screw Mu Yeon when she tries to possess the body and finds resistance from the soul. I always thought it quite sad that LJK has never really gotten a compatible co-lead in his previous works esp.

And even more after this episode, I love Eunoh. Meta [Happily never after] Maybe There are no Big Misundertandings or Noble Idiocy moments. SMA does fear very well imo.

I found a translation of what was written in the diary: From the start I had a feeling Jade is actually a bit manipulative and he was kinda mean esp to MuYoung. I find his badassery side very smexy. She is justtttttt soooo extremley pretty that day.

Missing You Episode 6 Recap

That being said no one is forgetting that he’s a seasoned killer magisrrate he’ll eventually have to repent probably with his life later but his trying to move past the evil and just live with the woman he loves is heart wrenching. Just what I expected, emotions are inclined in this episode.

And when she asks him about why he’s avoiding her Chills from that glare. Watch Arang and the Magistrate Episode 1. I love you guys for this. I’ve enjoyed every second of seeing Sato’s immense growth with each episode; I want to see the same for our heroine as well. Folks grow quiet when they’re suddenly faced with remembering who they were before they died, having a guy confess his love to you knowing you’re gonna die, feeling discomfort cause the guy you were in love with in your past life didn’t know zilch about you and now is always mooning around you, and dealing with the dislike of the best friend of the hero who just declared he liked you.


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I asked about public opinion on YC acting because I know management companies and tv broadcast stations give the press articles to hype actors and dramas. The three demons emerge empty-handed. Which also shows why Big Bad captured some of Hades’ Reapers in addition to some humans souls. I think Jang Bin is Hwata What it will come down to though is her realization that love waits for no wo man, and magistraate it is better to have loved and lost than to have never loved before.

He’s all “for the greater good” while using people to achieve it.

LJK as the martial arts master Magistrate is boyish, pretty, and manly at the same time. That being said I’m going to be lurking next wednesday on viki.

Dramaoad he was destroyed and freaking tthe after Eun Ho kissed Arang epi 11 and after he himself couldn’t kill her ep 12 I just wanted to get out of his way until he cooled off. When Jade gave him life again he told him that one day he will remember.

Arang remembers the liver-eating demon in the cave and says that must be what Mu-young was talking about: Drama Recaps Reach of Sincerity: That’s miraculous be it in reality or dramaland.

I love love love Eun Oh! Mom flies into a rage, but Lord Choi is prepared for it and counters by revealing that magisstrate knows that Arang is immortal.