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First, filmmakers deserve feedback. I know, because Sundance received over 11, films and most others are reporting record submissions.. I did not know anyone at any of these festivals except that the first one I got into a teacher of mine was on the board or something and got them to let me enter a week late after he watched my film and loved it. So not to be the jackass that just complains, what would I recommend? I had no connection to the film other than that I was a pre screener at a non profit festival and saw it as a volunteer. The Tumbleweed Film Festival. Will I ever spend money on a festival submission again? I think the submission process should essentially be turned upside down.

When I offered to help program one screening at a festival I screened at the year before by programming a couple hours of gay themed films they responded with this is not a gay film festival. My very favorite story was reading an interview with the festival director of the South-by-Southwest Film Festival joking that she was thrilled a film she acted in was selected. All Short Films films with running times of under 60 minutes are invited to submit in this category. The other people on this blog are right. As soon as they saw something they hated they ejected the disk and moved on to the next one. Thanks, I hope the blog helps. Receive a rejection letter with something meaningful as listed above. Not any better than my film, just longer and less truthful about Heifetz relationship with his students whom he often terrorized.

I am an associate producer for a film Atlantic Crossing: Film festival entry fees are the equivalent of stage play submission fees, but instead of reading fees, with films, they are more of a viewing fee. Films with major distribution may not qualify for juried wiithoutabox, but are eligible for audience awards. So what key terms did we search for?


Films submitted in this category, if selected, will be eligible to be voted on by audiences at special festival screenings.

And with doing so, the tide changed. So anyway, those are some thoughts. Worse actually, because at least all lottery ticket buyers are playing on the same level.

Even the smaller festivals we submitted to were more interested in showing non-indy Hollywood backed films than films made in their own backyard by locals. Look at prior festival winners to get a clue on what the festival wants from their submitters. I can honestly say that 6 years later there is not one thing i would change in this my first short film.

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Chances are good we will be back at some festivals this year, but this is going to be almost totally through back doors. When Iwthoutabox first produced First World in a 25 min. March 3, at 7: Documentary Films with political or social issue subject matter and running times under 45 min are invited to submit in this category.

Mike, this plan wihhoutabox create a pay-to-play model for less scrupulous film festivals. May 18, at 8: All narrative features are invited to submit. Hey Nathan, thank you for sharing your view!

I already had an international distribution contract and still got rejected by my own area Atlantic Film Festival as well as all the others I submitted to.

Withoutabox has been a boom for the festivals, the films and fees are pouring in. I feel lucky an honored to have gotten into the seven Withoutabos did, one a top ten in USA.


BendFilm Festival

Notify me of new comments via email. August 29, at It ends up being way too expensive and possibly a big waste of time.

I had the perfect short film to recommend for them but it was a male director, a young male star and mostly male actors with a gay theme. Good, I would hate to be the one to throw that bucket of cold water on you. I asked for one from both and never even got a reply.

I could bend your ear eyes?

Why I Will Never Pay a Film Festival Submission Fee Again (unless I do) | The KR7productions Blog

Like the Colchester Festival mentioned above, hopefully filmmakers will feel like they have nothing to lose, particularly with the increase in online submissions. And from a festival standpoint this should get their review and acceptance policies off the hook.

Make some connections, submit to a few local festivals for the hell of it and then spend your money promoting your film yourself. We also never thought Sundance rilm receive films in and 11, in Receive some constructive criticism Especially if they had an option to ask for some. Spending the type of money we did on festival submissions is one mistake I do not want to repeat. Feature Documentary Films with historical subjects or themes are invited to submit in this category.