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Eventually, Bill would show up at Jack’s family reunions, weddings, vacations — wherever! This article needs additional citations for verification. Immediately a friendship grew, and Barry took Bill around town and out to nightclubs where his friend Jack Doepke performed. Watch Now With Prime Video. All this from a man who simply made coffee and played the harmonica. As they became closer, Bill would accompany Jack to the nightclub, spend the night at his house and goof around recording music and stories on a reel-to-reel tape recorder. Barry Morrow is one of Bill’s closest friends.

Thanks for your help! When Bill died on June 16, , Tom was determined his friend’s legacy would live on. It is not just a history lesson. When Sackter was 7 years old, his father died from complications of the Spanish Flu. If you already own the DVD, here are some ways you can make a difference: Watch Now With Prime Video.

ByWild Bill’s was beginning to outgrow its University confines.

Anyone viewing the documentary, even those that know nothing about Hill himself or the tv portrayal of him, will be left with the feeling that the real Bill Sackter is as close to them as a great friend.

Eventually, Tom and Barry came up with the idea to have Bill serve coffee in an unused room at the college. Soon it was official, Wild Bill’s Coffee Mlvie was opened in My last victim was Bruce the barber in Altoona.

Watch Now With Prime Video. William “Bill” Sackter April 13, — June 16, was an American man with an intellectual disability whose fame as the subject of two television movies and a feature-length documentary helped change national attitudes on persons with disabilities.

Bill Sackter

Luckily, I have a couple good friends Eileen and Amanda at the disability center where I used to live, who are more than willing to let me take them and will undoubtedly identify with many characteristics of the protagonist.

Visit Wild Bills Coffee Shop. Forgotten movir alone, Bikl life changed through the help and friendship of a young college student, Barry Morrow and several other caring individuals.

As they became closer, Bill would accompany Jack to the nightclub, spend the night at his house and goof around recording music and stories on a reel-to-reel tape recorder.


It is not just a history lesson. While the entire story is based in fact, it is not just a historical recitation of events, but rather an emotional journey where viewers will really have a sense that they know Bill Sackter like a close friend.

He eventually became a handyman at a country clubwhere Barry Morrowa filmmakerand his wife Bev, befriended him. For Bill that was became a standard greeting for everyone. Abandoned in an institution for 44 years, Bill Sackter would never see his family again. Bill was little past the normal age 13 of having a sacktsr mitzvah – he was 66, but it was a huge community event. The made for tv movie “Bill” was extremely popular. Our 5 Favorite Things About the Oscars. Tom got Bill work doing odd jobs around campus.

It is a visual composite of many different film moviie video formats, of photographs, of music, of narration, of interviews, but ultimately, it is a bill about friendship, compassion and mlvie. Tom Walz had been a teacher of the ambitious young Barry Morrow while in Minneapolis, and when Walz was hired as the Dean of the School of Social Work at the University of Iowa, his first thought was to bring Morrow along to add vibrancy to the department.

The real joy in this movie is the fun-loving nature of Bill Sackter and the deep impact that he and his harmonica have on bil who he comes in contact with. Barry Morrow is one of Bill’s closest friends.

Much of the archival footage was taken by Barry Morrow as early bilk After Wyrick looked the potential of the story and the resources of film, video, photos, and possible interviews he decided that this production demanded to be treated as a feature length documentary.

Since first meeting Bill Sackter moive three decades ago, Barry Morrow’s desire has always been to create a documentary about Bill Sackter. Please Write a Customer Review at Amazon.

Welcome to A Friend Indeed – The Bill Sackter Story

Uptown Bill’s has been a tremendous success, has received a lot of local swckter and has become a shining example of the potential to create businesses that erase the barriers between people with disability and the general public.


With a harmonica, a warm cup of coffee, and an incredible embrace of life, witness the transformation of the real Bill Sackter, from a neglected individual into a National hero for people with disabilities. This documentary finally puts a real face and personality on Bill Sackter, a person who helped change our society for the better and who has become a hero for the disability community. When Sackter was 7 years old, his father died from complications of the Spanish Flu. When he was released 44 years later, a chance meeting with a young college student Barry Morrow changed his life forever.

This page was last mvoie on 7 Februaryat President Jimmy Carter gave him special recognition in It is the story of an outsider learning how to fit in a world he never knew before he was 50 years old. Full Cast and Crew. If you have questions, comments, or ideas on how to spread the word about “A Friend Indeed” please email Lane Wyrick at: Search for ” A Friend Indeed: You can also post your review or a link to http: Even if you have never heard of Bill Sackter, by the end of the documentary you will know him like a close friend.

Use the HTML below. It wasand Bill was having difficulty learning in school, and after taking a mandatory intelligence test, he was classified as “subnormal”. Audible Download Audio Books. It is a story the whole family can enjoy, and helps to open discussion about the treatment of people with disabilities. With Tom’s help, various disability saackter came to recognize Bill’s extraordinary role in the community, and Bill went on to have a made for TV movie about his life and to be invited to the Whitehouse.