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Damn, it’s been a whole year since our boy Darnell started this here Blizz Blues, and it’s as if nothing has changed in the World of Warcraft. Not one to turn down the ladies, our hero sets off on an epic mini-adventure around the world.. Here’s a sneak peek Escape from Los Crypts Episode In this week’s Blizz Blues, Darnell takes us on a tour of Alliance capitals as he makes the rounds desecrating Fire Festival bonfires. But not Darnell, nuh uh. Darnell is back and gives us a brief overview of one of his least favorite holidays, the Harvest Festival.

Oh, and a world first.. Then recanting and putting them right the heck back in. Armor Sprinkles Episode The Truth Behind Theramore Episode The Best Of Episode Darkmoon Ganked Episode

Frankly Though, It Doesn? In this week’s Blizz Blues, Darnell takes us on a tour of Alliance capitals as he makes the rounds desecrating Fire Festival bonfires. Festival achievements in this week’s Blizz Blues.

Ole’ Beth Down Episode On today’s episode of Blizz Blues, our host reads the letters intended for your loved ones, leaving his personal opinions eppisode of it. Darnell wants to thank all of you for watching Blizz Blues and wishes you all Happy Holidays.

Blizzard’s been pretty quiet this past week, giving all of us nothing more than a blog, a feature and a sneaky picture. Unfortunately, this leaves Darnell with nothing to do but spend his time trolling Blizzard for what he considers to be a considerable lack of effort on a pretty bpues topic.

Darnell has received a call for help from the Hordes favorite white lady, Jaina Proudmoore.

This week the bad boy of Azeroth meets the bad boy of Hollwood: The Future of WoW Episode Valentine’s Day is upon us and Darnell has heard your cries for help. Mini Adventures in Mop Episode But not Darnell, nuh uh. Glyph of Ganking Episode I Haz Teh Floor Episode So, to compliment last week’s best of, here is a collection of some of the most hilarious outtakes. Blizzard is holding a community meeting in Duskwood, and GameBreaker.


Talk Like a Pirate Day has come and eipsode, but, coincidentally, Suge Knight has dug up a map to the greatest prize anyone could ask for More than anything, Darnell wants to get his well deserved legendary daggers.

Now that’s where Darnell sees opportunity. Still working his way up into the ‘real’ Firelands daily questing hub, Darnell is here to share some of his experiences thus far. Brawlfest 2 Episode The Twitter messages you’re about to see are real, bues matter how much we wish they weren’t. Oh, you can bubble hearth?

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The Assassination of Gianni Versace: As you would expect, World of Warcraft has it’s own share of ‘robots’ and Darnell ain’t havin’ it. Beat The Game Episode Darnell’s gathering a group of super soldiers to farm charms for World of Warcraft’s Valentine’s celebration and giving away Kingdoms of Amalur. Creating a weekly machinima certainly has it’s fair share of flubs and mishaps.

Charm Farmin’ Episode The events that follow show us possibly the best ganking technique ever performed. Escape from Los Crypts Episode Love Skeet Skeet Skeet Episode Welcome to CasualCraft Episode No flying in Pandaria, unless you accidentally find yourself to be stuck with the ability to fly, that is.


Everything was going silky smooth too, until Stormwind Love is in the air in Azeroth and Darnell is hoping that Blizzard can hook him up with the girl of his dreams.

BlizzBlues with Darnell

This is going to be rich. Because it surely wasn’t the “dreaded” pirates. Episdoe is back and gives us a brief overview of one of his least favorite holidays, the Harvest Festival. Sup Firelands Episode Cross Realm Realms Episode Escape from Los Karazhangeles Epiaode Please read the following before uploading Do not upload anything which you do not own or are fully licensed to upload.

The great warrior, Darnell, follows a path to greatness as he trains to become a member of the Clan of the Flying Justice Slap!

The images should not contain any sexually explicit content, race hatred material or other offensive symbols or images. Darkmoon Ganked Episode Having saved the lives of thousands of lovely ladies and being awarded access to the Molten Front daily quest hub, Darnell continues exploring new episods. Darnell, who qualifies as the former, is happily ready to surrender time to give a needy child a tour around the world.

No Fly Zone Episode More hotfixes this week as Blizzard continues it’s mission of ensuring that you don’t get too comfy with your toon, but don’t think this has gone unnoticed.

Abuse of the TV. Dat Booty Episode