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Throughout the episode there are many references to Shaolin Soccer and an episode of Samurai Champloo called “Baseball Blues”. I can’t be held responsible for no bad intel. I cannot believe this. I-it’s just having me as a son, huh? But, you know, whenever you want to holla at your boy, I’m right here, man, posted like a lamp. Aw, pops, you don’t even know what that meant to a nigga right now. You know, my mom’s name was Marietta. It’s an overrated experience.

Coming up next on “the Steve Wilkos show” I just want to know who my real father is. The Boondocks season 3. I appreciate you giving of yourself to help sort this thing out. Audible Download Audio Books. He is a pussy punk bitch! Way I see it, you got two options. A German documentary filmmaker follows the Freeman family and other Woodcrest residents from the election to the inauguration of America’s first black president , as flashbacks resembles the coverage of the documentary, including their expressions and personal reactions: Edit Storyline There’s a new handyman in the neighborhood undercutting Uncle Ruckus

Aw, come on, man! Not wanting to become dependent on pills, he takes Sfory suggestion and turns to marijuanaleading to an extreme obsession and legal issues.

Who is Your Favorite Character? I’m here to help. George Lucas ruined the “Star Wars” franchise the minute that wavy-haired jigaboo stepped on-screen and put his monkey paws all over princess Leia. When the Chinese call in some old debts, Ed Wuncler is forced to gamble all of Woodcrest’s economic fortunes on a kickball game with its sister city, Wushung, China; Huey, a former pro at the sport, comes out of self-imposed exile to play kickball with some of the in-need residents.


Edward Asner guest stars. I guess I’ll never know. I mean, I didn’t know that nigga Steve Wilkos was a Dick like that. Your boy cut the obondocks, manicured the little weed area, and even did a little shrubbery art. Where do you get one of those tests done? Huey fill to find the real killer before Tom is shipped off to I was cool with the orange juice.

Boys, lando is going to be staying with us for a while because supposedly lanro the right thing to do. This is your own fault. You have to understand — this was in the days before A. It must have been right before she passed. The episodes “The Ballad of Jimmy Rebel” and “Pause” were banned after their first showing on Adult Swim; “The Ballad of Jimmy Rebel” for excessive depictions of racism, and “Pause”, after Tyler Perry complained that the character Winston Jerome—a God-fearing, ambiguously homosexual, cross-dressing boonsocks who creates African-American melodramas featuring Jerome as a sassy, oversexed, boondockd black woman that get adapted into feature films—was a parody of him.

I wanted to tell him I love him very much and I respect him for everything he did, man. This episode, based lf news stories about a child who takes his grandmother’s car for a joyride and on another occasion orders chicken against his grandmother’s wishes, heavily references the hip-hop film Juice and the horror film Halloween.

This season was originally announced as the final season, however, a fourth season was later announced. I love you, dad.


There’s a new handyman in the neighborhood undercutting Uncle Ruckus White people didn’t expect it.

The Boondocks 3×10 – The Story of Lando Freeman – video dailymotion

I will not be easy on you! Say, man, I promise, man, I’m gonna respect your space, and I really, really appreciate, you know, just being here — part of the fam, man. If you hurry, you might catch him. I remember ztory one gal — her name was Marietta.

The Story of Lando Freeman

You can’t be my son! What syory your game? Go put some clothes on! Matter of fact, Lando’s outside doing some work on the shrubs.

And just ’cause you technically our Uncle, you ain’t ahead of me, nigga. Uncle Ruckus voice Jill Talley Mowing his lawn, trimming his shrubs, planting some color. I’ve been trying to find him, but I couldn’t until I saw him on your show. Beers is cold, and the bitches ain’t sweaty. Will Granddad take stkry and be a father to his son? This episode heavily references the film Scarface.

He way cooler than you, granddad. I cannot believe this.

Season 3 Episode He wants to try to, uh, uh, work this out. Moms always eppisode his nickname was lando. What’s that supposed to mean?!