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If you prefer drier rides, these would work wonderfully as a secondary ride. The blows are so deep that the edge has been pushed into a wave. Though thinner than what I normally use, worked beautifully when splashed lightly behind a snare march I played with brushes during a ballad. Send a private message to con struct. When I used it as a ride, it had a predominant midrange tone. How important is the contour, hammering, bell and bow?

Mallet rolls worked fine on this cymbal, but that midrange tone was still upfront. Due to its higher pitch, the bell of the 20″ ride carries further than that of the deeper 22″, but the mellow tone of the larger cymbal made it the clear winner to our ears. In essence, it’s a 20″ crash to which seven huge hammer blows have been added around the outer circumference. Played softly, they give a delicate, silvery response. Pangs are part of the china family but are exotic rides as opposed to accent cymbals. Pros Offer myriad textures and sounds. The top cymbal was thin enough to respond to very light playing with clean, musical overtones. Cons The Pang Thang and Trash Crash require more man-hours to produce and this makes them more expensive propositions.

Bosphorus Stanton Moore Signature Cymbals

Pros Offer myriad textures and sounds. Maybe I’ll drop by Twains next week.

We with partners Stanton Moore and Bill Norman own this company. The smoothness evident in the hi-hats also extends to the two Wide Rides.

Upping the velocity, the top end begins to assert itself, giving the hats great projection. Now recognised as a leading contemporary second line drummer, his CV details an astonishing variety of gigs, from marching bands to heavy metal. Pangs are part of the china family but are exotic rides as opposed stantob accent cymbals. Crescent Cymbals will produce the only artist approved versions of the popular Jeff Hamilton and Stanton Moore models, as well stamton updated versions of many of the same models you’ve known them for.


Bosphorus Stanton Moore Signature Cymbals – JazzTimes

The company just recently terminated their relationship with Bosphorus Cymbals, however, and will soon September be offering their own products under the brand name Crescent Cymbals. These cymbals are versatile enough to work as your primary ride depending on how much wash you like.

It’s a warm-voiced crash with an assertive edge that helps it cut through stanfon for a relatively small diameter. The hi-hats, rides and Smash Crashes are great value. The new cymbals are a pair of 16″ and 18″ crashes, which are titled Smash Crashes.

The tuning leans towards trashy but in a gentler manner than that of an equivalent china. My recent trip to Istanbul provided much encouragement and excitement of things boosphorus come.

Again the sound is rooted in warm tones, but the warmth is part of a brighter overall presence. These are very musical cymbals, and they work well across a variety of genres.

FXpansion – BFD Stanton Moore Cymbals

I was also somewhat surprised to find that the cymbals sent to me were very consistent and interchangeable with the ones I heard in the store. Find all posts by dmacc. Lumpen post-industrial district Posts: What are the cymbals supposed to feel like under stick? The inch was my favorite of the two. Full Calendar Christian Sands: If you prefer drier rides, these would work wonderfully as a secondary ride. As a set they sound complete, slotting together harmoniously in terms of tone, pitch and volume.

Of the two new Smash Crashes only the 16″ model was sent for review. The 20″ Trash Crash is the ycmbals equivalent of a mutant species. I’m very excited to be starting a new cymbal company with one of the most respected drummers in the business and a true cymbal authority, Jeff Hamilton.


Bosphorus kindly sent me some of the cymbals it created with this musical chameleon, and as I found, they can work well in a variety of genres, too. Find all posts by con struct. They were designed by Bosphorus and famed Latin drummer Ignacio Berroa. Here’s what Hammer has to say about Crescent Cymbals: Away from riding duties, both cymbals open for crashing, with the 20″ model being naturally a little quicker off the mark and also in its decay.

An unusual, but strangely addictive cymbal. It’s surprisingly good as a weird ride, supplying a recognisable stick sound above discordant pockets of wash.

Bosphorus Stanton Moore Cymbals review

Echo by Keiko Matsui. The effect they have on its sound is just as dramatic, giving it a buzzy and distorted tone. Underneath, each cymbal has been worked in the manner of Bpsphorus New Or leans series – the surface is left raw and then lathed in one continuous spiral with a wide tool.

Individual models respond to virtually all dynamic levels. Mallet rolls worked fine on seriea cymbal, but that midrange tone was still upfront. The Natural Eric Dolphy: Stanton Moore and Bosphorus spent two years working on these cymbals before their initial launch, and it shows. Send a private message to GruntersDad.