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This patented double face flying tourbillon has already demonstrated its full chronometric potential. One of the least well-known aspects of watches is the boxes they come in. The gimmick requires no specialised tools and no special knowledge. Bovet is a unique brand in the landscape of contemporary horology. And the watchmakers have not forgotten date correction either: Scroll down to check out the selections. While there are in the wild haute horologerie watches with two faces, there is none with a three-way convertible case.

This monumental clock installed in the Jumping hours, retrograde minutes. A contemporary celebration of years of artisanal fine watchmaking heritage A true testament to years of watchmaking history at BOVET, the Virtuoso VIII expresses the quintessence of its values while elevating them to new heights with a sense of harmony that is constantly being perfected. A spectacular blend of jumping hour and retrograde minute functions can be found at Ulysse Nardin Grand Deck Marine Tourbillon. Fleurier Amadeo 43 Convertible. Presenting the Bovet Pininfarina watch. This was designed in such a way that its mechanism occupies the smallest possible surface area while displaying as big a date as possible: This year marks years since that fateful journey, and today’s Bovet is commemorating it with what it calls a high-end timepiece dedicated to travel:

The Virtuoso quite simply signals Bovet Fleurier Amadeo 43 Convertible. Dark and Brooding — The A. The watch is being sold for parts as it is currently not running. The choice of noble materials and traditional techniques combined with modern touches adorned with dazzling finishes and decorations makes the brand a compelling proposition for those looking to mix mechanical fascination with artistic flair. Bovet flourished in the Middle Kingdom, and it was one of the historical touchpoints that eventually enticed entrepreneur Pascal Raffymore than years later, when he bought the house from a small Geneva firm in Raffy now also has the title of CEO, and the house is today officially known as Bovet Fleurier SA, or also Bovet Pascal Raffy presenting the jewel of The double face is a nice to have feature.


Review: Bovet Amadeo® Fleurier Virtuoso V –

Bovet is employing women artisans, which is rare for watch making companies. Case Back Scratch Resistant Sapphire. A spectacular blend of jumping hour and retrograde minute functions can be found at Ulysse Virtuosl Grand Deck Marine Tourbillon.

It is fixed to the tourbillon bridge by a double-ended mobile balance-spring stud support in accordance with the finest chronometric practices.

Only a visit to the Bovet manufacture can give a true picture of what makes this watchmaker different. The movement function on the duality of two barrels and two gear trains. If we abstract the case and focus on the mixture of complications we have a wider selection of watches to consider for this competitive landscape.

The movement Virtuoso V is balanced, offering a pleasant symmetry. The watch is powered by the Caliber UN, an exclusive work of watchmaker master Christophe Claret. Sub dial small seconds at 6 o’clock position.

Review: Bovet Amadeo® Fleurier Virtuoso V

Bovet Recital 19 Miss Dimier. Read the article Dec 31, by Dara Hinshaw. Excellent condition, it has all boxes and papers. Fleurier Amadeo 43 Convertible. This features a difficult virruoso of complications: The protective lug serves to connect the strap or the pocket chain. Here are five worth crowing about. Journe Souverain Tourbillon Vertical.

Bovet 1822 – More than Swiss made, Swiss Handcrafted®

A true testament to years of watchmaking history at BOVET, the Virtuoso VIII expresses the quintessence of its values while elevating them to new heights with a sense of harmony that is constantly being perfected. But for the Virtuoso VIII, Pascal Raffy decided to opt for an architecture typical of 19th-century watches, with a full plate and bridges hollowed out into a series ,ens scrolls.

Crystal Scratch Resistant Sapphire. The talentpassion and experience of our artisans find their full expression here with such intensity and harmony that the Virtuoso VIII literally commands your attention, captivating the gaze with its multi-faceted splendor.

Picture credit to Bulgari www. The uncommon combination of the case characteristic with its dual face and impressive complication can be met only on the Bovet watches. To further improve msns performance of this tourbillon, a new regulating organ has been developed and produced by the BOVET artisans. See review all the photos for the conditions.


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The top five finishers will receive Read the article Sep 13, by WatchTime. Useful and functional additional indications for regular daily use. Ever since the nineteenth century, Bovet has been embodying respect for the traditions of handmade watchmaking.

Forget about the price tag, let yourself be transported on the wings of desire. Six collets driven virtupso the felly of the balance wheel allow for dynamic setting of the utmost precision. The indication is a white printed Arabic numeral on a blue background, respecting the overall theme.

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Please vote on what you think is the best image based on composition, creativity, and image quality. Read the article Oct 16, by Roger Ruegger. Its reputation stems from its pocket watches manufactured for the Chinese market in the 19th century.

Seven reasons why today’s Chopard watches demonstrate the brand’s devotion to making its mark on the men’s luxury watch market.

These two elegant arms, which spread like wings above the flying tourbillon, were also rounded-off and polished in line with artisanal fine watchmaking traditions. Jumping hours, retrograde minutes. This monumental clock installed in the Six Watch Recommendations with a Salmon Dial, fr Another one for the blue dial fans: The Bovet Amadeo Fleurier Virtuoso V offers four timepieces in one — its patented case construction with two-sided dial offers jumping hours, retrograde minutes, reverse hand-fitting, and a double co-axial seconds display.