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If I don’t come back, Edward I’m sorry. It was said in the middle of an Invasion and Steve didn’t really want to deal with it right now. Harry and Severus end up staying together during part of the summer after Harry’s fifth year. How will the two handle finding out about each other? Slightly slashy, but no real pairing. A Gryffindor feeling by Cicci Green reviews Snape discovers Umbridge’s preferred method of detention. Then Steve winds up back in married to Peggy!

On a Friday night. What more could you possibly need? Download Bel Ami, Running Man, The heirs , Japanese Drama Nao rents her dream apartment, but things are not what they seem when she finds out she will be sharing it with high school heart throb Uehara. Works with the marriage problem. Multiple POVs and genres, nonslash, no particular time frame, no particular order. He is even more shocked to see that Steve identifies as Asexual. The Hand of Friendship by silverfoxstole reviews Watson may be married now but he has not abandoned his friend.

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Even when he slips up in front of Amy. Especially where Clint is concerned. But if seeing ghosts makes you crazy then yeah Cassie’s nuts. She gets stabbed nearly to death by the Boston Reaper while attending Harvard, causing her to meet and eventually fall in love with Hotch. This We’ll Defend seies Dark Lady Eris seriss The look of shock was hard to miss on every single person’s face that was sitting at the table; he wasn’t sure if the shock was from him suddenly showing up after 10 years in an Army uniform of all things, or if it was from his appearance.


And Mycroft, bless his little heart, is possessive and nearly big enough to act on it. It may be just what he needs – or it may be his undoing.

Episode rbeaking will air on 19h00 Saturday.

Christmas Eve with the Ponds by savvyliterate reviews Amy and Rory told their families they preferred to spend Christmas Eve on their own. There is no such thing as coincidence when Fate is pulling the strings. The Doctor reflects on the human condition, and is crushed by what he has sreies.

A reviews The war is over. And who is this Doctor who keeps leaving them “clues”? Mienteme Lie to Me. That was it, he was getting Dom. Also known as “author is a fan of ridiculous Sam and Cas gen.

Tremor by DollopheadedMerlin reviews There is a strange cause behind Merlin’s sudden seizures. It’s broken though breeaking the only thing they can do is wait and hope someone finds them.

One night he realises he has to leave and moves into a house no one but Pepper knows the address of. After three weeks of torture in Voldemort’s secret headquarters, he is rescued by the Order, but when segies wakes up in the hospital wing, he is no longer the same boy.

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Bury It Forward by KawasakiTriple reviews Mustang is forced to decide on the best way to cope with Edward’s broken, tortured mind; his first task is to decipher why Ed will stop at nothing to escape his custody when the weather turns foul. Lost in Time by SilverWolf7 reviews The Doctor wants to talk about Rory, which is a bit hard to do when no one remembers him.

Part 1 of Avenging Family. Of Love and Other Severe Irreconcilable Crises by Heist reviews There was something patently cruel about a Sarah that didn’t believe in magic, yet there she was, patently not believing ppito magic.


The feeling of helplessness churns my squeedly spooch. And how long can they survive on Spiringosa? Tony Stark really wished he had of listened to his gut, because he hadn’t he was now in the body of his child self and all the baggage that came with it. Body Snatcher by Ellersway reviews Sixteen years ago Edward Elric sacrificed himself for his brother.

Holmes definitely doesn’t need Watson anymore. Try and keep S. Betrayal by uoduck reviews Harry Potter experiences betrayal of the worst sort. When Sherlock is hurt, John discovers a side to Sgt Donovan he never imagined was there. History changes and relationships are formed as Kara slowly comes to terms with her need to protect Alice. Finding Destiny by pumpkinmoose22 reviews A traitor revealed, a plan foiled, all seems to be – wait, what the -?

His eyes were dark and hot with greed. Rated T for language. How He Left by Raeni reviews Between “we could do pizza” and “finally! The end of some things and the beginning of others. That is, until he gets a call from someone he’s been keeping a secret, a secret son they are about to be introduced to in the worst way.

When he’s hated even then he decides to run away.