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She is about to bring up the broken engagement but Kang Joo cuts her off and Doo Rim pinches him under the table. Hallyu Zombie Drama Review. Playlist 2 Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4. Yi Hyun stands in his room staring at the engagement ring he never got to give Doo Rim. Doo Rim pulls her hand out of his and apologizes to oppa. Her attitude toward him didn’t really change even when she was following Kang Ju to his mansion. Kang Joo says it was the first time — he laughed, fought, got mad, all because of her. Shin Jae Hoon Supporting Cast.

This is why i cannot fully support the OTP. Maybe when she met poor little kidnapped KJ, she realized she needed to end her power play, thus her own suffering, too? Speaking of which, what is with that ending scene to episode 2? I also thought the whole scene with the cat was adorable. I although it wasnt shown in this episode that the adjummah told roo mi, im guessin thats what happened cos lee roo mi went to yi kyungs house and thats when she saw doo rim and yi kyung talking. She is about to bring up the broken engagement but Kang Joo cuts her off and Doo Rim pinches him under the table. A guest has already reported this download using your current IP address. Doo Rim is here to pay her respects to grand aunt, of course.

I can’t believe she is actually ok for Doo Rim to die in her place. Just as Yi Hyun drank with the workers at the construction site, it gave them a better view of him because he was willing to get down to their level, for lack of a better way to say that.

Epdrama bride of the century ep 2

Anyways, I think the writers wanted to concentrate on the overall story instead of just the love story. Playlist 3 Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4. Kang Joo takes a deep breath and tries to compose himself before turning around to face her.


I skip-watched these last to episodes raw. Doo Rim tentatively asks if Jin Joo wants to run the restaurant with her. Normally one scheming lady is enough to give me a headache and over-plotting can ruin a drama by making the good guys suffer too much, but here the baddies cancel each other out often, plus the omnipotent ghost reassures me that the good guys have a trump card in their pocket.

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Loving Hong Ki in this drama. You got a fresh fan. Doo Rim refuses to give up but Kang Joo is fine with centry insistence since it changes nothing. I can also see some jealousy that could happen here.

Kang Bfide needs to realize what his workers are going through. It is a dead heat, pun intended. Her family has been tasked with serving Ha Baek Nam Joo Hyuka reincarnated water god, for many generations, and So Ah is forced to do the same.

Doo Rim asks her to stay for lunch and goes to prepare a meal in the kitchen.

Ammisome Here is link of ep 9 eng sub http: About 5 years ago. Yi Hyun goes home and Yi Kyung storms into his room to confront him that the girl he likes is Doo Rim. Doo Rim is making mandoo and nothing else. President Ma thanks him for telling her the truth and is fine with the engagement ending.

From sympathy to wanting to be with her because she comforts him? Yi Hyun comes home and sees Yi Kyung in the living room and completely ignores her to go upstairs.


Watch ‘ Bride of the Water God brie with our fast and smooth mobile player, optimized for your phone and tablet. While Doo Rim will work hard to get to know who Kang Ju really is, all Roo Mi will be worried about is how he looks to the public and whether his image is tainted. Kang Joo sends him home for the night but makes no move to leave the office. Just go have fun with your friends and money. BotC has gotten me hooked. Thanks Koala, your the best for recapping this truly amazing drama.

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brkde He eprama to roll the dough and sucks at it so of course Doo Rim questions his manhood for not even being able to roll dough. Thank you for the recap. He does have to make his heart talk to his brain instead of moping all the time and then decide if he wants to fight for a chance with Doo Rim or slink away and be sad forevermore. Can a relationship between a mortal female and a god have a future? Dating Aquarians bear out a small different, bride epdrama century of the 2 ep.

He never wanted to let anyone into his heart, and she is the first person that has gotten into his heart in cnetury life.

She stops him and asks if he plans to keep ignoring her?