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I see potential, but it all depends how this will play out. That’s the best solution ever. Last time I checked this was a rom com and in those true love always wins out!! It be tragic if the writers choose to normalized instead of criticize these themes. But wouldn’t being married, even without the registering of the marriage be still a marriage? Se-kyung is sure that her bag is not a counterfeit, or illegally distributed, but she hopes that the saleslady can give her the refund soon.

My gosh In Chan’s situation is so frustrating. I didn’t think about it, but please no! I need to face reality and get away from him In-chan as soon as possible! Episodes This show does not have any episodes. I like this show! I usually dislike noble idiocy but this is different. As earlier posters have pointed out, when you are poor, you don’t have a lot of options.

Se-kyung tries to stop chenogdam but In-chan forces her to take a hard look at reality. My dad used to be a tailor and whenever I buy clothes with good deals he always look at me and say that the cost won’t make up for the labor and cost of the cloth itself. That’s all I have to say. I do find this amusing but so far don’t see the Alice theme.

And so is In-hwa. I’m glad the show isn’t giving us a romantic view of poverty and indebtedness. But since in Dramaland the girl always chooses the “right” man despite the fact than he is a complete ass, I give up.

AND when both parties are vrama aware! Ahhh this is killing me! It was exhausting ailce the both of them, but they took a cute picture to commemorate their work.

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Maybe he can come back in episode 16 and sweep Se-kyung off cheongda, feet. I like this show! I like the show mostly because of Park ShiHoo heh but I wished there was a leeeeeeetle more something fantasy-like linking it to the real Alice in Wonderland. I wonder if any of you have been poor before, i mean really poor i’ve been dirt poor – you’ve got to experience poor before you can know and can feel what SK and in chan is going thru.


Lets be honest, most of them have no education and nobody recognized them before the CEO giving them a chance and a job to show how talented they are.

I really think PSH’s character has mental problems, but enjoying his shennanigans already! He is moving so much in that sequence it’s near impossible: Thanks for the recap!

In countless dramas I have watched the girl who is the moral compass despite everything bad that comes her way for everyone around her including the male lead who learns, grows and becomes a better person because of her. It’s my first time watching MGY and for me, she’s okay.

He feels shame at having to be with her and being so poor. I like her for now but she lacks good judgement. The title is a word play on Alice in Wonderlandreferring to the heroine’s fish-out-of-water status in said neighborhood, as she navigates the strange new world of designer clothes, gossip and consumerism, and learns the meaning of real love and happiness.

You see now that’s the question; whether that rich chaebol will be willing to give up everything in the end again if ‘Alice’ decides to come up the rabbit hole.

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Alice in Cheongdam-dong doesn’t have any heart yet, i don’t really care about the characters but they’re so odd that i can’t stop watching. Edit this Page Edit Information.

The exact moment when the dramscrazy door opens and YJ actually sees him was very well done, his smile, her shock. The song being played was from Kill Bill Vol 1 when the main character is about to see her rival for first contact.


What we’re watching by DB Staff. Or can’t remain that way anyway. Throughout most of history, “love” was an indulgence, whereas a well thought out marriage was the key to a successful future for you and your children. Meet the community members dedicated to bringing you the subtitles for this channel.

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I just marathoned two episodes and was literally gripped by the raw emotions. I love to write but I’ve been so busy with life that writing has been pushed to the very bottom of my priority list. And am not sure if the marriage was korfan in France by the French priest. Lovebug December 5, at 8: Cha Seung-joo meets up with Han Se-kyung. I think that this drama so far is a bit on the heavy side.

I’ll forgive most any crime for a dying mom. Both Choi Ah-jung and Secretary Moon still cannot figure out what they said to each other. Won’t that pop up sometime in the future if he wants to get married? Han Jin Hee Supporting Cast. So in theory it’s possible that Se-Kyung’s designs are awesome but she’s not able to turn them in to real life clothes herself. Then comes the break up Cha Seung-jo sees Han Se-kyung leaving unhappily when he is about to go home. Being honest hard working person is a bummer but I guess having my pride means more.

I’m not suggesting here for Se-Kyung to prostitute herself for In-Chan, I’m just saying that cheobgdam matter how much Se-Kyung loves him her love cannot save him.