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In Episode 36, she was chosen to analyze and store all of the data of the fights that were fought by the robots in this army. Metalder was losing in battle against him, but managed to gather his last bit of power to crack Gochak’s face. When entering the Ghostbank, Kirihara undergoes a grotesque transformation revealing his true cyborg form as God Neros. Shingo became free from the brainwashing when Metalder struck him with his Lightning Chop attack during the battle. In addition, he underwent plastic surgery to alter his look entirely, making himself appear much more youthful than he really is. Kuroko No Basket Movie 3:

When Metalder approached him, Wogger unleashed more aggressive attacks, until Metalder realized he was a lost cause and used his Lightning Chop attack to slice Wogger in half. After helping Metalder and Topgunder rescue the girl, he left the Empire. He mutinied and escaped from the Empire, and fought Metalder, partially to aid his beloved disciple Gochak. Coolgin reappeared as a ghost in the final episode. She has both a humanoid and a mutant form. His entire outfit fits the theme of a scuba diver. He was revealed to be a lover of all animals.

Took over for Bulchek midway through the relay race in Episode 23, but had some difficulty, as he is better suited in water than on land.

Restored to full function, as he was seen in Episode 33, but was defeated by TopGunder during an interrupted training exercise. Geldring resurfaced in Episode 35, however, to battle alongside Bankora and was finally destroyed choujinkk this match, again by Metalder’s Lightning Chop attack, turning into a puddle of slime afterwards.

She tried to steer her son away from the Empire, but it was in vain as he was recruited. After being beheaded, Gochak sprouted a cannon head. The Last Mistress Genres: Gamadone appeared in the Meatlder movie, in which he was in the background. Damnen was seen fighting Hedogross Jr. Corporation located at Shinjuku, it covertly controls all activities of the world’s criminal organizations, terrorists, finances, etc.


Aside from being special metalderr the only female Light Fighter, she’s also special for working specifically and only in Coolgin’s army.

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In Episode 22, he gained his chance to battle with Metalder and led the attack for the day. He also attacked Metalder in the Ghostbank, in Episode He saved her from Galador, who attacked her because mmetalder failed to defeat Metalder and ruined their plan. Explosive Fighter Damnen 2,8, 15, 19, 23, Movie, 29, Kuroko No Basket Movie 3: Divided into four Units: After his rival committed suicide, he felt shame at his cowardice metaldef sought out challengers to prove himself.

In Episode 36, he is brainwashed by Godneros and forced to wear the armor of the late Tagsky to mtalder Metalder. Supervised the Armament Army in carrying out the weapons test in Episode During that same episode, he was seen participating in the Four Army relay race, which the Monster Army won through heavy cheating.

Having been redeemed by fighting honorably, despite losing, he sacrificed chouminki by taking chouhinki tank blast that was meant for Metalder, and possibly the hostage, thus killing him. Two warriors were shown wearing their armor in the background of the Ghost Bank during Episode Unfortunately, this creature continued to act like a cat, despite its’ newer and bigger monster form.

When entering the Ghostbank, Kirihara undergoes a grotesque transformation revealing his true cyborg form as God Neros.

Choujinki Metalder Episode 15

Koga desperately tries to activate his android creation, who he named Ryusei Tsurugi, but the android is unable to understand what to do. Monster Army This group is metaalder of genetically altered—engineered mutants. He appeared again in Episode 11 during the hunt for Bigwayne and again in Episode 19 as backup to Tubo. He appeared again in Episode 5 with Zakembor to spy on Topgunder.


After seeing his mother being held hostage, Junior finally realized Godneros was the true villain, and both fought off Bridy, Gamadone, Damnen, Zakembor, and the Light Fighters together. The leader of the Neros Empire, God Neros has a god complex and wants to rule the world through the arms market.

He was among the monsters sent to capture Topgunder. He was metaldet by Metalder’s combined Lightning Chop and flying kick attack and fell over causing an explosion. Both she and her son left the Neros Empire together afterwards.

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Yume no Senshi” “Fighting Shoot da! In Episode 22, he was seen participating in the Four Army relay race.

Robinken leads Metalder along a circuitous path to the Four Army finish line. He later appeared and snagged Hedogross’ hostage to use as bait to draw Metalder into battle. For most of the series, she remained a background character, and didn’t gain her first real mission until Episode Shadow Light Fighters, Barbery was spared punishment by GodNeros and ordered to be repaired.

The New Zealand Home: Gochak was presumably rebuilt, as he appeared again in Episode