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Sarah Mueller Line Producer: Game Reviews Columns incl. Yoshikazu Iwanami Director of Photography: Eri Sendai as Mifi Lotten. So let’s have a look at what ANN readers consider the best and worst of the season. Theron Martin weighs the pros and cons of this bittersweet romance title on blu-ray.

Index is still a fugitive and many powerful Magical organizations and individuals want to take her to use the books in her memory eliminating her in the process. Dickserio Muscaine 24 episodes, Terri Doty Nintendo might be resurrecting a long-dead game – plus some fighting game news straight out of EVO Japan, Steins;Gate and more! List of Chrome Shelled Regios episodes. Sword Art Online novel 15 Feb 24, This article needs additional citations for verification. Brian Mathis as Ryuho Gash eps

Chrome Shelled Regios

North American Anime, Manga Releases: Toshiko Sawada as Delbone Queantis Mura ep 1. Phil Parsons as Zidd.

Akira Harada as Criminal A ep Dragon Magazine Fantasia Bunko. Dickserio Muscaine 24 episodes, Shelf Life – Culture Club Apr 4, Leerin Marfes eps 6, Sharnid Elipton 11 episodes, Koji Yusa as Roy Entorio eps Manabu Hisada ep Misa Katou Dragon magazine.


List of Chrome Shelled Regios episodes.

Like rfgios recent Banana Fish anime, it takes characters from an ‘ Micah Solusod as Loi Entorio eps Use the HTML below. Colleen Clinkenbeard as Leerin Marfes.

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Sarah Mueller Line Producer: Lindsay Seidel as Barmeleen Swattis Norne eps Christopher Bevins as Eyelane Garfied. Yoshikazu Iwanami Director of Photography: Shinobu Tsuneki Yoshinori Iwanaga Editing: In the distant future, a polluted world has been overtaken by havoc-wreaking creatures called filth monsters.

Kayato Ohashi as 16th Platoon member ep 2 City police ep 6 Platoon member ep 5. As the first new City Hunter movie in twenty years, this blast of ’80s future detective action is a welcome surprise on the big screen, but how has the material underneath aged?

Game’s Opening Movie Streamed A Rainbow of Smiles Doki Doki! Eri Sendai as Mifi Lotten. Hiro Yuuki as Dixerio Maskane.

Funimation Industry Panel Jul 1, The anime is a departure from the light novels simplifying and juxtaposing plot lines in order to fit more than twelve novels into a twenty-four episode format. List of Chrome Shelled Regios characters. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Alexis Tipton as Myunfa Rufa.


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July 31—August 5 Aug 5, Akane Imada ep 22 Ayaka Shitaji 6 episodes eps5, 7, 20, Viz and Kodansha have so many different series and there has to be a good amount that they aren’t making money on. Nobuhiko Okamoto as Layfon Alseif.

Englis Hashimoto Assistant Animation Director: Jason Douglas as Fellmouse eps Charles Bolton English companies Broadcaster: When Nina finds herself in trouble, Layfon reveals the true extent of his power. Kyle Hebert as Electronic Spirit Thief ep 3.