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Utilizza la colonna qui a destra per trovare i film o cinema vicini a te. In de traditie van onze grote kolonialen zie je hem de Congostroom afpeddelen, met zijn boodschap in majestueuze neonletters op zijn prauw. Allow you to connect to social sitesl Advertising: In this scene you honestly exposed your privileged position—all you had was just a few dollars to buy a warm meal, and you offered it to them. Wat heeft hij juist beoogd, in dit tijdperk waarin de voorzichtige toenadering tussen kunst en maatschappijkritiek volop twijfelt tussen ironie en political correctness? Het eerste wat ons dan te doen staat, vind ik, is een breuk maken met die valse vorm van empathie, van hier vrolijk zijn en daar meteen een serieus gezicht opzetten. Voor je tweede film reisde je in een periode van twee jaar langs armoede, oorlog en onrecht in Congo. How can such depictions be justified?

De cameravoering werd bepaald door de lengte van zijn arm. But the context in rural Congo is completely different. Una storia senza tempo, di amore, sangue e conflitto. But, if these claims aren’t valuable any longer, is there still hope left for art? Being a representative of this economic hierarchy, I film myself while being in a privileged position. To that extent, it can be for all our good intentions an impertinent —if not an inappropriate— response. Un classico film americano da grande pubblico scritto, diretto e interpretato con tutti gli attributi: Who do try everything they can to make a difference on a structural level.

And I would gladly work with such supporters. How did you set forth to reveal this injustice? Ik doe het dan maar voor hen. C’era una volta il Principe Azzurro. Over de relatie tussen kijker en beeld, over wie afbeeldt en wat afgebeeld wordt. The goal of companies is to produce and make profits. If art would serve as a tool of revolution, it would soon be forbidden.

And the guy in the film, the man that I give food in the hut, he explains it very clearly. Being seen and heard means getting aid, food, or help. This makes critique exceptionally easy, as it divests it of any consequences.

Lastly, what can we expect in the third film Episode II? Broly – Il Film. Un uomo normale si trova al centro di una tragedia che colpisce la sua famiglia. What should the field of contemporary art—not as an autonomous cienma but as a progarmma field situated within society—entail, then?


Alles wat ik gedaan heb, vanuit freonia eigen taakstelling om een waarachtige film te maken, proframma ik nog net aan. Ze konden journalisten ontvangen die hun goede daden kwamen filmen. Alita – Angelo della Battaglia.

Or if it should happen that a work reveals our part in it anyway, through some economic or political systems that we support or benefit from, then we are exempt from the pain, because it is assumed that, since we are willing to watch the piece, we are contributors to the critical mass that will, one day, undo the harm.

CommediaUSA He says you are now being exploited through media.

At the beginning, when you see me arrive, my name appears on the screen in big letters, as if I were some kind of Hollywood stage actor. Picador, Hij ziet zichzelf als ‘een beeldend kunstenaar die toevallig kan filmen’.

Zo gauw zij die ontwikkelingsprojecten in vraag zouden kunnen of durven stellen, bekritiseren ze impliciet ook de status quo die maakt dat progra,ma een grote en zij een kleine winst hebben.

Cinema Vitorchiano

Alexander McQueen – Il genio della moda. En onze blik daarop. But the people who have been working there for generations, a century by now, are still extremely poor. I think that by now the world feeronia its interrelations is our canvas.

Vandaar dat Artsen Zonder Grenzen in de plantages meer dan tien jaar lang een operatie organiseerde die heel veel kinderen redde.

The conditions of these children are actually justified all the time. Er is een markt voor! O forse la donna era malata psicologicamente?

Het is geen theoretische film. I tell him, well, chances you are going to make more money any time soon are really very limited. I have good hopes that this project will generate knowledge that may reach far beyond the arts. The film is unpleasant, and some people feel tricked, just by its sheer objectivity. It’s not possible to explore the relations of poverty and exploitation of the third world without the same structures that oppress in the first place.


You feronka, saying that you need criticality in order to accumulate capital is in and of itself in- scribing critique as a token gesture within a capitalist, neoliberal ex- change. We met in Berlin, where Episode 3 is currently on display in the Biennial.

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Together, we started an experiment by which they could enter the market of the Western photographers. De film is immers alleen maar controversieel omdat we niet gewend zijn om te zien hoe de wereld in elkaar zit en wat we daarmee te maken hebben.

Pictures of the heavens, but no insight into what it takes to get there. It’s by virtue of dealing with itself that the work of art can deal with the world.


Troppolitani — Valle Occupato Troppolitani — Fuori dove? Zo cjnema die dingen op een of andere manier de wereld zouden openplooien en progarmma wereld minder af zou zijn dan in sommige kunst gesuggereerd wordt, raken mensen verontwaardigd. How does art function? Later in de film blijkt dat de Monuc zelfs mijn pasje terugneemt. Is it your film? Learn more about the cookies we use. Speaking of artistic precedents, how do you see your work differing from or resonating with precedents such as the work and writings of Martha Rosler, Allan Sekula, and Susan Sontag, which have criticized documentary practice and its liberalempathic model?

Daar speelt die neonboodschap een cruciale rol in.

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Tutti i diritti riservati. Om ambtenaren te zijn, verdienen die toch heel veel geld. De voornaamste is dat wij alleen willen kijken naar de goede dingen die wij allemaal in Afrika doen, en niet naar de minder leuke.

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