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A Short Love Affair The Sacred Arrow Hae-sun loses her husband shortly after their marriage. Israel Broadcasting Authority – Contact: Galaxy Express Ma soeur chinoise Both would like to eradicate poverty; but the first is said to be close to communism whereas the second is an abbot helped by the government. She sees how her twenty-year-old son Joseph and her sixteenyear-old daughter Suzanne have grown, knowing well they will inevitably leave.

Il tourne ensuite plusieurs documentaires. La Pleureuse de Liu Bingjian Chine After the first free democratic elections took place in , an entire form of alternative literature earlier repressed was suddenly in the spotlight. Mathieu Courtois – Son: Anat Lubarsky – Son: Modest Reception de Mani Haghighi Iran One day, she decides to leave for the city close-by. The films are at once an antidote to all that, sometimes even a tranquilizer, but they are also agents provocateurs, stimulants, even dangerous.

The Avatamska Sutra The Silent Holy Stones He forgets his girlfriend and son. They are loyal to local values and yet they bring them to the world.

Le Bateau plein Mact Productions, Arte France – Dist.: He refuses to play with the children of the village until he prochaainement a young majeztic he feels attracted by.

FICA Vesoul is the first film festival in the world to screen it in its newly restored version.

He died in in Teheran. Modest Majestkc de Mani Haghighi Iran While entering Miryang, Shin-ae’s car breaks down along a rural highway. Sur les terres fertiles First Anne is a French renowned film-maker who came to visit Jongsoo, her Korean friend also film-maker.

Widows, orphans, men killed in action and families suffering oppression became their favorite topics.

Allen Dizon Ces Quesada B. He settles down as a mercer in a far remote place. Yet, the stupidity of bureaucracy forces the whole family to endlessly wait at the frontier post stuck somewhere between Israel and Syria I had to see him to feel all that he could express.


We went to Wonderland d These films were screened outside of cinemas, in educational institutions, political gatherings, or during factory demonstrations. Iara Lee chronicle the lives of those who make possible ascents of the world’s tallest mountains, including both Pakistani porters and Nepalese sherpas. Rainer Klausmann – Mont. She must repatriate the corpse of her son who died in an accident. An ordinary Woman cm She is strangely fascinated by big fires which unfortunately are legion in the city of Edo.

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Vesouul, Angel of Bar 21 et Butterfly and Flowers. While they travel they discover how they share the same passion for football and that they all are supporters of the Italian team. We were all haunted when we came back from there, full of respect and friendship.

They recorded the backstage of the festival, made interviews with benevolent, audience and directors attending the whole event. The policy of a unique child has been lasting for 30 years in China. How an Eastern girl dreams of the West.

Bhandevanop Devakul, Euthana Mukdasanit – Photo: Amnon Salomon – Mont. She gets a job in a clothing factory but gets almost prochainemeht fired. Thongpoon is a Thai farmer coming from Udon Prochainemenr and going to Bangkok. Then she works at a hairdressing salon, also serving to turn tricks. Il faut amener beaucoup de couleurs, pas seulement le noir et blanc.

The old lady feels the first signs of Alzheimer disease. Bruno Collet – Photo: Given its English- language dialogues and the fact that Pridi made the film at a time when war was about to spread to Asia, the filmcould be seen prohcainement a vehicle intended to convey to an international audience his own pacifist stance.


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The Tropical Flower The Wasuwat brothers had a chance to closely observe the new technology at work and to borrow the equipment to experiment to shoot a sound prochainemwnt and released as the first Thai sound film on August Permpol Choey-Aroon – Mont. Yet daily life is hard in the middle of the occupied territories and future seems gloomy. Society still bore the deep scars left by the occupation and the Korea War.

While they cross Lebanon torn by the war and move towards the land they both consider as their own, their initial feeling of suspicion turns into friendship and they find out they share many things. The Ferry de Shi Wei Chine Interestingly, all three titles were based on the very popular and acclaimed novels.

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Zaradoc films 31 rue de Vincennes Montreuil As their love subsides and they grow hopeless, they still stand together, unable to break up. The story ends with big southern wedding. Few know that there were hundreds of crazy action titles produced since the early s. Cimema Whale Hunter La Princesse du Nebraska