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She asked her sister to compare their fianc. From the beginning they have seen that the power imbalance. ROSA is still king! Unsur Intrinsik Lutung Kasarung Documents. Poor You , Purbasari!! After that , Lutung Kasarung and Princess Purbasari went to the palace.

I will deliver foods every morning. Wa-ahnya cantik lagidengan kulit halus dan bersih. And what with this hair!! He was actually a god. Purbararang daughter angrily threw the comb. The news of Purbasari! Even the dishes before they are ready to be served half an hour. Governor Princess Purbararang kwawatir position will be threatened.

What might be, you are wrong make-up? Expected soon to enter the core room Imperial Palace!


Kassrung the jump to the platform where the women weave and weaving equipment damage. It is menimbulakn anxiety in the hearts of former king Tapa Agung.

Between Purbararang and Purbasari, who the content that could replace my position “. Legenda dari Lutung Kasarung bahasa inggris Documents. Now you want to shower, pray. Purba Rarang was very disappointed. I have two daughters. Purbasari daughter looked puzzled. Five daughters brothers there are in a group with some nobility. He had two daughters, Purbararang and Purbasari. Hearing this, Purbararang was angry. The monkeys name was Lutung Kasarung.


Purba Kasarkng laughed out loud. And I want to choose who has to be my successor.

At some places her skin was even ulcerating. After that they went back to palace. He was jumping up and down here and kssarung, in the middle of the audience ran to save themselves. I wear this belt residual five holes.

The first race is cooking. He believes his youngest daughter to win the game. Simultaneously the people calling his name and point at it. It was very surprised. Meanwhile Purba Rarang who lived in the palace wanted to see her sister.

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Purbasari then became the queen. You did rarang eldest child, but wiser sari. All filmed, as was Princess Purbasari called, not Purbararang. How could ckntoh surprised Indrajaya: Purbararang was very shocked.

His throne was seized by Purbararang. Purbararang said she would let Purbasari return to the palace if Purbasari!


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You are not as beautiful as I am. After a few hours Purbasari walked out of the pond. Purbasari eventually become queen. Duke kindly make a small hut to place bereteduh Paaurbasari.

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Purbasari waking from sleep Purbasari: ThenPohai li’ed in a remote ‘illage. Because, whether or Indrajaya Purbararang he can not trust completely.

Everything was a mess. Naskah Drama – Lit Documents. All were amazed and awed by the beauty Guruminda. He had been guard me when I lived in the forest.