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I kinda wish Kang-hyuk able to save the store somehow and everyone can stay together in the same house cause there are magic, wonderful moments when they all together in the ramyun shop. They watch her walk off like a zombie. I can see myself watching this over and over.. You can subtitle on Viki and be part of the community too! And the other flower boys also had their share of romantic scenes which was really cute. Reading that kind of made my night:

Hyun-woo presents his dish first: I don’t think it was just about Eun Bi; it was about all of them. I kinda wish Kang-hyuk able to save the store somehow and everyone can stay together in the same house cause there are magic, wonderful moments when they all together in the ramyun shop. I was hoping for some big act of love for Ba Wool or something from her, something that would redeem her from all her bad behaviour. Anduril December 20, at Ba-wool and Hyun-woo come out to find them love wrestling, and yell at them like parents to two teenage kids. However, Chi-soo’s father Joo Hyun disapproves.

Best part of the whole experience for me. And… thank you, Wife. Eun-bi has to be the one who realizes that Hwanung is not untouchable — you just have to be willing to reach the heavens to pull him down to Earth. He can make you laugh or cry, he can make your heart ache with his character and soar with it.

Otherwise, a episodde of us will fail all sort of school exams. I love him so The ending of drama has kinda bit rush and there are parts left hanging. Jung Ill Woo who played the character of Cha Chi Soo in this drama, he just only terakhjr the personality and attitude of his character here, because that’s what’s the script writer wanted him to do.


December 27, at 3: Your recap and review completes the show. Kang-hyuk says it sounds very filling, which is also a turn of phrase that means dependable, or supportive.

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They get the daylights scared out of them, but she hardly even registers their presence, answering them with far-off looks.

Okay, I love this drama. Is he terkahir cut off from Daddy Cha? Well, it tried to give each character weight as coffee prince did, but phailed. It was fun while it lasted. That’s a funny thing to promise. Thank you so much for the recap.

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I have to admit I am bit of disappointed about the ending. This rom-com has one of the best ending I’ve seen in a long time. Thank you Drama Gods for this one! Where will the boys live? It was the DramaFever inferred translation.

Its popularity has spawned a webcomic version of the show, taking off from characters Ba-wool and Hyun-woo as year-olds managing a ramen restaurant. Eun-bi realizes, however, that she wants to try dating him seriously; she storms to his family’s apartment to claim him from his father, and they leave together.

Anduril December 20, at Cast – Flower Boy Ramyun Shop.

Flower Boy Ramyun Shop

Who knew from such fluffy promo that we’ll get one of the most coherently written drama this year. Indeed, it was a “feel good ending”, but i also wanted to find out what happened to the Ramyun shop. He stops in front of the shop, drwma of his time here flooding back, and turns to go.

But i strangely think the actress that plays eun bi looks like Ha ji won, somehow, something about her, haha: The drama means a lot more to me with this conclusion — that they get their happy ending, not because they were Meant To Be or anything so dramatic as that, but because they followed their hearts. From start to end, it gripped me and never let go. The secretary looks back at the lonely President Cha with a sigh. Please cooll the link in that email to complete the email change process.


Excellent write up, Rinka, and I couldn’t agree more about our awesome hosts!

What’s the prize for this seemingly first come first comment contest? Thank you for this wonderful journey. Funny episove though, I didnt watch this drama in the beginning but I started reading your recaps from episode 10 and beyond.

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terkhir He tells her that this is the last of her being his wife: Eun-bi was initially attracted to him, until she found out that he was only a high school senior, and thus 6 years younger than her. Heh, gotta love a resourceful girl. Thanks for the recap girlfriday! Kgrl December 21, at 9: And then Coach walks into her waiting room, with Love Actually placards. Dika December 20, at And the Ramyun Shop, whatever the hell happened to the Ramyun shop! Watch ‘ Flower Boy Ramyun Shop drxma with our fast and smooth mobile player, optimized for your phone and tablet.

It’s like he’s going to go seek out other lost kids spisode adults that need help in making a family. To keep him from overheating at the sight of her? His voice breaks and the tears come.