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You are commenting using your WordPress. This is my hope at any rate! Please bear with me for this, and thanks folks!! Safari says the problem is getting to Jo Oh. They are just one facet, one view of the many different views that exist. Week after week these episodes surprise me. Email required Address never made public. With that, he turns and walks away.

Add and Subtract Game. Chairman Jo watches with a smile because although Park Sa is good-his men are plenty and they manage to get a hit in, here and there. Disclaimer Just a friendly reminder Week after week these episodes surprise me. Why did you do this to me?! Passing by the convenience store where he met with Soo Min, he thinks back to her. This and the one toward the beginning of the show where he took those goons on in that hallway are my favorites.

I can’t accept this fact: I feel like Soomin’s character is kinda pointless at this point, she’s basically serving as the love interest for Parksa and nothing else.

Heartless City

This drama needs more attention bc it deserves it. Thanks everyone who replied and recommended this. Hyung Min manages to get inside the room and Park Sa, using eepdrama distraction he caused, grabs the briefcase and walks away, but not before Hyung Min sees his retreating back and remembers him from the day he had confronted him in the rain.

Ah I think it’s Joo Young is that her name? Some you hate but yet forgive?

To find out that the poor guy spent eight years of his life on a lie and the only man he did trust lied to him since the very beginning? Is anyone else really annoyed by how bad that reporter wants Hyung Min’s dick? I felt so heart broken for Park Sa right clty.


Is she choosing to side with Jin Sook for now? All the while, Jo stews. So a drunk Soo Min calls up Joon Young. I usually give each drama a try but the synopsis really really read too typical and offered nothing new.

Heartless City Episode 13 Recap | Akiko’s Morning Coffee !! :]

This time Park Sa asks Hong Ki how his mother died. Post to Facebook Tweet this Send by e-mail Link. This was the answer he gave when the interviewer asked why he chose to act in a one-off special drama rather than a high profile drama after the success of ‘Smile, you’. At comment 2, that scene made me laugh hard. I felt weird including my thoughts on the post so I thought I would comment instead. Safari says the problem is getting to Jo Oh. This is the staple of almost every Kdrama — birth secrets.

I both loved and hated the ending. I started to watch it thanks to this post and now I am hooked!

He is keeping way too cith secrets. I have to do it! She laughs it off as if no big deal but in reality though, he is standing a little behind her and watches her, looking a tad… regretful? And yeah the preview for episode 15 is out and OMG such a great preview!!! Especially when Shi Hyun remembered their first brief encounter.

I actually read your recap before watching each episode. Jillia July 9, at It’ doesn’t focus on romance as much as the synopsis says, so don’t rely on that. Like father like son.


And so Jo is arrested. Don’t you like the assassin chick? Safari says it was Chairman Jo who did it. Jin Suk asks her how far her crueel with Hyung Min is. I feel like Shi Hyun is losing his mind because he doesn’t know who to trust. Sorry ,just can’t stand this character, I’ve decided creul simply ignore her. Park Sa and Soo Min manage to ward off their chasers and make it to the car.

Newsen via Nate 1. Cancel reply Enter your comment here My heart is completely shattered.

Hong Ki calls up Officer Oh and inquires what happened. I would LOL every time they blurred out the knives aha. Hyung Min meets his reporter friend and he tasks her to look more into the matters he asked for. Jillia July 11, at 7: You are commenting using your Facebook account. Thank you so much for the recap. Thanks for the recap again.

It’s been 3 hours since I finished the last episode and I am honestly not even exaggerating. Still, will do my utmost best to get the episode to you as soon as I can manage! I hope this won’t happen but I doubt it he has good intentions. Props to that awesome director.