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Yes No Report this. An Italian laborer Nino Manfredi foils anyone who tries to stop him from selling espresso on the Milan-to-Naples train. The soundtrack is good. Member feedback about Giuseppe Tornatore: His sister Rosaria tries to counteract the damage, but to no avail. There are 16 chapters. Look up wop in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. She succeeded in bringing Sardinian folk music into wider popular awareness, in demonstrations at a national level in Italy like the Canzonissima in as well as internationally especially in France and the United States.

Francesco Bidognetti topic Mugshot of Francesco Bidognetti, taken after his arrest in Un film ambizioso, crudo, robusto. A larger than life gangster taking on the old camorra, the Red Brigade, the whole State! Following numerous robberies, kidnappings, murders, and many years as a fugitive, he is currently serving four consecutive life sentences with an additional years in prison, but with permission to work outside during the day. Because of The Professor, the future of Rosaria is doomed. Member feedback about Blasco Giurato: The Professor 7. Member feedback about Mario Caterino:

Epic, grimy, bloody, down and dirty gangster flick. Cutollo had the power to incorporate new members into the organization, and the autonomy to make important decisions, from the commission of killings to the exploration of new economical ventures.

Luigi Giuliano topic Luigi Giuliano born [1] is a former Italian Camorrista who was the boss of the powerful Giuliano clan, based in the district of Forcella, Naples.

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Member feedback about Rosetta Cutolo: They operate several illegal dumps between Naples and Caserta. They were also well known for their detailed and often lurid box art, especially after their switch to the “big box” format. Member feedback about List of directorial debuts: Look up wop in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Career Maria Carta in won the Miss Sardinia beauty contest and later participated in the national Miss Italy competition.

In the end she kills Ciro, a trusted man who had sold out to politicians, by blowing him up in his car and burying his girlfriend inside a cement pylon.


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cytolo Renato Vallanzasca Costantini Italian pronunciation: Member feedback about Wop: The soundtrack is good. Ties with Cosa Nostra Bard The rise and fall of real life mobster Raffaele Cutolo Ben Gazzara who made himself head of a reformed Camorra while being in prison It would be interesting to see this film with Italian audio and hear how it compares to the English one, maybe that is in the end the better choice.

Franco Interlenghi died on 10 Septemberaged Member feedback about Prifessore of films featuring prisons: Throughout her year career, she covered the richly diverse genres of traditional music of her native Sardinia Cantu a chiterra, ninne nanne—children’s lullabies, gosos, Gregorian chants, and moreoften updating them with a modern and personal touch.

This is a list of film directorial debuts in chronological order. When he is picked up by the police one stormy night, without any identification, Guappo historically refers to a type of flashy, boisterous, swaggering, dandy-like men in the Naples area. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The earth trembles In an earthquake strikes Naples and the Campania region.

The Legend of ffilm Being made in the 80s – a time processore Italian Euro Crime and cinema didn’t do so well – the movie suffers from budget issues making it look like a TV production. Don Saverio Biagio Pelligra Blasco Giurato topic Blasco Giurato born in is an Italian cinematographer.

Wop topic Look up wop in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Until his arrest in July ,[1] he had been on the “most wanted list” of the Italian ministry of the Interior since Marchfor Camorra association, international drug trafficking and other crimes.

Members of Mesillo’s political party, the Christian Democratsturn to the Professor to intervene, fearing that Mesillo will confess party secrets. The subculture stereotypically consisted of a type of flashy, boisterous, swaggering, free-spirited, dandy-like violent criminal, pimp, and ruffian that nonetheless followed a chivalrous code of honor. This page was last edited on 16 Februaryat A documentary on the legendary film composer Ennio Morricone. Member feedback about Luciano Bartoli: Giuseppe Tornatore must be quite the fan of “The Godfather” Member feedback about The Beast film: He has been running the clan together with his brother Salvatore for over thirty years.


Police began a massive manhunt against Setola in response to the murders of six West African immigrants in Castel Volturno.

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Six boys, Luigi “o re or the king”, Guglielmo “o stuorto or the crooked one”, Nunzio Giuliano, Carmine “o lione or the lion” [2]Salvatore “o montone or the ram”, Raffaele “o zui”, Neapolitan slang for being the youngest son. Despite its rather simplistic style and settings it manages to create some intense scenes and effective violence, and Ben Gazzara makes his character work.

Un esordio importante quello del giovane Tornatore che sceglie di raccontare le gesta, dichiaratamente romanzate, del boss della camorra Raffaele Cutolo.

His film debut, it is based on the true story of the Italian crime boss Raffaele Cutolo, and adapted from the novel by Giuseppe Marrazzo.

Il camorrista

Member feedback about Mario Caterino: He has appeared in more than films since The film’s story was changed to include additional scenes of violence and to better pace the plot. Been looking for this one for years.

Later, they were in the top of the clan of Carmine Alfieri. Haunted by a horrible past, a Ukrainian young woman calculatedly insinuates herself into the life of a rich Italian family.

She succeeded in bringing Sardinian folk music into wider popular awareness, in demonstrations at a national level in Italy like the Canzonissima in as well as internationally especially in France and the United States.

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