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Quasi un velo leggiadro che scivola, con classe, su un corpo sinuoso. E, de facto, tinha! Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. I’ll try again, but no promises that this review will be as eloquent as the prior. Also there is a little bit of mystery – it seems that Marianna has vague recollections of sounds, and that possibly, something traumatic happened to her in her early childhood, at which point she lost her ability to both hear and speak. In addition to being a metaphor for women’s lives rendered silent under the patriarchy, the title of Dacia Maraini’s The Silent Duchess refers to an intelligent deaf-mute woman in 18th century Sicily.

To be honest, I would forget all that, something like ‘Rapist Pig’ would be more suitable. She is a young, deaf noblewoman from Palermo married off to her uncle at the age of 13 and while the book reads as an interesting straight-forward story, at the same time Dacia Maraini subtly makes clear that Mariana’s silence is a metaphor for Sicily’s historic suppression of women. Open Preview See a Problem? We have rapes and beatings and financial dependence and some rich people acting like pillocks, but none of this is very original – indeed those are the first things one associates with the oppression of women, so the book reads a bit like a catalog. This book is beautifully written. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Amici silenziosi che la portano oltre.

Pretore Camaleo Lorenzo Crespi: The sons are not Through the story of a deaf and mute duchess, author Dacia Maraini describes the stultifying culture of Sicily in the early ‘s. Anch’io mi porto appresso vocabolari etimologici di varia forma e natura. If you appreciate historical fiction which informs and educates and holds no bars, you will thoroughly enjoy this read. racia


Jun 06, Ubik 2. At just over three-hundred pages long, it’s length is almost perfect, never dragging on just for the sake of it. Elegantly rebellious, she subverts the ground-plans laid by overbearing patriarchs, and discovers not only the delights of intellectual freedom, but, in early middle age, an awakening sexual bliss with a wonderful younger lover, despite the displeasure of some of her children.

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Jul 29, i. URL consultato il 3 luglio The Duchess is an exception, in her physical isolation, books are her communication. As this novel, set in mid-eighteenth century Sicily, was one of the better pieces of historical fiction I have read in recent times. Without cookies your experience may not be seamless.

Sembra una forzatura, di fronte al mutismo della protagonista, ma non ho parole adeguate per descrivere la ricchezza di immagini, di pensieri, di sentimenti, I wrote a perfectly marvelous review of this book, and you lost it into the ether!

The book is a series of vignettes from Mariannas point of view from the age of about 7 til middle age. Be’, prima di tutto li osserva e cerca di capire come siano arrivati a quel punto. I loved the ending, it wasn’t definite. Marini and the tension they inject are poetically drawn, be they major characters such as Don Pietro, who in every scene exudes his technical status as “uncle husband” or minor characters such as that of Guiseppa of whom it is said to be “inconceivable” that she is not married at Since the book is well-written and interesting in its way then I suppose it is Italy that I have such a strong dislike for.

Quotes from The Silent Duchess. With a compassion and an outstanding ability for organisation, and making luga of the qualities of others. The revelation is so shocking, and its implications of paternal betrayal so profound, that it took my breath away.


Un libro emozionante raccontato con una grazia tipica dei romanzi della Maraini. Overall, a good impulse buy. It’s all extremely bland and took me far too long to finish. Feb 21, Neda. She is the daughter of Sicilian Princess Topazia Alliata di Salaparuta, an artist and art dealer, and of Fosco Maraini, a Florentine ethnologist and mountaineer of mixed Ticinese, English and Polish background who wrote in particular on Tibet and Japan.

Alberto Moravia was h Dacia Maraini is an Italian writer. L’istruttore di questi ultimi, Grass, le insegna la lingua dei segnila introduce a un nuovo ideale filosofico, l’ illuminismoma soprattutto le instilla l’ autostima e la voglia di indipendenza dal marito.

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On the surface, a light, simple story of the life and times of a deaf-mute early 18th Sicilian aristocratic marianns named Marianna, who was forced, at 13, to marry her uncle mother’s brother Un romanzo estremamente garbato, che illustra i drammi individuali du da una politica familiare volta al mantenimento del proprio patrimonio e del proprio prestigio in quanto nobili. I picked this book up at a used bookstore. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website.

Il silenzio esaspera gli odori, apre alle sfumature che sfuggono nella ridda di suoni, rumori e parole. I am wondering if perhaps the book just did not translate well.

Nov 11, Govnyo rated it it was ok Shelves: Poi, piano piano, mi ha conquistata.