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Retrieved February 23, Meanwhile, the Candy Apples ready a group routine using Vivi-Anne to lower the median age. Paige is scheduled to go to the doctor to have her plantar warts removed, but is worried about her spot in the trio because of the pain. Also, Dave chats with a man whose dog ran away, then found his pet on the opposite side of the country. Show Episode 8. Dave shows the audience an old photo of Morty with an afro, and then later shows a doctored photo of himself with a head-bush. List of Dance Moms episodes. Also, the flying rat demonstrates its supremacy of the New York skyline by swallowing a giant bird whole.

Jimmy Smits, a guest the night before, is seen in his hotel room naked, doing push-ups and watching TV in bed. Meanwhile, Dave goes into a Westinghouse washer in spin cycle. Abby does not notice Brooke’s absence until later, and almost pulls the group routine, which had Brooke perform the featured role. Retrieved January 25, Dave introduces the brand new “Late Show Dancers,” who prance around throughout the show. Additionally, Paige is worried about her simplified solo as Abby is unsure about her development from injury. Archived from the original on March 1, Retrieved April 16,

Meanwhile, Abby elisode a group routine in which the girls use guns as props, which concerns the mothers. Abby invites three Senior dances to join this week’s group routine, and bumps up the choreography. Dave demonstrates a triple pencil flip; Rupert finds one of Dave’s blue cards attached to Mary Tyler Moore’s backside; Dave shows old footage of Andy Kaufman dancing with a giant snake.

After he realizes that he forgot to give him a Christmas gift, Dave buys a bike from a messenger for Paul, who rides it outside and gets hit by a taxi. Retrieved June 6, Delishlws sends the standby audience to The Gap to purchase and wear matching outfits before they’re allowed to return to the theater. With one child already injured, bad ddlishows is compounded with Kelly learns of Brooke’s sudden back pain. Although fearing under-confidence, Maddie says she’s ready to dance her solo this week.


On the first Letterman show ever aired on this date, Bill Cosby, Tito Puente, and Dave climb a ladder up to the balcony, and Luke Perry does a science experiment in place of bumped guest Lee Marek.

Meanwhile, Mackenzie is placed at the top of the pyramid for the first time after her big win at last week’s competition. Off the Dance Floor, Part 2″ [1]. Abby rehearses a group routine entitled “Bad Apples” reflecting Abby’s relationship with Cathy.


The second season continues after the release of Chloe’s music video. Dave celebrates the fifteenth anniversary of the debut of The David Letterman Show by showing clips of the first broadcast; Biff interrupts Dave so that Corey Pavin winner of the U. Meanwhile, Abby is infuriated after learning that Chloe misses rehearsal to appear in a television spot for Cathy’s husband’s business.

Meanwhile, Kendall’s mother, Jill, quickly befriends Melissa, whereas the other mothers are hesitant to accept her due to rumors of being a “studio hopper”. Pete Fatovich attempts to kiss Paul again; the giant flying rat delivers the Top Ten list; Jake Johanssen discusses a recent trip to moks supermarket. Brooke is excused from competing this weekend, and Payton is used as her swing in the group routine. Dave complains that the cue-card Tony is holding is too small, so Inky replaces it with a giant banner; ten mayors of other cities present the Top Ten; dabce blue card is missing and soon found taped to Sandra Bullock’s backside.

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Meanwhile, based on Kelly’s previous mons, Abby explains how she could have had the girls expelled. The pressure is on to see who gets to dance at Nationals this weekend.

Dave calls Joe G’s Pizza and distracts Joe G while Paul steals Dave’s unflattering likeness from in front of the store and stashes it in a taxi cab; Jon Lovitz plugs North ; a Thanksgiving Memory with Dave eating potatoes, than pouring gravy all over himself; Paul celebrates his 45th birthday.

Archived from the original on February 10, Later, a saddened Maddie asks if she dance, and Abby gives in. Submit your confessions and opinions and you will soon see them as a picture! Retrieved March 14, Maddie is only allowed to perform in this week’s group routine after running off stage at last week’s competition. A saddened Maddie appears on the bottom of the pyramid for the first time based on her behavior last week.

Additionally, a fight between the mothers breaks out during Kelly’s birthday celebration.

Throughout the night, various staffers walk onstage to give Dave “dramatic tension,” while Robert Pastorelli explains his departure from the hit comedy Murphy Brown.

Due to negative critical response regarding the subject matter, this episode has been removed from rotation. Additionally, Mackenzie’s solo finishes first place and earns her her first title award. In the mezzanine, the mothers confront Leslie about Payton’s supposed meanness toward the younger dancers.

A customer at Hello Deli shows Dave her holiday photos; Dave checks his temperature Retrieved July 12, Dave and Paul play soccer or should I say football? William Shatner promoting “Tekwar” confronts his past as the show airs his immortal s rendition of Elton John’s “Rocket Man. Additionally, Mackenzie learns she has come of age to perform in the Elite Team’s group routines.


Meanwhile, Abby is intrigued when a new mother, Kaya, asks for an audition for her daughter, Nicaya. Melissa is frustrated that the other mothers continue to ask her about her pending nuptials and has her lawyer pen a letter telling them to back off.

An audience member named Paula is transformed into a kissing bandit by Dave; she later gives Art Donovan a sloppy one on the cheek. Dave gives a girl in the audience named Amy money to buy spring flowers, and later her boyfriend also in the audience sings karaoke with Will Smith. Dave calls up Dick Assman; Ray Liotta arrives onstage riding a baby elephant, and later he makes a bogus appearance with Paul in the controversial new movie Kids. With Brooke off the team, Abby brings in Payton, to replace her, which worries Jill about Kendall’s position on the team.

Cathy finally discovers that Jill has returned to the ALDC, and plots her revenge at the upcoming competition. Dave and Paul leave the show early to go over to Madison Square Garden for the circus, where they run into an acrobat bearing a strong resemblance to Calvert; the flying rat attacks Dan Rather, and is later seen as a guest on Nightline ; Dave and Felecia waltz.

Retrieved April 3, Later in the show, Mickey, the barber at the Wellington Hotel, shaves off Dave’s beard. Meanwhile, Dave goes into a Westinghouse washer in spin cycle. Dave arrives at the theater in a police car; throughout the night, spelling bee winner Justin Carroll comes out to spell various ten-cent words; Dave chats with Robert Horry of the NBA Champion Houston Rockets.

Jim Carrey, Andre Agassi, and Tom and Roseanne Arnold miraculously appear in the audience, Tom being both on stage and in the audience simultaneously.

Before submitting, please read our guidelines and FAQ. Abby announces she has invited a Senior male dancer to perform in the group routine, which the girls seem excited about.