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Shi-won’s parents are lost in their Kdramaland forever. But I do celebrate the smaller successes of this drama, like making Joon Hee a doctor, which puts dimension on him and shows his world isn’t all made up of “being gay”. And this time we see Yoon-jae specifically answer her no, and to think of the baby. I watched the raw episode twice and just finished watching earlier the subbed episode. I’m not sure if my expectations were too high or if I’m just a sucker for teenage angst, but the ending kind of left me cold Omg, are you trying to unlock her door without ringing her doorbell?

They became a part of my life. I think for me, I feel better if I just leave Answer me at the end of episode 15, because that raw intensity was magnificent. What am I, some gangster? You pointed out so many details that I would have otherwise missed out on. I love the scene with Jun-hee and that red car, we don’t have to know who’s in there just the thought that he has someone and maybe finally he knows his own heart. That’s really, really bugging me. Sure there were some who were skeptical and didn’t like the inclusion of such a character but their number was very little. Joon-hee comes out and Shi-won offers to drop him off on their way.

Even if this drama is bad, vosrfr fact that they inputted DBSK would have put it in a special spot in my heart. Chicklet September 21, at The finale set a new record for cable programs: A few months later. I absolutely loved the show and I think it’s on the top of my fave list.

I was near legit fangirl tears when the fangirls were singing “Hug,” fanchants and all. He knows that he can’t have Yunjae and if being his friend is the only way to be close to him, then he’s willing to take that. Plus the whole show made the past seem so tangible without the woe is me I am old now vibes LOL. Tony’s real name is Seungho.


I watched the raw episode twice and just finished watching earlier the subbed episode. Maybe after I figure mine out.

He dbs her that this is what people in love do, and kisses her. She calls her love for Oppa pure, while Yoon-jae only has a one-track mind. Nana September 21, at 8: He came to pick her up after his dinner, and joins them.

Now could anyone tell me where to get the show if you live in Southern Africa? Their friends tease them about when they had time to make another baby Whaaa?

EVEN though everything turned out just as I wanted. He just wanted to spend as much time with him as he could until he knew it was vowtfr for both to move on.

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Yes, yes, Tae Woong had the brother thing in there too, so it’s not the same as a one-note character. What Anon and ian said–as in it’s better than most K-dramas. First love is a time. I laughed, cried, and cheered the whole way!

Lastly, I would just like to add how proud I am of Hoya who said: I knew it was YJ, he was the one!!!! I loved the finale. Joon-hee suffered silently most of the drama.

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I am totally hopeless. They were worried about whether my image was going to be alright in the future. Sure, he told Shiwon – when he was She agrees just to get him out the door, and backs him up against the dbks. He immediately changes his tune and sidles up to her, saying she should tell him that to his face.

Was it as exciting as these two? I’m not sure if I could post links to other blogs By now, Yoon-jae is a judge in Daejeon, and he and Shi-won are a weekend couple.


Banjun Drama – Dangerous Love [01/04]

It really is one of the best I ever watched. Back to the weekend when Joon-hee moved out, right after the big dinner date switcheroo by Tae-woong. Shows the K-pop cycle full circle. Thanks for the recommendation. In fact, he knew YJ could never love him back that way so he was always prepared. Damn those be some impressive ratings for cable!

It kind of rode a wave of glory that ‘cruised’ onto the shore rather than being a tremendous wave, something iconic like Jay Moriarity’s wipeout moment.

Sure there are dramas that are on my favourite list but this just beats all of them. Sure that it could have gone the extra length at the end and maybe shown the new roommate’s face and a kiss, but for the conservative nature of Korea and how it did tons better than the majority of television in the US, I give it props. Shi-won’s parents are lost in their Kdramaland forever. Please enter your username or email address.

I laughed and cried with them, for years. This feels like being thrown the absolute smallest bone.

Some things never change. Adobe Flash Player version 9 or above is required to play this audio clip. Now you have to give a new love and a new time a chance. Thank you Answer Me, for all the tears, laugh, giggle and embarrasing moments. A better fit, for me. I love you show and i’ll miss you to death. Who else would I save before my husband?