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Spencer receives a bouquet of flowers and a card that reads: Aria makes her escape, but Meredith knocks Aria unconscious. Caleb breaks up with Hanna, tired of all her secrets. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Spencer tries to follow her but loses sight of her after turning a corner. Retrieved February 18, Mona and Toby plan their next “A” move against the Liars in the new “A” lair. A tox screen found traces of a sleeping pill in her system.

Paige tells Emily that she was with her a part of the time when she was drunk on “that night”. The video of Ashley running him over plays, with an added clip of Jenna and Shana dragging away his body. Views Read Edit View history. Eventually, Toby gets up and says Spencer needs to follow him. List of Pretty Little Liars episodes. During a group therapy session at Radley with Dr. DiLaurentis’ presence in Rosewood continues to unnerve all those around her, especially when she gives Hanna a family parrot, whose gift for mimicry provides startling insight into Alison’s last Afterward, they share a kiss outside the restaurant and are seen by the mystery girl in the red coat.

Jason, Aria, Emily, and Hanna gather at the mausoleum to say a final goodbye to Ali after the police release Ali’s remains to the DiLaurentis family. Hanna gives Emily the log-in information to see for herself. Someone disguised as the Queen of Hearts spikes Aria’s drink while she sits and rests in-between Adam’s sets. The Liars worry that people will think they were involved, including Mona, who instantly assures them she believes them, and wants to earn back their trust.


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Caleb helps Spencer with Maya’s site and is able to hack into it. Jenna starts flirting with Seaskn. Ted invites Hanna to a “Thank You” party for all the volunteers at the church.

They start getting all emotional, and then:. Ezra heads to Delaware to meet his son for the first time and asks Aria not to call him. Garrett’s case may be closed due to lack of ppretty.

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Before opening it, all five girls receive the same text that reads: Emily remembers more of what happened “That Night”. They think that Paige dug up Ali’s grave and may be “A”. Emily learns that Shana is also a swimmer, which Paige neglected to tell her. This page was last edited on 16 Januaryat Emily recalls seeing a person in a black hoodie digging up Ali’s grave and abducting Emily.

Aria starts to seriously contemplate her relationship with Ezra as his new family situatio Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer must decide if new information about Ali is true. List of Pretty Little Liars characters. Later, after they manage to escape, Emily finds Nate sitting on the steps in front of her house.

Spencer comes back and says she saw Alison also.

Hanna is told by a nurse that Mona has lost her visitation privileges. Emily realizes that Spencer and Hanna have gone through Paige’s purse.

Pretty Little Liars Recap: Season 3, Episode 23 — Spencer Joined the “A” Team?!

Retrieved August 9, Shana returns to Ravenswood to tell Emily that she has a message from Ali, but can Emily and the girls trust Shana with Tension rises when Aria and Spencer face-off against Noel and Jenna, respectively, in a game of “Truth. In the Season 4 premiere of “Pretty Little Liars”, the Liars are desperate to uncover what new scheme “A” has in store for them in the wake dellshows the lodge fire, and have no choice but to turn to Mona fo Piars July 12, Jenna is not blind and they decide to keep quiet about this so that they can possibly use her secret against her later.


Lamb tells Spencer that Radley has experienced a recent dilemma involving staff I. Retrieved Lkars 18, Lamb,” Toby’s alias for Radley.

Spencer sees Garrett writing a card for his mother’s flowers. After confronting both, Emily tries to make sense of the heartbreaking situation.

When Spencer returns home, she heads into the steamer and gets littlle by “A.

They doubt her honesty. Spencer is released from Radley. Aria is horrified when she discovers that “A” kidnapped Malcolm.

She and Hanna return to the scene of the crime and find Wilden’s body missing.