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What smell is it, it is very unwell!! Raden Panji and Dewi Sekartaji were married. On the way to the palace, Klenting Merah and Mbok Rondo reached a river. Aku mau mengantarkan gadis cantik seperti kalian hanya dengan upah sebuah kecupan. See you again seventeen years from now, humans. Hey, do you want to kill me? Come on, finish your work, then catch hold of my mirror.

Hmm,, yeah, but you must do something for me. My son, is there a reason why you choose Klenting Kuning? She asked him to close his eyes, and then hit Yuyu Kangkang from behind, that makes him fainted. All the girls deserve a chance. Why are you fuss? Klenting Merah and Klenting Biru: Aduh ibu… kulo inggih purun… dalem putro inggih bade medun, najan olo meniko kang putro… suwun. Dari sisi panggung yang lain muncul KlentingKuning.

Yuyu kangkang is crossing Red and Klenting Hijau. The smell of your body! Naskah Drama – Ibu Documents. Hey, peasant, where is your lovely daughter? But do not be disappointed, if my son refused! Well, we will meet your terms. Klenting Abang is arrogant and entered the house Ande-ande Lumut, Ande-ande saw very disliked klenting Abang and klenting Ijo. Tapi jangan kecewa, kalau anakku menolak! I do not have any money!


Kau harus menolong dengan tulus ikhlas dan tidak menuruti nafsu serakahmu. Then they ate together. And then, Kasim met the prince. Unknown 15 April at The cucumber was getting bigger and bigger each day. Berlari keluar Apa diwlog

Not long after, came the Klenting Kuning, from a distance had an unpleasant smell, Herface scrawled with dust. Tapi, kamu harus menciumku. Benar Adikku, marilah kita segera menyeberang. Now, I want to go hunting.

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This is good news!! May I stay for some days in your home? I swear I will swallow you as soon as I catch you! This means no girl that he received!

After that, Yuyu Kangkang escorted them to the opposite village. By magically, klentingkuning immediately change dto be a beautiful and graceful girl with a very beautiful dress.

They negotiate temporary wage Yuyu Kangkang imagine he would receive. Granted I do not need the money now, but you have to give me another reward. I am a fairy. Sigh Is there a way out ….

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Once upon a time there were 2 kingdoms, they were Kediri and Jenggala. They do not like the sluggish bride! Dipanggil tidak segera datang. It must be me. Where is the boat.


Actually, I was a Prince who wandering look for experience. Once upon a time, there lived a girl who named Klenting Kuning.

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Log In Sign Up. You two have beautiful name, hey, you are so beautiful. He was running scared. Klenting Diaoog come with bring the sweep, sweep and clean the floor. So Klenting kuning go, She came to a large river. Your Patience makes you eligible. Klenting Kuning, get me jewel!

I want to kiss your hand. I just want to kiss your hand, please How? But I want to Then K Kuning put the foods on the dining table K Merah: We both are farmers living in the village near the forest. Anyone passing by, should give rewards.