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Meri Aarzoo My Desire by wizardsunlimited reviews Can a broken heart be mended? Then he calms down and apologizes for the outburst. Even Swayam points out that he was only captain of Weaklings because he was forced to. He asks them who the captain will be as they are going as a team, not Dazzlers and Weaklings. Then Taani, out of anxiety, reminds them of the various things they have to do, routines, forms, rehearsals etc. POV toh bohut door ki baat. Can get OOC or rated M.

But even before they had met [first time], she knew the person Rey was! Romance between every pair, Dance with the group and new developments and bonds by new unexpected ones. Taani leaves with this tantrum and Rey remembers all the time when he gave priority to friends and team over her. Nothing is ever truly fixed. It’s the continuation after the actual show Two broken souls who have given up on what they love most A morning Reverie by Mystic.

No Particular Characters would be focused on, it’s a D3 fic. Captive by DarkRoseShadow reviews Series of loosely related OSs following the encounters of an intelligence officer and her criminal ex.

Sharon points out eplsodes could get events in the future and it taanni clash with the competition. But she’s going to leave; he doesn’t want her to. It was always there. Unwanted Charms by ariahera reviews Really bad at summaries. It’s the continuation after the actual show He goes to hug her but she moves back and both fall, breaking the table and the laptop!


Also, I suck at summaries. It happens in the moment. After that, all hell breaks loose. Taani tells him that from AGS, D3 captain, he hardly finds time for her. He taunts saying finally she notices him! Ashiqui Series by ariahera reviews As I have been hearing the songs of Ashiqui 2, I have felt almost connected and insanely inspired by them.

Just a one-shot of fluff filled fluff! Meri Aarzoo My Desire by wizardsunlimited reviews Can a broken heart be mended? Like 0 Dislike 0.

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Follow a journey of self- discoveries, heartbreak, joy, loyalty, betrayals, and trust. Even Swayam points out that he was only captain of Weaklings because he was forced to. New twists and turn are waiting on their paths. He greets her and both pass smiles to each other. Can the damage ever be reversed? Not when you decide to put an end to segregation, and definitely not when you discover the true meaning of Love!

So this series will consist of disjointed One-Shots, which will each be inspired and written on the songs of this film. Until they fall for the same guy. Annihilating A Mirage by DarkRoseShadow reviews A life changing incident occurs in Kria rwy Rey’s life and they are drawn to the moment that held their deepest scar.


V Style Rang Barse 25th March 2013 pt1

Follow Kriya, Taani, and Saara on their journey of Yea sure, she has the right to have her boyfriend to herself. But for this bigger team, we do and it should be Rey. Sign in Recover your password. Page 1 of 1. What happens when the past shows up continuously? Taani comes there later and a video of VP congratulating them and announcing that they will be representing the college for National Dance Competition.

He should have seen the problems in eposodes points Taani was making as well. Everyone says why not Rey?

Once he leaves, Swayam tells Taani to go in and sleep instead of looking down with tears in her eyes. Consists of short One-Shots not necessarily related to each other.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Nothing is ever truly fixed.

Swayam tells him as a friend, he understands but he is her brother as well.