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Faraah tells Agha Jaan that Wali hates her and doesn’t want to stay married. Meanwhile, Agha Jaan sends Wali to Lahore to open a joint account. Faarah tells Ruhina that she is fed up of her and Agha Jaan’s disputes and wants to be free and will not let anyone use her money. Behroze tells Faarah about the love he had for Suhaib. Retrieved 18 June Ruhina believes that Behroze has been manipulated by his father. Arjumand told Wali that she has forgiven Faraah and will accept Faraah as her daughter in law if he wants. Zahra Mirza April 7,

Behroze, on the other hand feels disheartened for abandoning Agha Jaan. Diyar e Dil Back to homepage. Zahra Mirza June 9, Zahra Mirza August 4, He adds that he would ask Wali to divorce her if that is what she wants. Wali then tells everyone that it was Behroze wish to be buried next to Suhaib’s grave.

Farhat Ishtiaq and Muhammad Wasi-ul-din.

This may take a second or two. Tajamul asks Ruhina to consider Moeez’s proposal for Faraah, which she accepts.

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Zahra Mirza June 23, They will continue to remain friends after their divorce. Diyar-e-Dil — Episode 26! Wali finds Faraah sleeping in his room and leaves without waking her up. I love love love the flow of scenes in each episode where the director exactly knows how to treat us. Retrieved 14 October Agha Jaan is reluctant but agrees in accordance to Dyar last wish.


Retrieved 27 May Wali calls Faraah and asks her to contact Behroze.

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This episode was just. Tajamul forgives Ruhina and both reconcile. Suhaib expresses his wish to Arjumand that Abad and Djl get married.

Zahra Mirza June 16, Retrieved 5 August List of Diyar-e-Dil episodes. Ruhina miscarries and blames herself.

Wali searches for Faraah only to find out that Moeez has already kidnapped her. Retrieved 27 August Behroze and Ruhina move into their new home. Arjumand tells Suhaib what she feels towards to him and their child, who forgives her. It is revealed that Behorze had request Arjumand to accept a proposal for Wali and Faraah marriage as he was ill.

Hmmmmm, this episode was a bit on the slower side.

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Moeez takes Faraah to a restaurant to formally propose to her. Moeez fails to manipulate Farah, who says that her Agha Jaan is more important to her than Moeez. Arjumand and Suhaib are unhappy with their current predicament.

Agha Jaan orders him to leave the house and disinherits him from his property. Zahra Mirza April 28, Agha Jaan leaves, saying that they will come again to take them back.


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Faraah and Agha Jaan reconcile for the sake of Behroze. Behroze tells Agha Jaan about his love for Ruhina, but Agha Jaan angrily tells him that he will only accept Arjumand as his daughter-in-law.

Ruhina finds out that Moeez had Faraah’s share of the property all along. Zahra Mirza September 15, He forcibly enters Faarah’s home dl takes her to his car.

When Ruhina informs Moeez about Faraah and her situation, he gets upset. Arjumand and Suhaib and Behroze and Ruhina get married.

Diyar-e-Dil — Episode 30! Tajamul refuses and tells Behroze that he can marry Ruhina once his parents agree to their marriage.

Wali then tells Faraah that it was all an act to get her to admit her love for him. Zahra Mirza June 2, Moeez and Wali my fight during which shots are fired.