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Little Bugger – Episode 11 – Season 4″. The Stick Of Truth”. The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot. Views Read Edit View history. See Slaying the Wither. Talking about livestreaming, video comments, Dear Doc Boat diving into the arena and walking through Spawn. Ender Games Gommehd minigame server.

Underwater fishing and dying from drowning Shows his first shelter made near spawn Travels back to his jungle base, passing by VintageBeef’s castle More cave exploring, finding a cave spider spawner. Finding the jungle trees mcgamer left and removing them and woodpeckers Talking about mods and FTB Looking at the Nether Hub expansion Peaking at Christmas presents and giving some to other members. This page has been accessed 5, times. Blitz Survival Games on the “Hypixel Server”. Mentioning having done a prank and discussing upcoming changes in 1. Looking at Pakratts witch spawner Discovering and removing generik’s “woodpeckers”. Shows ocelot and several farms Opens Zisteanian care package Explores the Cheaty cave Adds signs and stairs to the cave. Talking about plans for Gamescon Building a central storage room for his treehouse Making a hanging bridge to the storage area.

Docm replied criticizing Brian’s work for SethBling[27] defending himself saying “I just trolled him back[ Little Bugger – Episode 11 – Season 4”. Exploring new chunks Finding a chain of small mycelium islands and expanding them Mentioning UHC 8 has been recorded. Talks about the season’s twist and shows his patriotic skin Explores terrain and existing builds Enchanting, fishing for xp and talking about gameplay changes in Minecraft. He started off with a basic infinite breeder, so he zeason get good trades.


Riding doc7m7 horse into the desert to explore and finding a desert temple. Views Read Edit View history.

Doc has a Minecraft series called “The Minecraft World Tour” in which he builds structures and redstone contraptions and tests various aspects of the game in single player. Please use the talk page for contact.

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Working on a pagoda style roof Talking about sights to see in Paris. Caving Looking for his horse Demonstrating an xray technique with snow layers Dying multiple times in sfason row after his hut is invaded by zombies.

A Lack of Track”. Meeting up with Etho for a prank on Guude Not in playlist.

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Toni Scheurlen of joiZone on joiz Germany. Retrieved from ” http: See Beginning of Season 4.

How To Kill The Wither”. After Doc’s “nerfing” by Dinnerbone[34] [35] he used a “genetically engineered” skin made by Nilba.

The Blood Emerald Machine”. Working on the treehouse Relocating the nether portal. Exploring a mineshaft Farming obsidian and making a nether portal Sports stories. Replanting the wheat farm with carrots Trying to cure zombie villagers.

Collecting spiderwebs Finding Nether quartz Making an automatic chicken farm. Doc speaks German natively, and learned English during his schooling. Executing the seadon Not in playlist.

Mindcrack Feed the Beast Modded multiplayer. Doc went to university to study electrical engineering [2] and has a degree in it. See Slaying of the Wither. Working on the tree house Discussing Minecon location rumors, Knee problems and Battlefield 3. Finding the jungle trees mcgamer left and removing them and woodpeckers Talking about mods and FTB Looking at the Nether Hub expansion Peaking at Christmas presents and giving some to other members.


New intro Working on connecting to the Mindcrrack hub Mining some Glowstone Exploring a cave Earning a living on YouTube Explaining how he runs his channel and giving some advice on it.

Working on the storage room Talking about MineCon Talking about drinking and telling a story about getting drunk.

Mindcrack Minecraft SMP – Caught In The Infinite Loop of Death – Episode 5 – Season 4

Traveling to and exploring Guude’s place Not in playlist. Dealing with cave spider spawners Collecting materials for treehouse Discussing 1. Doc’s favorite color is green. The Gathering of Claw Army”. The Stick of Truth.

Making a villager breeding cell Luring and curing zombie villagers. Caving Fighting mobs in search of carrots Riding the pig. Battle fishing, burial for Snuggles. Caving Talking about “likes” on YouTube Constructing doc,77 beacon.