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The characters, the island, the eliminations, everything! Todos contra todos by Grinch Grouchy reviews Drama Total: Rated T for violence. Extreme Total Pokemon Island by vinylscratch reviews Palkia and Dialga have created a new series, where 34 campers, unknown to one another will be pitted in a competition of wits, strength, and team work. Get Known if you don’t have an account. First in 14 story series and spinoff of TDB. This is an all battle between characters from books,cartoons and video games! They must compete in a virtual reality world for the chance to win 1 million dollars.

Owen and Noah versus the music videos by TenMillion reviews In the style of Beavis and Butthead, Owen and Noah skewer the worst and best music videos of this generation! It features fan-favorite characters such as Owen and Courtney as well as, surprisingly, Jude from 6teen as toddlers in a daycare. Second Row left to right: Sometimes we get exactly what we wish for, though not always packaged how we expected. Reversed Opposites by Lillian Amelia Lund reviews A human-turned-Machop embarks on a journey to search for his missing memories and find out why he was brought to the world of Pokemon, and he might just save the world in the process. Tom McGillis, el creador de la serie, dice que su concursante favorito es Owen.


As the disease closes in on the island, the campers need to find a cure fast, or risk being destroyed by some of their corrupted friends. Who will triumph in this battle of wits, bending, and old grudges?

But most of all, enjoy the story! Marco decides to celebrate the occasion by throwing her a party, to which the entire town comes.

I get right to it! Read, review and enjoy! Then her father gets captured by a mysertyrious ceature named Discord. Sign in to remove this from recommended. Ratings, pairings and genres may vary wildly, read with discresion. The TDI kids all go to the same hight school where the killer Ghostface is killing them off one by one. Join the new teams on a trip around the world on The Ridonculous Race: What happens when earth discovers the world of Pokemon.


The Conspiracy by Zanrok reviews Winter is one of Zootopia’s most interesting seasons.

Kicking off it’s first season of Total Digimon Drama, 30 contestants compete for 1 million! The dreaded bloody book known as the Death Note.

Well, let’s add even more drama by putting another contestant in there! A new race and whole lot of chaos! Part one of the fifth season, Total Drama All-Starsnot only contains 14 returning contestants from previous seasons, but also has a Heroes vs.

Total Drama Video Game and Cartoon Race by TheRainbowWhimsicott reviews Don is mad about the show’s ratings on yelp, so he starts another season with video game totxl cartoon characters.

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Join Chris and Don as they take on 90 campers at the newly-rebuilt Camp Wawanakwa for a shot at one million green rectangles! If I’m able to escape and tell people about it, that is. And you can’t take those from me. The Beast had attacked her out of nowhere. This is sure to be a season filled with humor, unbearable hosts, and most importantly: Jirachi and Celebi’s Total Pokemon Island!

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Evil Dominion by fighterofflames reviews Heather is now the ruler of the world and wants to kill the people who she was with on the show. One by one, they will be eliminated in the same manner as the previous seasons until one remains.

The famed ‘Wacky Races’ have been reborn for the 21st Century, with an entirely new cast of racers! Favorites vs Not Favorites by SecretAgent12 reviews Chris is back with twenty-two old contestants who have never won a season and are either loved or hated by fans.

Live Cam Models – Online Now. Find out who will win in Total He’s decided to audition for Total Drama: Temporada 3 Gira Mundial — Episodios. Doofenshmirtz, who plans to travel back in time in his Time Machine-Inator to ask the emperor for advice.

Death, Gore, and spoilers for the DanganRonpa games and the story in the reviews. Rebirth is upon us! Unfortunately, the others don’t want her to do that.


T rating may be overdoing it. Third Row left to right: Stay tune to Total Drama Pokemon e 3rd dama is where I found my groove of the story. Enjoy Disney – Rated: This fic might contain horror and really weird themes in the future chapters Total Drama series – Rated: Mundual House – Rated: But what Belle doesn’t know is that Alex was cursed as well, his curse had a different toll on him than on Adam.

They have no way of contacting anyone and no way of getting home. So join this “epic and moving” tale of love, friendship, backstabbing, comedy, fourth wall breaking, and drama! Total Drama Losers by Lord of the Sloths reviews Some time after Pahkitew Island is wrapped up Chris McLean brings back 18 of the lowest performing contestants to compete in a brand new season for the grand prize of one million dollars.

Archivado desde el original el 7 de marzo de Here is the tale of Lottie and Gaston. Total Drama Refresh Disney Personified by Longstockingz reviews “Last season, Chris pushed a new group of teens to their limits back at Camp Wawanakwa, which had been turned into a radioactive dump after Chris rented out the island to a toxic waste disposal company. The Madagascar King by Marinalioness reviews After the death of his royal father, Gir, Alex returns to battle Makunga, his uncle, for the jungle throne.

Duncan meets his fossil ancestor, who’s in love with Courtney. Chris decides to take 14 Total Drama cast members from gotal last 6 seasons and 2 new members to the Hoenn Region. Will they learn to love one another before the last petal falls, read and find out. Find out on Total.