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Also, Saika in that crazy looking chick attacked him as well, and he stopped that. Izaya’s analogies are just out of this world. How will the true love of his life and soulmate, Tom, react to such shocking news? I agree, Izaya will probably overcome Saikas posession as he already loves all human. More Top Anime 1 Fullmetal Alchemist: More Top Anime 1 Fullmetal Alchemist: BBCode All credit goes to Sacred.

But we need more Mikado. Damn she must be strong. Ranked Popularity Members , I noticed this already, but it’s just hilarious to see all of the spoilers in the ED. I wonder who planned for the head to be revealed to the public Izaya or Kujiragi? And sure, he’s not a good person. Why is it that I hate this guy so much that I love him?

More Top Anime 1 Fullmetal Alchemist: Just imo Celty collapsing because of a effect her head has on her, and not just shock. Great episode of Durarara!!

Next episode preview Mikado is there, I want to really see how much development they are going to push on to him: How will the true love of his life and soulmate, Tom, react to such shocking news? Izaya is being awesome as ever but the ending with Celtys head though!


When celty get her head back.

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Brotherhood 2 Kimi no Na wa. I wonder what Izaya is planing to do with Mikado and Kida, very interesting episode. Nobody makes it through this life being completely honest. Will Celty finally get her head back? It’s been awhile since I’ve been so intrigued I was disappointed when the episode ended.

Celty and Shrina still shares a good chemistry. It felt like quite a lot happened this time, and it’s starting to get very intense yet again. Foolish Orange haired girl thinks she is going to come out on top. Izaya’s plotting once again, too.

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But I’m sure he has a plan for that. I noticed this already, but it’s just hilarious to see all of the spoilers in the ED. Anri might have attacked but I doubt she’s on the same level as Shizuo, hence he would come ketsuu unscathed anyway. BBCode I’m no special story or anything. Ranked Popularity MembersErika being the best support again and cutting Izaya bullshit was great to see.

Good thing Karisawa is there. Pretty much Izaya is on a different level with Shizou and Celty?

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My mouth dropped when eppisode head showed up. Hahaha, such a great episode. Thankfully Erika was there to calm things down.


Is Celty gonna go there and take episod head or someone else will take it before her or is it part of Izaya’s plan? Am I the only one who truly dislikes Izaya? He was so cruel to Anri. I don’t get why she fainted at the end tho. The goose chase revolving around that head further intensifies which just makes me giggle all the time. Lol at Erika before that though, thinking it was a yuri confession or a foursome.

AscendingAudio All reviews people found this review helpful. Shinra and Celty are so cute together. Top 20 Best Anime of In that moment, music transcends words. The interaction between Anri and Izaya was pretty interesting, but the dursrara of the episode was even better.

Another great episode, as usual.