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In the song No Buredi Bread Fela sang. It is made from frying a mixture of plain wheat flour, oil and dried yeast till it becomes golden brown. For the hungry lad in Borno who prefers to eat his own type of food, preferences melt like wax under the thermal glory of hunger. The fish lies in state at its majestic funeral having lived a life well spent. I am praying for that tiny machine to be back in my pocket. Gone are those days of blissful ignorance when I had no Diabetic patients. I rang the Customer Services number by

I just knew there was a catch when strangers congratulate you. Still without an I phone and a Laptop, I find myself on the 12 th of December , twenty two years since the loss of my father. The only problem here is people dip their fingers in the nuts and some fall back into the bowl. And sometimes when I am really feeling myself, I think, Hmmmm! The bright colours seem to light up some area of the brain that brings satisfaction. It is almost imaginable that were Fela alive today, Fashola would come under his lyrical blows, especially for some of his anti-populist policies. A guy once told me of how he caught his girlfriend with another man in a compromising position and ended the relationship. The music continues to be played and the Jollof rice continues to be eaten.

Fela’s Lagos: A Pilgrimage to the Past – waka-about

I have not even seen my colleague for 31 years. The stars of December with Jollof Rice, Moin Moin, all Nigerian soups, stew, all meat and fish, more stew, Ukodo and Eshia with dry fish and freshly boiled yams. February 21, – 9: I was taken aback that the contents of my breakfast plate were not asked for. Fela started as a highlife artiste he sang Onidodo Oni Moinmoin but modified it to include horns Orlando Julius also did thisheavier percussion, less string and a fuller blend of the organ.


You feel it in your soul. This was meant to be for research purposes.

The food must attract someone. The London North Western line The Chinese onidodoo been in the area for close to six years building roads and railway lines. I said I had none. Reunited, and it feels so good Reunited ’cause we understood There’s one perfect fit And, sugar, this one is it We both are so excited ’cause we’re reunited, hey, hey.

I hope say she sabi cook waakye. That is just how the world goes around.

The visitors soon began to arrive and like it was in the seventies, you entertained them very well. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. In Lagos Babyhe sings about Lagos women and their greed; he rebukes flirtatious Lagos boys. We are what we are. There are some Nigerian foods that would refuse to go down the gullet without music especially if more than twenty people are present. In recent times my ability to cope with spices has waned and I avoid Shito at all costs.

I find that sliced paw paw on a white plate is incredibly alluring. Still on top of his game, Dbanj continues to blaze the trail for artistes without the talent of 2face but who love music and know how to maintain the pop fan culture. Dem dey send us rice from Thailand. There is oil, there is beans.

Fela’s Lagos: A Pilgrimage to the Past

Once delivered the moin moin was incised through the centre to find out if Father Christmas had ordained a boiled egg or corned beef in the centre.

By the chopping aka corruption had run into over drive and the debts stood taller than the great Killimanjaro. There is no doubt that music can affect our emotional joruba and modify our food seeking behaviour especially in groups.

He never owned an I phone or laptop during his life, so I am sure he must be wondering what the fuss is. Complete with a plastic sun glasses and the swag was on fire.


I am one of those that scrolls to the bottom and clicks the I Accept icon every time. Bez, GT tha Guitarman and others like that owe her a lot of kudos for preparing the ground for their kind onicodo music.

I once had a mad crush on the Ibadan born lawyer and fashion designer who was the first female rapper to be taken seriously. Rockets flew up and exploded into numerous diamonds and there was always the smell of festive stew in the air. The lives lost at sea are also covered by insurance. People felt they were created to suffer due to a curse that had been placed on their head.

There is nothing human beings have not lost; jobs, looks, height, singing voices and even the ground under their feet earthquakes happen.

The Director of the laboratory did not look particularly strong. There are losses with or without insurance. I am praying for that tiny machine to be back in my pocket. The Judges look and choose the best. People like this never waste time with snacks. Till Elon Musk or some other clever person invents an AI Artificial Intelligence food taster it will be biased judges for the foreseeable future. He said he did not know. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

Everyone knew movke Chinese were building something very great. The town was buzzing with excitement for prosperity had fallen on them uninvited. The second rule is that he dies first as too much meat kills but that is another story.