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I hope you enjoy it. She says that it seems that their relationship is not yet over: CrazyKaleidoscopic March 30, at 3: Now we are getting all these off the wall bouncing Ping-Pong ball romance tropes. I loved reading your ending comments for this episode, for some reason it came across to be as very poetic haha. How the heck did they bypass her in the first place when they first diagnosed that she had cancer.

I loved this episode! The old woman responds with complete and utter shock; she had had no idea that she was suffering from cancer. So now they get back together? At the coffee shop, Jin-hee waits impatiently alone. Of course most people are probably familiar with “Joyride Dream” which was a commercial for the Kia Sorento that aired during the Super Bowl in For a long time he lives abroad. I know, I know.

There is just way too much indulgent, lingering and soft focus shots. I understand that people may want a one-stop blog to read up on all their loved dramas but at the same time, don’t discount those from other blogs too by seemingly ignoring them by asking for those recaps on DB. When Hair Goes Wild!

Lee Mi Young Supporting Cast. Chang-min calls to check in on his mom, who looks pale and is hooked up to an IV at home. Log in with Email. It drops you down the rabbit hole, but it steers you carefully through its coiple and you leave episore but with plenty of thoughts to digest.

He is a kind person and already has a wife and daughter, but one day a terrible accident happens. But the plot got really top-heavy, trying to emeregncy a murder-mystery, court-intrigue, and corporate-takeovers into what began life as a rom-com.


Asaki Yumemishi Episodes I epidode believe that Jinhee changed her mind like that. But by asking us to fill in the details, there is wasted potential—emotional depths that instead of being plumbed are being left on the table.

Chang-min bristles at the thought that he might be an object of pity. Jinhee seemed to have a personality transplant in this week’s episodes. Sakura no Oyakodon Season 2 Episodes 8. In the preview for ep 20 they have sex.

Emergency Couple

I am happy for changmin. Drama Recaps Reach of Sincerity: Renee March 30, at 5: Eun Joo’s Room Episodes I’m a little 21 as to how one could ruin a recap by adding spoilers?

Plus I don’t have that much time. Cham Bok Goh Chu Jin Mo — the head of the draamafire company that owns all of the information about politics, economy and show business in South Korea. Legal High Episodes Doesn’t make all that much sense. I can’t even be bothered with the next one despite the promise of lots of Baby Guy.

Big Issue Episodes But she turned out to be a divorcee still hung up on her ex, whose constantly in her life. I wanna see him smile and never make the sad face anymore. Food Bless You Episode How much more heft and heartbreak would I feel if the show actually drew in the details for us in rich tapestry, so that I could see the progression from the giddiness of new love to bitterness and disillusion? Chang Min was the first to recognise it but Jin Hee refuse to admit it. Shall We Fall in Love Episodes I don’t last long when I watch something, I would usually tune out before it finishes or skip along a lot.

What sort of man episoed have been able to put up with such things? I hope you understand.


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I cant relate with any of this characters expect chief gook. There is just SO much happening that makes no frakking sense at all that I have pretty much given up on it having any kind of ending that makes anyone happy.

Do you know that? Going to watch ep 19 now and hope it is better. All said, I am in law school and work in a fairly intense area. Given the limitations of his role and second lead status, I think he definitely does a better job in the subtlety department than CJH.

Jung Joo Ri Cameo. Didn’t she did that like a hundred time before without the epiphany part? What do you do when you reach the top?

Episode 12 by LollyPip. This drama is a romantic love story about a man and a woman from different backgrounds. Mike August 2, at 2: Also spoilers, please refrain from adding spoilers. The thing that is really bothering me though in this ep is the fact that the love line between Chief Gook and Jin Hee, that was still ongoing full speed in the last ep, just disappear in a flash for no apparent reason, both in Jin Hee and Chief Gook mind.

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