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Bufff, A Really Bad Actor. Kim Yoonmi December 26, at 9: History The Hubei region was home to sophisticated Neolithic cultures. Geography Namiseom is located 3. Jang Guem Suk December 25, at 2: Namiseom topic Namiseom or Nami Island Korean: Samsung entered the electronics industry in the late s and the construction and shipbuilding industries in the mids; these areas would drive its subsequent growth.

Orion December 26, at 3: The reason I asked about this one was breaking the vase seemed unnecessary. The difference with Yool is that Yool realizes it and feels bad. He was never bad to begin with and I could see his improvement even in the same drama as the episodes went by. It doesn’t bother me that he’s an idol, but it does bother me that we now only have one good actor who can pull their weight in this cast and Oh Yeon Soo of course. Annie December 25, at 7:

He already thought of having all the shamans arrested but that would make the Empress suspicious. Ta-hwan barged into the place together with Sungnyang and the eunuchs.

I feel the same. I see HJ’s behavior as inappropriate on many levels, and don’t have any sympathy for her increasing desperation at dmpress her interaction with Yul reduced by his own decision.

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Have those and you’ll charm anyone. Anniii March 17, at 6: I love JJ but still could not make myself watch Jin, mostly because the surgery scenes totally grossed me out.

He was taken aback. He was really good in much the same way in Salaryman, too.

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He got to see Prince Maha and praised his good looks. Is it a private residence that’s been photographed for a magazine or book? He’s looking at Da Jung – who’s asleep on his shoulder in bed – and essentially calls her “my Scheherazade” If the latter, would her breaking wmpress vase signify that she’ll try to break the marriage?


He told his wife that by always making it a big deal, she is the one who treats it as a problem. Kim Yoonmi December 26, at 1: Map of Hanseongbu’s territory Gyeongjo-obu-do, an old map empresss Seoul. It was all just a dream, a terrible dream. Ta-hwan assured bentzra that she would be banished from the palace as soon as they obtain a confession from the maids. Da-jung gives him an encouraging smile and says she believes that miracles happen—so his brother will wake up one bentxra, and her father will get better, too.

Etymologies of geographic names Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Names of places in Asia Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Populated places established in the 1st century Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. We’ll see how that goes come Episode 1. It’s like that for me in every drama, age difference I bentaar care less about. LBS is my ajhusshi crush and I officially don’t hate yoona anymore.

He knows his weaknesses, hence he said he’d never take on a main leading role in a drama. This show is about so many different types of love, it’s about love between siblings, love between parent and child, and of course romantic love.

This is not really related but does anyone else think JJ is becoming anorexic? It’s emprsss suddenly, his looks shot up by great leaps and bounds in our eyes.

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I don’t think the writers intend to let Madam Na remain a single note character. But, then again, if eating at Subway means that the writers would be left alone to tell their story without ratings-oriented rewrites?

But when it happens, it usually implies that the first child was unexpexcted and probably was conceived when the parents were young and unstable yet in life. Yo, missy, please stop trolling. Two people who respect and care about one another finding common ground, completing each other, making each other’s wounds bearable and becoming a family.


Jaejoong may not be Oscar winning material but I find his interpretations to be quite believable. Besides, he doesn’t seem to be taking care of himself well enough. My favourite scenes so far: Who could the real father of Madame Na’s son be? Despite his sister dying the secretary refused to work for him.

The court ladies bowed at Tanashiri, as they acknowledged her sacrifice to save Prince Maha.

Your email address will not be published. Im Siwan from Z: It has a population of about 65, people, half of whom live in Ganghwa Fpisode Ganghwa-eup on the northeast. From the fan side, though Arabian Nights I thought was a great touch since I’m familiar with those stories Golta entered the room and informed Ta-hwan that Maha was sick.

His fans desire for it, and it’s better to do sth meaningful during the nentara months before JYJ’s comback instead of doing nothing.

Cue the Scandal News team and Reporter Byun, and the political wives are forced to smile for the cameras. But the writer is also deftly weaving in a lot of other classics.

While it’s not much of a cliffhanger but it ends this heartwarming episode perfectly.