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How can we get more people to actually watch it? Did Lady Gaga sacrifice Morgana to achieve success and secure her place in the illuminati? Don’t do that You could injure yourself jumping into your pool from the second story That’s crazy You have your phone Go on YouTube. But the way that he has approached it is again, it’s in this YouTube meets this crime conspiracy documentary process And I’m absolutely mesmerized and I was like, I think I could just watch this for entertainment purposes! The Art of Pretending to Be a Grown-up” later this month. Let me just tell you how I find myself using it, right? Clyde Steese Ear Biscuits Ep.

Should The ’90s Come Back? Clear Queue View Queue. Is Watching Sports a Waste of Time? Rhett and Link compare how they spent their Thanksgivings this year to determine how they’d prefer to spend the holiday in the future. When Is Fun Too Dangerous? I don’t know what it was, but it was essentially, this has got me This content has absolutely sucked me in in the way that what I consider sort of a higher tier of content traditionally, has sucked me in and of course I watched the whole series And then since then he’s done, he did the Jeffree Star series which I haven’t watched yet. It was the coolest that I’ve ever been as a dad is when I was on Hot Ones The Tonight Show five times, who cares, is a 14 year old’s perspective — The only videos that I’ve watched, when you introduced me to primitive technology This is the guy, where is he? Subscribe to Ear biscuits on Spotify by searching for “Ear Biscuits” and tapping “Follow” to get every new episode delivered to you.

Rhett gets mistaken for a yoga instructor in sta,pylongnose class full of women and Link stays in a trailer next to a psychic. On your death bed, you receive a box with all the items you’ve ever lost is returned to you. But we honed in on that because, well, I wouldn’t say they were our competition We would consider that but they wouldn’t stampylnognose at the time because who are these guys in North Carolina?

We didn’t talk to other creators — Right but what about— — And we didn’t watch — The use of the platform for your own personal entertainment — That didn’t start happening — No, it didn’t. How would you rather spend your Thanksgiving? Finally a podcast by these guys that keeps me entertained and engaged.

From keeping you company on the crapper to being the third wheel on date nights, it seems like people are unable to go anywhere without their phones nowadays. Watching the cringe compilation, and every once in awhile sitting down and eating a pound of bacon is awesome But I don’t wanna do it with my wife — Here’s the thing, and I did talk Christy into watching game show blooper— — Yeah those are good — And again, that’s a compilation So the way that we have found to enjoy YouTube as a viewer is just these compilations that range from like decent to absolutely crappy.

Cassie Cobb Content Manager: See site for details. There’s so much stuff on there— — How do you do it? Does Fall fill you with excitement or despair?

Buddy System Stories ft. I mean, Christy and I, we just never sat down and watched a YouTube video Now, there’s a television within eyeshot of our kitchen and stmapylongnose we can throw a YouTube stakpylongnose up there I’ll say the kids will do that sometimes just to like watch a YouTube clip, and the kids will watch I’ll look over their shoulder Lincoln watches some gamers and he has an assortment of YouTubers that he’ll watch and they’ve started to move through things like Lily used to be really into Minecraft and Stampy Cat and that’s a thing of the distant past now.


Nah, probably shouldn’t say insertable Easily accommodated by people’s modern-day schedules — Definitely — Tangent — I have the same routine. And so, I believe, I don’t believe that the golden, this is a tangent, but I don’t believe that the golden age of television is simply based on the fact that Netflix decided to start making television I think it’s definitely based epsode this combination of the amount of programming that is available, people’s schedules and I think that the length of a television stampylongose has fallen into a sweet spot that has become easily insertable.

They gave out flip phones and we didn’t even— — Flip video — Flip video cameras, you remember those little flip video cameras that were before you had cameras in your phone?

I’m sure you guys would be like, and that’s what we’re gonna get to in a second is you telling us who we should be watching The same time, ironically, that this has been going on, YouTube has been doing, YouTube Red, now stampypongnose as YouTube Premium which incidentally, there are two seasons of a show that we made, Rhett and Link’s Buddy System available on YouTube Premium We have a YouTube Premium account And we have the ability to watch YouTube Premium and basically this whole old fart conversation that we’ve been having this whole time, recognizing that we are entertained in a certain way and we didn’t feel like YouTube fit that bill— — Premium’s supposed to sampylongnose that — YouTube, yeah, attempted to address that, is attempting to address that with YouTube Premium and I haven’t found myself going to that platform in the same way that I go to these other 1661, even though we have a show on it.


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What Happened Over Break? I was actually productive around the house this morning because I was listening and laughing and not tempted to come back to the computer and watch them haha. Is Thanksgiving Better Without Family? Get more from Mayim here: The Perfect Morgan Freeman Impression ft. Lifelong evangelical and Christian media industries writer, publicist, producer, and agent Rebeca Seitz left the evangelical world after reading the Bible too much and taki Watching videos out on the road is a big no no.

Is Texting Ruining Friendships? Just a metal tool and she was over there just going at the door with it crew chuckling And so all of a sudden, I’m like about to get to the part of the video where it’s helpful He’s about the pop the lock and then all of a sudden, blows air she’s like, “I did it!

Dessert karaoke or gas station card games?

Check out more of Dave’s work here: And then I get into some of the things that I love, like Handmaid’s Tale which is, the second season is over at this point I absolutely stampylobgnose that show and every single time an episode came out, Jessie and I would rearrange our visual entertainment schedules so that that would be the next thing that we enjoy together — Mhm — Typical sort of 40 year old viewing habits.


Let’s Get Personal ft. Honey— Start saving money for free! You must Log In or Sign Up in order to subscribe. What Are Our Top 10 Moments of ? Are Farts Actually Funny? Links Podcast Website Report a Concern. I don’t know what it was, but it was essentially, this has got me This content has absolutely sucked me in in the way that what I consider sort of a higher tier of content traditionally, has sucked stampylongnoes in and of course I watched the whole series And then since then he’s done, he did the Jeffree Epixode series which I haven’t watched yet.

You remember three hour movies? The episode features never-before-heard demos of songs like “Rub Some Bacon on It,” “My Hair Song,” and “It’s My Belly Button,” original recordings of songs that never made it into video form like “Fartin’ Girl,” and fully produced tracks that have never seen the light of day like stampyllngnose Place” about using public restrooms and “Don’t Block My YouTube” about It was like a stress watch It wasn’t watching it for entertainment purposes; it was atampylongnose watching it to see what could happen I remember looking at them and seeing, they were number one at one point 65, subscribers and I was like how in the world?

Robin Hood— Sign up at Earbiscuits. Save my stampylongnsoe, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Let’s Get Personal ft. The Life of Kevin ft. Clear Queue View Queue. Tsampylongnose brought up zoo That didn’t help the mental images — In the hustle and bustle of life at home, there’s just certain things that you put off, like a stack of mail that you need to go through, okay?

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1661 be the judge. Is Texting Ruining Friendships? It’s all about habits I mean I’m big on habits and systems, you know that, so I go into my ruts And yeah, I think we’re highlighting a big problem We want YouTube, even Good Mythical Morning, I want to grow an audience that is broader and even older, right? How Do You Manage Stress? She’s very into Netflix shows She went through Parks and Rec and now she’s onto The Office and I’m extremely proud of her — That’s what my kids do My kids binge-watch old shows — Lincoln’s more of a YouTube watcher and then Lando is not, yet.

Did you like Cobra Kai a lot? We haven’t done anything illegal — I’m not gonna apologize I’m very happy about it Second reason is to see what else is trending, again, stampylojgnose a business standpoint, to be like who else is trending?

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From receiving the nickname “Mr. As a trucker my entertainment revolves around podcasts and everything audio. But it was just as awesome!