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At some point in time in the future everything will be HD. I think out west we got a higher penetration of high definition services for various reasons, but it is a fair extrapolation to make. They want our signal and we want to give it to them. What we are proposing is that the small basic, the cap on small basic, the limited price of small basic will provide a tempering effect, as I mentioned earlier. You have to understand where we come from in terms of how we got to the 27 transmitters because that is really a key. Listen — Dans un restaurant In a restaurant. Listen Video Lesson

Listen — Le pape est-il communiste? I know what the number is. That, we know for a fact. In the last five years conventional broadcasting revenues have actually increased by an enviable 3. So there is value in both of those signals. This is a severe contraction by any measure and it is a secular change, not a cyclical change like the advertising business.

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Listen — 13 heures de retard 13 hours later. But this need vi be the case. Listen — Voyage dans le temps Time travelling. Listen — Purge Purge. Personally, and I say this with all due respect, I don’t think it is anybody’s job but the over-the-air broadcasters to ensure that they are successful.


We believe it’s a simple way of doing things. Listen — Mondes extraterrestres Alien worlds.

This is a puzzling argument for the broadcasters to make because they are in fact trying to duplicate their current business model on the internet. In an environment where analogue exists, it is a potentially high-cost solution.

Well, we would be asking broadcasters to pay for the backhaul to our uplink facility and Tim or Chris can speak to how that’s managed today in the normal course.

Not necessarily, if it’s in an unregulated forum, although bel,e it’s online we could have a discussion about that. I am sorry, I don’t follow that. Listen — Les gens du matin Morning people. Access to avails’ advertising could be restricted to OTA broadcasters as another way of bolstering their bottom lines.

Listen – Pas de preuve No proof. Listen — Nouveau concours New contest. Listen — Trop longtemps Too long. Listen — Congeler le sperme Freeze sperm. In one case, if CTV or the other broadcasters believe that there are a couple of stations or a few stations that will survive and that they will commit to keeping open if they are carried on DTH and are not carried today, then perhaps there can be a discussion around that.

Listen — La fin The end. Listen – Emails de Clinton Clinton emails. Listen — Peinte en bleu Painted blue. Listen — 97 nourrissons 97 infants.


They raise significant policy issues. Listen — Murdoch Murdoch. Listen — Colonisation Colonisation. Jan 28, Listen Word of the day: Episose have some proposals. And so we have not at this point eoisode able to conclude an arrangement with them, although obviously we would very much like to.

Jan 21, Listen Survival French: And the notion of save local where you go through basically your analysis and you come out on paragraph 21 saying:.

Notre plan corporatif est certainement d’essayer d’en ajouter. Commercial revenues include ad revenues.

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The value of our signal is what in a clear and smart negotiation the outcome of that negotiation would be. Jun 05, Listen — Les travailleurs australiens Australia’s workers Jun 04, Listen — Le droit de mourir Right to die Jun 03, Listen — Le pape est-il communiste?

And it is an area where you don’t do any local programming?