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Views Read Edit View history. Putting some shovels in MC’s fairy fountain Defining the area near spawn and making a monster tree Telling a story about the bug in his lunch Visiting the block exchange. Talking about his first death Clips from Entering the Nether Caving Showing his temporary home Discussing his plans for his mountain village Trying to buy an apple from generikb’s shop enchanting. Planting poppies and spruce trees around Etho’s base and the PvP Arena. Etho’s pet shop covered in webs and guarded by the spider from Charlotte’s Web. Snow, hockey, moose and Tim Hortons.

Sky Shrooms Part 2 “. Etho’s Been Pranked” Guude: Cleaning up the nether makeover on his cave. Working on the storage area at his base Taking a look at the chandelier in the Nether hub and leaving Bdubs a “Roland Jenkees” music disc as a thank you. Building a donut-shaped carrot farm in the modular hexagonal village at Ethopia in addition to small adjustments. G-All Nether Mod Prank”. Adlington’s castle grounds decorated with a Canadian theme:

Mindcrack Server – Episode See Killing the Enderdragon. At the Nether Hub At the Blaze farm constructing a walkway An attempt at encapsulating a static fire ball. A boat prank on Guude. Sneaking into the theater together when testing the UHC mumble plugin Checking out BdoubleO’s work in the arena Redesigning the capture points Checking the shops at spawn.

Season 3 Finale 2 of 2 “. Harvesting Ice at SethBling’s ice farm Revealing the facade of his tree farm and discussing the logo on the front Fixing the redstone for the Death Games and starting to rework the equipment system. Improving the horse timer Trying to do horse wheelies with BdoubleO Discussing his plans for the Nether hub Starting a blaze farm.

Working on the building for the first capture point Discussing all the games he is currently playing Testing Rockm Sockm Robots at Seth’s place. Pranking Zisteau with Team Mindcrac, by covering his base in paintings. This page has been accessed 18, times. Hunting Zisteau in the Death Games Explaining the boundary concept for the PVP map Showing modifications to the worker shack Searching for cracked and mossy stone brick in the decimated stronghold. mindcraack

Etho MindCrack SMP – Episode 167: Death Games Building

The Forgotten Prank” VintageBeef: Trading gold and rails for diamonds Mentioning that he put ice under the paths in Spawn village Finding BTC has made Charlottes and her web around his pet store Burning Charlotte and talking about reading Riding Wilbur the pig Showing the progress in his ehto farm Discussing a game for Guudeland.


Building an underwater village near Beef’s jungle.

Touring what has been done on the server so far Gathering levels and enchanting Creating villagers with Seth and Nebris. Etho and SethBling showing BdoubleO’s new building prank house in the Town Hall Etho digging dirt in a time-lapse to make a certain height to flood his unnamed mountain base Gave a short tour after the water had been placed Revealed that Baj and SethBling set up in the Red Portal room and his pathway leads straight to the Nether-End portal.

Discovering a chicken dispenser trick from Baj Finding generikb’s RV while continuing to excavate his base Building the second ring and starting the third Enchanting and repairing at the Ender Ender Discussing anvils and game balance. Setting up the mushrooms Circle stone block generator. Creating a pool of angry zombies on one of Etho’s islands.

King of the Ladder New video intro. Working on the PVP area Window shopping at spawn.

Etho MindCrack SMP – Episode Death Games Building –

Racing Arkas to the DocShop for glowstone Cleaning baby zombies out of the mob trap at EthoCorp Showing progress and products at his shop Helping mcgamer blow up his lapis exchange Discussing item frames in the snapshot Slaughtering Nebris in the Death Games. Admiring the B-Team efforts clearing out his new base Getting a tour of thejims bases Looking at the pits in the subway station and other homes in the spawn town Discussing UHC and using snapshots on the serve.

Setting up a pyrotechnics system at the arena. Bees that cause blindness and nausea behind warded glass. Planting poppies and spruce trees around Etho’s base and the PvP Arena. Attempt to encase spawn in obsidian and break everyone’s beds. The participants of Beginning of Season 4. Random elements were placed or changed in Zisteau’s temporary home.


Etho/videos – The Unofficial Fan-Run MindCrack and HermitCraft Wiki

seawon See Slaying of the Wither. From the unofficial fan-run MindCrack and HermitCraft wiki. Trading with Nebris Visiting the quad spider spawner for string and making dispensers Experimenting with ideas for an underwater home Building an artificial island for the villagers Showing the completed rail to the blaze farm.

King of the Ladder”. Montage of clips from episodes on the MindCrack server. Views Read Edit View history. After BdoubleO talks trash about Etho’s trap-making skills, Etho sets up a trapped Nether portal for him in his arena. Building a beach, complete with sandcastle, beachball, and Pause reclining in a straw hat ethp a cool drink to poke fun at his frequent “vacations”.

Death games, a “prank prelude” to repay them for killing Pause.

Etho’s cave turned into the Nether and filled with random items. Attempting to kill mcgamer Visiting Doc’s treehouse Working on a brewing station at the blaze farm.

Please use the talk page for contact. Adding water into the Nether before the 1.

Chicken dispensers hidden by chicken powered pistons in the walls of Etho’s jungle base. G-All Nether Mod Prank”. See Slaying the WitherBdoubleO, generikb. Finding the repaired sword BdoubleO left and showing his planted Nether track Penning a zombie to keep as a pet. Showing redstone work on the arena Discussing the layout and materiality of the pvp area with BdoubleO Reviewing the first purchase at his shop.

Made more lighting options for EthoCorp instead of using torches Discussing the changes to his squid tank and changes in the snapshot Received his first bulk order from Adlington Made his mountain base more boat accessible by adding boat dispensers and creating a boat elevator Made improvements for the potion brewing at EthoCorp Made the minecart with chests Nether accessible Delivered Adlington’s potion order.

Building pixel art of minecraft string over BdoubleO’s house.