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Zegoch hagerachewn bezede tetew endiwetu Weyanewoch eyaderegu lemn yewetalu yelalu. NO Saturday, 27 April at Sunday, 5 August at This is Great shame. Wednesday, 12 February at Meles Zenawi May God bless your soul. Gemena 2, Part 52 — Ethiopian Drama October 23,

Thursday, 5 December at Ve Tuesday, 10 December at Do you think all those people were paid to come out and cry. We know that he would have anhilated us if he could. Episode 26 – Ethiopian Drama – clip 1 of 2. Wt ever u said Meles is the greatest leader in ethiopian history. During program breaks, you run animated ethnic folk dances with folk music , one notices in the Amhara folk dance not seen in the other f dance a peculiar double act where a lady towers over her gender opposite and even more strikingly the dimunitive Male flips his hat back exposing bare head.

Yetefa Sim – Episode 39 (Kana TV Amharic Drama)

One day they will pay for that. I would say that yes things are going well in Ethiopia, but there are also there are unfair treatments from authorities. You know reading what you wrote here unfairly suggests that everyone who supports the gov’t is somewhat stupid. Gemena 2 Drama Part 10 July 22, Prime Minister Dramma Ahemed to day i feel happy in my life i know the earlier Ethiopia Prime Minister HD and Meles HD is it just symbol and Meles is stupid he has done so many dirty things in ethiopia hope he finds from Hell and drzma what he done for ethiopia Monday, 2 Stv at He purposely put a satanic star on our national flag with a secretive plan.


Ethiopian News: EBC Live | ኢቢሲ

Monday, 28 October at Tiru yesera yimesgen, metfo yeseram yiwokes. There won’t be a sustainable and health economy without having access to the port of Asseb, we Ethiopian have the right to own Asseb Port and take advantage of any situations that will grant the wrongly handed over port by PM MELES.

Lets work on our differences and look geemna to the future. Thursday, 9 August at Please STOP insulting gemens other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bezihich hager rasun masayet yemichel ahun Woyane bicha new. My families in Gemfna area was traveling years ago on foot carrying marketable items and now I am 55 years old and doing the same.

Episode 33 – Ethiopian Drama – clip 1 of 2 www. No doubt, Ethiopia is on the right path to democracy.

Shefu Full 2015 Ethiopian Movie

Wednesday, 4 December at History will reveal more. ETV ‘please don,t say he died he been killed so sad ethiopia lost her son iam so sorry ethiopia. God will punish each of them efv.


Your email address will not be published. Those who watch are deama just bigots or just looking for Drama, there are those with a flair for both sides who read between lines. Thursday, 19 September at If we work harder and harder,not as usual,that we develope. I personally feel sorry and wanna help you with my prayers.

Hiyab Ita Dekik Part 2 Amharic Movie

First he should be free and have human right to talk about human right. Tuesday, 1 January at Down with indirect rule.

Hagerachen ke ende Meles aynetu zeregna yeteshale molutuotal. Who was that person???? The Almighty God avenges!!

Thursday, 30 May at Bego gemwna manim sew ayitsetsetim, kifu bemadreg gin bizu sew yemayiresa chigir wust yigebal. Episode 44 — Ethiopian Drama: But enezih nechun tikur new yemilu, eithet tenegnoch aidelum or ye ethiopia telatoch nachew.