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When Daniel shows up at Emma’s house, Jax and Andi reverse the spell just in time for Emma to not make a fool out of herself again. Season 2, Episode 4 July 10, The season ends with Daniel, Emma and Jax all getting along. Meanwhile, the T3 devise an elaborate prank, but they can’t agree on a target; and Lily grows suspicious of Desdemona. Later, Jax sees Emma talking to Hex when it floated out of her locker. Meanwhile, Emma and Andi take a visit to Daniel and see that Mia and Daniel are a couple but they acting like they don’t know him.

Jax makes a big sacrifice for Emma. Sophie sees a lizard and runs after it, making Katie follow, and then Gigi gets off to find cell service. Season 2, Episode 22 August 7, Daniel is unfrozen asking what happened. A teenage girl moves to Miami and discovers that she’s a witch with special powers. Emma and Jax accidentally wipe out Daniel’s entire memory after Daniel sees Emma casting a spell, telling him the truth about her powers.

Jax and Evil Emma take away Emma’s powers and combine the last lights. Andi tapes Jessie to a door while Emma takes Daniel to the Seven, which is their secret spot at Iridium High, in an attempt to restore his memory. The season ends with Daniel, Emma and Jax all getting along.

Also, the T3 pull their biggest prank ever at the school play on Daniel. Jax wins second place in the swim meet after Daniel, and is Emma confused by this, realizing that Jax didn’t use magic.

— Every Witch Way Season 3 Episode 18 The Kanay

The gang are back at the Beachside 7, which is their new hangout spot for the summer. Diego must obey Mia. Emma’s powers intensify when she finds the Hexoren as she prepares for her first date with Daniel; Maddie learns to undo spells; Diego tries evwry hide the discovery of his Churi Kanay powers.


Andi and Jax break into Francisco’s office. Emotions run high at Beach Ball between Emma and Daniel. Agamemnon vodlockre to uncover Desdemona’s plot and attempts to stop her, but Desdemona sends him away after he burns off some of her hair in an attempt to stop her plan.

Retrieved August 9, The T3 discover about the H2O, a duo who loves pranking as well, and they do research on the, H2O to see what they have done to some over-the-top pranks, Emma and Daniel meet each other at the Seven and he sings a song to Emma. Retrieved January 27, Emma and Andi go to Lily to ask about Daniel, and Lily explains it could be a continuum break.

In her flashback her Weason says every Kanay gets their other half and that Mia will find her half. When they arrive back home, Jax finds his front door open and finds his clones in the kitchen with a little girl, who says that her name is Jessie and she is his sister.

Emma brings Andi’s video game boyfriend to life. Daniel sees this and gets jealous, deciding to do anything to win back Emma; Maddie, Diego and Sophie plan a surprise party for Katie, but she thinks that they want her to make new friends.

Season 2, Episode 15 July 28, Maddie refuses to go outside without her powers, which have been given to her mother unknowingly. Jax risks his powers to save Emma, and they get over their fears in a test.

However, Jake locks the doors until he finishes his dinner. Maddie and the Panthers get to know Beau, the lizard-turned-boy, and Diego learns the origin of his powers.


The Originals

Lily leaves and tells Emma that Desdemona will take her place and help her for the Fool Moon. Maddie casts a spell to make their own corner more luxurious. Now, Emma must choose her boyfriend: They go with Ursula to the airport to watch Phillip leave, and come back to have a group hug. A special epidode that takes place at The Seven, where Gigi and Desdemona summarize what has happened in the second season and give a sneak peek of the third season.

After the Principal’s defeat, the gang has fun at the Iridium High Anime Dance, where Daniel performs a song he wrote for Emma, Emma then comes up onstage with Daniel, and they finally kiss for the very first time, meaning that they’re a couple. Season 2 Season esason Season 2 Season 3 Season 4. Ursula becomes head episoode the Van Pelt Coven, and starts praising Diego after he saves the Coven from Jake, who arrives as an unexpected guest at the Van Pelt family reunion.

Desdemona says to Ramona how she’s going to destroy the magic realm to be the last witch standing. Maddie romances an voodlockerbelieving that it is Daniel. Retrieved July 9, Later, Jax sees Emma talking to Hex when it floated out of her locker. Meanwhile, Diego discovers a new power that allows him to fuse with other things.

Jax and Emma meet up with Andi, but none of them have seen Daniel.