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I must say that Adnan Jaffar has impressed me yet again with his brilliant acting. The Chawla Family Secrets Revealed! Sonia Hussain has been flawless as Farwa. Even when she openly insults their daughter, instead of putting her in her place, they simply bow their heads and listen. I just want to knew about this only. He always supprts her daughter not to loose hope. She feels very passionately about Pakistani dramas and loves discussing them to detail. Whenever the subject of Farwa is brought up, Aasma can’t keep herself from saying mean, rude, insensitive, things.

Germany bookmaker bet review by ArtBetting. Her situation is getting from bad to worse at an alarming rate. He always supprts her daughter not to loose hope. If you haven’t started watching this drama yet, guys you simply have to give it a try. This makes the plot interesting. I am still wondering though after all these episodes why this drama was titled Farwa Ki ABC but I am quite sure that we will find out why at some point. Close Window Loading, Please Wait! I was kind of hoping, to see a coming of age process in the course of this drama.

Until now nothing in this drama has been shown without a reason and I am pretty sure that there is a good reason for this too. It is quite intriguing that apparently Aasma and Farwa are poles apart and Aasma seems to be leading in every way but still she can’t miss a single opportunity of making Frawa look bad.

Farwa Ki ABC; Episode 8

Khalid Anum appears to be a very friendly, loving caet father for Farwa. They can’t make any decisions when Aasma is around and they let her bully them and even feel happy about it. I must say that Adnan Jaffar has impressed fsrwa yet again with his brilliant acting.

Googi has had enough and although he did try to come up with reasons to justify his ditching Farwa, the truth was he was in love with Silky. For now don’t miss to watch Farwa ki ABC teaser at myipedia. The drama that started off fairly well and promised us a different story and entertainment, gave us a predictable but tolerable ending. Tau Dil Ka Kiya Hua: I am waiting to find out! He is his own person, he doesn’t make use of flowery language or wears silk gowns or recite poetry but his down to earth nature, ever so willing to defend ” Bhai Ki bandi ” and his unique way of expressing his love for her, just makes him a staraight A student in my book.


According to her and Gogi’s plan, she was suppose to immediately come back to her parents house after her nikkah and then ask them for forgiveness and explain to them that her elopement was merely her stupidity and she wants out of her marriage with Mustansar. If it wasn’t for the play Durr-e-Shahwar she wouldn’t have started writing!

He dosen’t have degrees but he loves and respects Farwa for who she is and I guess that is why he didn’t elope with her because he wanted to ask for her hand and then marry her, ” properly “. Kiran A View all posts by Kiran A A fan of Pakistani Dramas, who loves to review them because ” we write to taste life twice, in the moment frawa in retrospect “.

Farwa ki ABC Episode 16 (HD) – video dailymotion

Aasma Ghaznavi wbc and here is her cousin moving in with her parents. More articles by Fatima Awan. The actress playing Silk has mostly been seen in dead serious roles but she ddama doing really well in this character as well.

I was kind of hoping, to see a coming of age process in the course of this drama. Cause the last time I heard, Tanveer has very good song choices. Tanveer summed it up for her parents when he advised them to just give her space and let her be herself.

This isn’t the end there will be next chance also. I must say that I was expecting Acb to be just as decent as Sir Mustansar but looks like he is the only one dramx this play with such sophistication.

Specially when you compare him with Sir Mustansar and Junaid, this guy stands out for so many reasons. Powered by WordPress Back to Top. Childhood grudges, insecurities, jealousy, I don’t know the real cause of this rivalry but I sure am enjoying it.

Farwa ki ABC Episode 16 (HD)

The viewers got to find out the real reason for Surraya leaving Sir Mustansar. Poor Farwa, aik masla Hul Hota nahi hai Aur doosri mushkil sar pay aa jaate hai. She was the same happy go lucky girl at the end, whom we met in the first episode, the only difference was that at the end she was cawt lot happier.


Farwa is not the only one who feels uncomfortable cawt Aasma’s presence, it works both ways. It was refreshing to hear some nice things about Sir Mustansar from Gogi and the reference he made to the Indian film was height of wishful thinking!

About US Submit a review. The other cast and characters were also talented and well developed but still these two were the most memorable. Will Gogi want someone better than Farwa when he is a more groomed person?

Rona dhona was kept minimum and they very easily understood where the other dtama coming from. Her situation is getting from bad to worse at an alarming rate. Two, Farwa has bluntly told Sir Mustansar the truth. The lead role sonia hussain as Farwa a cry girl she loves to study but due to her poor skills she always fails. About US Submit a review. Farwa’s parents still disappoint me.

Subscribe to receive new post. She can’t even handle a simple chit chat with ” Mr and Mrs. The channel has created an issue where there was none, now my mind is thinking of all the scandalous item numbers I have ever heard: It is good to know that there are some actors who are constantly experimenting with different kinds of roles and nailing them too.

The girl playing Aasma, I don’t castt your name but cst are you good. Googi and his entire demeanor is so cute, I can’t stop laughing every time he opens his mouth.

Whenever the subject of Farwa is brought up, Aasma can’t keep herself from saying mean, rude, insensitive, things.