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Ab subjectivity yahan hamla awar is tarah hoti hai, k hum ager kisi ko ilzaam dena chahen k jee pari aur Ruqayya ke sath ye huwa, usne ye kiya, usne wo kiya, tou hamari subjectivity dhaari ki dhaari reh jati hai, aur hum un-conciously unk pichlay haalat, unki zindage aur ye sb hum is liye karty hain as we all believe k subjectivity chahy jitni bhi strong ho jayee, external halaat matter karty hain aur buht zada karty hain.. Pari is sick, she needs meds not lectures about improving her harkatein. Is that love or is this another kind of hawas? Meri khushi ko kisi ki nazer lag gayee…. I wonder why Azam have to literally shout in scene where they found fatima as guilty… I mean thats fine if ur angry and pissed but why to trouble our ears.. FA i will be back with my comment but so wanted to reply u that even i am with u and SZ.. RJ really enjoyed ur in-depth anaylysis on all the characters and situations. I was collecting the clues that how and why pari can get a state of Wajad..

Forget about Pari, even I tuned it out as bhains ke aagey been bajaana. We are really enjoying from the start again. But now m relax k duniya me ap jesy achy log bhi hain who know how to give n take respect.. But during this struggle her personality disorder is surfacing and R within her takes over who loves A.. She acknowledged her complicity once, but that was that — all empty talk. Sanatta has really stretched the scenes of Ruqqaiya and Azam, for so many episodes the story is revolving around how Azam wants to be the sole part of Ruqqaiya and wants Ruqqaiya to not give much significance to Pari.

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Sanatta has really stretched the scenes of Ruqqaiya and Azam, for so many episodes the story is revolving around how Azam wants to be the sole part ljta Ruqqaiya and wants Ruqqaiya to not give much significance to Pari. And the rest of the convo is connected too so they r def discusssing P too. FA first of all replies RE: Naseem Hijaazi, Manto, A-Hammed aur Mustansar Husaain se lay kar aj tk ki har female writer I mean, Farhat ishtiaq, Umeera, Faiza, Lhta Nigaar etc etc sb he paarhti hun but ab Sannata dekhny k bad I felt my taste has changed a bit means ab ye psychological aur fatija woven stories zada attract karti hain.


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Seriously that make up artist needs to be fired!! But please comment karti raha karain. And Pari should be thankful to Fatima for not making her look like R. Now I realized why I had too much laughters as baad me sari kasar nikal gai. Loving the Shauki track. Pari was sick, we knew that from day one.

I think pari has sacrificed here. Do we think cawt will see some hawas taking over somewhere? Ruqayya, jb pari uski zindage me ayi, ik baachi the, magar uski feelings, usk ehsasaat uski needs ik bachi wlai nhi rahin the.

He seems frustrated and a bit manic in this scene…perhaps he has indeed lost his raasta?.

Sannata ~ Episode 14 Review

Hope he pulls his socks up and start acting like a man. I agree this episode was the weakest so far.

Why were we shown only one scene? While I am still enjoying the arc of the story I have to say this latest episode was the weakest one so far. FA, waoo nice addition here. Im glad u enjoyed it and made some sense out of alot of mumbo jumbo. Ohkk tou ab jo main kkehna chahti hon. Appa will never refuse anything to her. Infact if one were to look beyond the obvious Ruqqaiya gained more than she gave in this relationship. I thought worse is over. FA, haha apko kesy pata that I come to beat it to pari while comes to Ruqayya??

That was the MAIN reason that when he returned to lutw again, the point of his attention was pari, more skhir Ruqayya. I hear many people are liking it. There it lies what he lutta searching for.

Sajal is exceptional here.

Urdu Poetry : (Bal-e-Jibril) Zamana – Time (بال-ی-جبریل-١٤٣) زمانہ – ٹائم

It is his inner and extra conciousness that is forcing. So, like all other characters with their extremism and intensity, like Ruqayya pari and Azam, shouki is perfectly fit in this scenario.!!


The pool scene too went on too long. It was only after Azam assured her that Pari would be a outa of their lives that she agreed to his proposal. Even though it was all about her, Pari was remarkably absent in all the back and forth between Ruqqaiya and Azam. Learn to lock doors!!

SQ was not very impressive in this episode and DT was screaming a bit. We saw kiga reading to Aaba bi, even giving her opinions about matters…She did enjoy alot of privileges too.

While I am eager to know what happens next, I have to say the impact of that particular scene was somewhat diluted because we had already seen it happen earlier.

So, my take and analysis for him, is to be continued till it all comes to us.!! I really needed that laugh to clear my head!! The instant he got his prize though we saw a new Azam. So, he did a blind and over topped love to Gul-e-mina. Pari sees herself as Ruqqaiya, but have we ever really paused to think about how Ruqqaiya sees herself reflected in Pari as well? You are really a very nice addition to this thread.

She fwtima used to holding on to someone R all of the time. Ahhh all my wishes are with u. Meri khushi ko kisi ki nazer lag gayee…. Finally caaught up with sannata and shakk. FA, I accept hahaha and once again, thanx to U, for giving me kaslor chance to discuss Ruqayya.

That one sequence, starting with Shauki at the dargah going to the flashback and returning back to Shauki at the dargahwas the one wow worthy moment in an otherwise ho hum episode.

FA, agree with u totally. And i didnt realize orange is such a big thing at the moment.