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Gadfium, the Chief Scientist of the ruling class, is engaged in a conspiracy with like-minded nobles who believe that the elite are not acting in the best interests of the population, and who question the real motive of the ongoing war with the rival clan of Engineers. The crypt is virtual reality or cyberspace taken far past any other author’s speculation; however, it too is mostly beyond the understanding even of Bascule. Not one I normally recommend, but for completeness sake, one has to read it. Two factions are fighting for control of some power that might save the planet. The plant-mass babilia, unique to the fastness and ubiquitous within it, coated all but the smoothest of vertical surfaces with tumescent hanging forests of lime-green, royal blue and pale, rusty orange; only the heights of scarred wall closest to the more actively venting fissures and fumaroles remained untouched by the tenacious vegetation. Aware of his imminent demise on 3 April he announced on his website that he had inoperable gall bladder cancer, giving him, at most, a year to live.

The book is set on a far future Earth where the uploading of mindstates into a world-spanning computer network known as “Cryptosphere”, “the Data Corpus”, or simply “Crypt” is commonplace, allowing the dead to be easily reincarnated , a set number of times, first physically and then virtually within the crypt. But it’s just Fearsome Engine. Fortunately, I know better and intend to try some of his straight fiction next. She was created by the crypt because the relevant systems were kept separate by their designers to prevent infection by chaos. Perhaps this was due to being tickled by the down-clocked pace of reading, or that it puts one in parsing mode both at text level and story level. Its hard on yor brane. I really enjoyed Zinn’s book, and I like a lot of the authors featured in this anthology, so you know what that means — someone’s making a purchase ASAP!

Each is in a different part of a completely alien future Earth — one that includes its own alternative reality — which makes it a struggle to keep track of what’s going on and to identify which details are important to the plot and which are mere colouring. To view it, click here.


Maybe I’m not clever enough, but this is not easy reading. We knew it was going to be like that, but it could have been handled with the same care and detail as the rest of the book.

Feersum Endjinn: An eclectic far-future science fantasy

He died the following June. There is one more key character that looms throughout the story — the unimaginably vast Fastness itself, known as Serehfa. Hez the unliklee hero frust in2 sercumstansis beyond hiz understandin or cuntrol and givin the oportoonity 2 mayk brav deesishins wif the fayt uv hyoomanity in the balans. Sessine may or may not have been sympathetic to the conspiracy.

Banks was also an expert on Scottish whisky. I woth jutht kiddin. So, being careful to avoid any spoilers, here are the main cast of characters: However, my main misgiving which also stopped me reading the book the first time I attempted it feeraum years ago was the phonetically written sections by a reersum called Bascule.

Lewy Land: Book discussion of Feersum Endjinn (Iain M. Banks)

She is interrogated within the crypt, but is able to resist the questioning, becoming stronger at understanding and manipulating her virtual environments. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. I would have loved to know what they do to disperse the dust cloud. I’m a big fan of Iain Banks, so who better to introduce me to the modern form of the genre, especially when I’ve just finished the magnificent [b: Count Sessine is a high born who has already exhausted all his physical lives, and is perilously close to have finished with his virtual life as well.

The ending too was abrupt. I had no idea there was one until your review.


Banks has my unending respect. Riting a revyoo ploh thoh I wuz Bascule seems 2 me the obveeyus cors. The Best Novels. Despite growing up in beautiful Hawaii, he spent most of his time reading as many SFF books as possible. Both consider the fate of a redoubt on an unimaginably future Earth, where a decadent, remnant society resides after the ambitious bulk of humanity ascends to the stars.

But if you trust Banks, then try it. Pages to import images to Wikidata.

Awar Scottish writer Iain M. I know it is my case, but because it is balanced by my pleasure at reading a dyslexic voice, I overlook that. It is as intelligent as the more contemporary ‘The Bridge’ which so far is still my favorite novel coming from Iain Banks that I have yet read – I am still wading through his booksit is not set in the Culture series, but as a stand alone sci-fi novel with a very unique aspect about it, just as all his novels contain.

A tenuous connection, maybe?

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Underlying all of this is the Crypt—a virtual reality maintaining a near one-to-one relationship with the real world. Of course not all of the story works flawlessly; there are a handful of plot-lines brought up that never resolve, the story drags somewhat through the middle chapters, and the phonetic writing style is sometimes extremely difficult to read.

They face a conspiracy of powerful individuals with their own agend Set on an almost unrecognizable far future Earth, this book is Iain. That is not the truth, though. Jan 25, Bill rated it liked it Shelves: Initially they were difficult for me to read or comprehend.

May 09, Philip Hollenback rated it did not like it Shelves: