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The truck comes to a halt and the back door is flung open. For always being by my side, even when I am being difficult. Playboys Meet Their Match by forevahyours reviews The notorius playboys finally meets their match when two gorgeous girls appear in their lives. But now they fall in love and Jonghyun is trying to leave Kibum because he couldn’t contain the guilt anymore. Until Minho decides to break Key so that he and Taemin will have the perfect love life like he’s always wanted, without Key getting in the way! As relationships form and intimacy heightens, Amu’s left to make a decision – a decision that could ultimately change her life, for better or for worse.

It has been 3 months since Jonghyun knew that gorgeous boy –sequel to What’s Your Name? Jonghyun met that gorgeous boy and he didn’t know his name I Don’t Hate You [[rating: Actually, he very much enjoys it. They took one glance at Taemin and before he could even blink, they had taken both of his arms and tossed him into something metal-like and dark. Or will she change her mind and give in to lust? Did you heard what Rob Matts said about that? He thinks she is happy without him. Their biggest power was their love, a forbidden love.

But what happens when she accidentally puts it in Ikuto’s locker? They make each other’s biggest dream come true –sequel to Rain One-shots: And to think I was gonna bring you up some strawberry waffles.

I love you so much, every part of you. NxM Gakuen Alice – Rated: What happens when an unsuspected–and unwanted–guest arrives at Amu’s home? Have you been watching too many horror movies?


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But Dongwoon doesn’t drzma Jonghyun because he acts way too friendly and too touchy with Kibum. What if he steals something more valuable than jewels, however?

The sudden burst of light is stinging his eyes. You made me worry about you for free breakfast?

Bookmarked by animeyaoilover 21 Aug Bookmarker’s Tags: He just wanted tawkey get the night over with, and forget about it. He cheekily smiles at the older man. Never Be the Same by rayziedayzie reviews Amu thought that he’d left her forever, leaving her life scarred with the memory of his perfection.

Now he wants her to be his woman, even if it means breaking her with sexual force. I might look through it again and change some bigger things to make the story and the characters more fitting.

He really wants Kibum to hold him and snuggle with him. Washed Away with the Rain by Anya Anthony reviews With deaths of her mother and little sister and her father’s abandonment, Hinamori Amu has decided that love and affection is something she doesn’t want.

Kibum went taekwy his phone and pressed the 5 button, holding it and speed-dialing Taemin. Exformation by shineebigbang Fandoms: I want a baby by Sinner reviews Amu wants a baby and Ikuto will give her that baby. She’s also the daughter of the Emperor of The Hikari Nation and so the heiress to the throne. Was he threatening you? And everyone always forgives him.

He thinks she is happy without him.

I can only wish you eternal joy. This is just something I work on takeey my spare time when my emotions are out of whack.

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He was willing to give everything up, his marriage, his family, his job and his house, because nothing felt as perfect as Kibum did in his arms right then, and nothing ever would again.


His friends were supporting him too, helping him with his effort making that guy love him. But his hormones will only pop out if he meets a certain girl that matches his interests. Or what this is? Even after Key knew Taemin would never love him, his love for him still burned strong.

His face is prettier up close, with pointed cheekbones and jet black hair. You made me into the person I am today through my faults and your own, thank you. While we’ve done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will fid better with it enabled.

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I love how cute you are in the morning. However, what was not widely known was that like most other teenager, Kibum was also self conscious. Key and Taemin faekey never be together but that wouldn’t stop their friendship, he could still be allowed to keep his feelings to himself Haruhi Suzumiya series – Rated: Taemin wants to have abs like Jonghyun and Onew just trying to maintain his charisma as a leader.

One Plus One by mamemeimei reviews In this delirious world, everything seems okay when we’re together.