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The trailer, in Persian, is below: Subscribe to our newsletter. Another villain is a monarchist and ally of Britain, seen basking in luxury aboard his yacht on the Bosporus and dining on the finest foods and wines, all served to him by an unveiled woman. Not-so-splendid isolation Erdogan’s geopolitical nightmare. This, presumably, is an allusion to the real murder of Neda, icon of the “Green Wave”. Although it has become commonplace outside of Iran to simplify the domestic political situation to one of unending oppression, the diversity of themes in Iranian cinema tackled reveals a vibrant public sphere in which controversial topics are readily discussed.

Both films have engendered a great deal of controversy, albeit from wildly different sectors of the population. Although it has become commonplace outside of Iran to simplify the domestic political situation to one of unending oppression, the diversity of themes in Iranian cinema tackled reveals a vibrant public sphere in which controversial topics are readily discussed. The fact that a film mocking them was permitted by the Iranian censors reflects the sometime surprising standards of acceptable dissent and critique in the Islamic Republic. Facebook Twitter Tumblr Reddit. Golden Collars has generated a facebook group calling for a Boycott with over 6, likes so far, with critics charging that it is based on unsubstantiated rumors of foreign involvement in what was essentially a repressed domestic civil rights movement. Returning IS fighters Expatriation hardly an option. It would be necessary to buy a subtitled version I think.

Here, the lines of acceptable dissent are constantly being reformulated and redefined in an intricate push-and-pull between cultural producers, government censors, and a vocally opinionated public.

The decline of Islamic scientific thought Don’t blame it on al-Ghazali. Jordan and the influx of refugees The true Samaritans. Not those who took to the streets in at any rate. Social media and networks. Migrants and Germany’s labour shortage The tightrope between prospects and prejudice.

The image of talz lifeless body, covered in blood, stretched out on a street in Teheran made world news in June and became a symbol of the brutal suppression of the “Green Wave” by the Iranian regime.

Following the clear victory of Ahmadinejad in the election, the spy and his helpers filj agents’ provocateurs, mingling with the demonstrators and throwing incendiary bombs at vehicles and buildings. The regime has succeeded in snuffing out calls for reform; it has placed the leaders of the protest movement under house arrest and gagged freedom of expression of the press, on the internet and in the arts.


Naturally, the roles played by the Iranian secret service and police are not those of oppressors but of national heroes. They shoot a woman from their own group who had contact with the British Embassy and blame the act on the Iranian security forces. Villain of the piece is a British MI6 secret service operative.

The theme is nothing less than the “Green Wave” movement itself.

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Most Recent Photo Essay. Newest Most Read Most Comments. The Teheran coup ofwhen the CIA directed events that led to the downfall of the nationalist Prime Minister Iraani, is an event that is deeply engraved in the Iranian iranl memory.

It is unlikely that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is going to have the leisure to make such a film giving his take on the popular uprising in his own country.

In “The Golden Collars”, of course, the protest is not presented as a legitimate and broad-based rebellion against the authoritarian political culture of the Islamic republic and the controversial re-election of Ahmadinejad, but rather as a malicious plot initiated by foreign spies and manipulated by the West in order to sow the seeds of chaos in the country and ultimately to bring down the government. In “Ghaladehaye Tala”, former reformist president Mohammad Khatami is depicted as a favourite and puppet of the West.

The symbolism is fi,m in the film. Anyone curious to know just what the story is that the regime has come up with for the edification of its own people ten thousand cinema tickets were given away free need look no further than here.

Ghaladehaye Tala |

One of the female agents looks and sounds very like Mariam Radjawi, leader of the People’s Mujahedin, who was elected “President of Iran” by her followers in Paris some years ago. Leading filmmakers such as Jafar Panahi or Mohammad Rasoulov have been banned from making films at all. This, presumably, is tapa allusion to the real murder of Neda, icon of the “Green Wave”. Subscribe to our newsletter. The government’s propaganda machinery has praised the film “Ghaladehaye Tala” The Golden Collars by Abolqasem Talebi ghalaxehaye “the most political film in Iranian cinema hhaladehaye.


The demonstrators as a well-meaning but misguided and naive mob taken in by the wiles of imperialist agents: It is the hated British that are ghaladeahye here as chief culprits. It is their actions that are seen talq be responsible for turning the protests into an orgy of violence and it is they who provide the demonstrators with their chant of “taghallob” fraud.

The Iranian leaders did have the opportunity and “Ghaladehaye Tala” demonstrates what happens to culture in a dictatorship that has succeeded in crushing such an uprising: Over the Persian New Year holidays spanning the end of Marchtwo new releases sparked a bit of controversy for quite different reasons.

The hero, a young idealistic employee of irzni Iranian counter-intelligence services, puts paid to the plans of the MI6 agent. The trailer, in Persian, is below: He becomes the ringleader of a top-secret and ruthless cell of revolutionaries whose aim is to use the electoral duel between Ahmadinejad and Mousavi, the reform group candidate, for their own purposes. Many people appear to resent the fact that the country’s most famous film star agreed to take part in the propaganda film.

Iran’s nuclear programme has dominated media coverage of the country for more than two years now. Skip to main content.

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The heavy-handed thriller was released in the Iranian cinemas some months ago and has now also been issued on DVD. Some effort, it is fair to say, has been put in to discrediting the protest movement of Your email address will not be published.

Monitors concerned as Nigeria awaits vote result. Leave this field blank. Returning IS fighters Expatriation hardly an option.