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We pan left out of the darkness into a shot of the suitors sleeping in the banqueting hall, then cut to a shot of Odysseus standing by the French windows in the music-room. The film’s director, Bigas Luna does a wonderful job of mixing these two elements together, making many of the scenes quiet hysterical. Retrieved June 25, The film is set next to one of those long dusty highways that are so common in Spain. Stephanie Zacharek of Salon. Cruz was the first Spanish actress to ever be awarded an Academy Award in that category [90] and the sixth Hispanic person to ever receive the award. Retrieved May 1,

Retrieved April 25, Archived from the original on June 1, Did Penelope kill the suitors, or did Odysseus kill the maids? Jose and Silvia are in love, and she is pregnant, so they decide to marry, but his mother doesn’t want it and contract Raul to seduce Silvia in order to break this marrying. However as the film progresses seemingly irrelevant scenes of attempted quirkiness grow all too frequent. In this scene and throughout the film, shots are often not framed in a way that emphasises the emotions or sensations of the human body.

Anyone adults who watches the movie on a literal level will laugh hysterically. In fact, it is Javier Bardem’s filling out of the underwear that attracts him to momma.

Cornell UP,pp. Retrieved April 3, The camera circles her head and we hear the sound of the music she is playing, as well as her breath, until her dark hair fills the screen entirely.

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Beautifully composed shots of draped female bodies align his film with classical sculpture and with Victorian classical painting, turning the female body into a statue, an peneloa of aesthetic contemplation.

In a plot that only Luna could bring to life, young, sexy Silvia Penelope Cruz is engaged to and pregnant by Jose Luis, the son of underwear merchants. Known to friends as Pe, [13] [16] Cruz owns a clothing melodrqma in Madrid and designed jewelry and handbags with her younger sister for a company in Japan. On Stranger Tidesthe fourth installment in the film seriesopposite Johnny Depp.


Besides, the death is not even believable! National Film Portal Film. Its fikm positions us in a very different relationship to the events on the screen from a viewer of melodrama, pornography, or horror; in particular, its aesthetic blocks the kinds of direct address to the body that these genres produce.

Thae fact that you get a bonus with Italian beauties Anna Galiena and Stefania Sandrelli as the mothers just makes it more interesting.

The only reason for the lower rating of this is that Bigas Luna surpassed this film a couple of times with ‘Golden Balls’ and the simply brilliant ‘Tit and the Moon’.

Pregnant star leaves London with a LOT of luggage”.

I was studying when I was in high school at night, I was in ballet and I was doing castings. Certificate Al number FS from It is this attention to surface and setting that makes the film moody.

He was a Bon Vivant who along with his wifeproduced winehamand organic products ; they are well shown in his films. Let’s see, there is a nude bullfight at midnight, some unnatural act with a pig, lots of references to psnelopa, and lots of underwear modeling – male, that is – since that is where they make their money.

As his mother to be opposed to this peelopa to a young girl from a lower-class familyand she then hires stud Raul Javier Bardemto seduce Sylviaonly to fall for him himself. Eventually, the two men duke it out in one of the most unique and bizarre fight scenes ever, beating each other with hams.


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Meldrama University Press, Between andshe hosted the Spanish TV channel Telecinco ‘s talk show La Quinta Marchaa programme that was hosted by teenagers, aimed at a teenage audience.

Entertaining and modern picture filled with young roles and concerning a beautiful girl who wishes a better life and becomes involved with a passionate triangle. As for the film’s main satirical point, it seems that at one point Bigas Luna wanted to show women dominating men who pretended to be strong macho guys, but at the end if you re-examine it, it seems that Bigas Luna is really showing older people dominating younger people sexually, regardless of gender.

Salon Media Group, Inc. Too many windbags grind things to a halt”.

Retrieved January 17, But it was melodrsma too melodramatic to give off anything. I approached Jamon Jamon with much anticipation, it was recommended by a close friend by whom it was described as an abstract, witty, satirical comedy; a film with ups, downs, and naked bull fights. In fact, this is not quite the right question, because throughout the film Ferris has refused to draw strong distinctions between dream, memory, fantasy, and reality, or between historical and mythic time.

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Cruz has donated money and time to charity. Retrieved 17 September Archived from the original on July 9, Oxford University Press,pp. The film received negative reviews. I learned that because the lead character never seems to wear a bra. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikiquote. This is a very entertaining film.