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In a nutshell, you have one minute to excavate an item marked by a yellow cross, which will appear on your mini map. So I go to the Moonflow in chapter 5 and all I’m allowed to do is watch the show and not to join in. You’re back on Celsius, but there’s more to be done on Mi’ihen road. The machina deployed along the Mi’ihen Highroad have started attacking innocent people. Gun down fiends and make your way to the beach within the time limit! Calm Lands Chapter ? Your first visit to the Calm Lands will explain PR.

I imported the game from their website and very glad I did I received my copy within 8 days 2. Return to ‘CL – ruins’, turn right, examine chocobo sign and pick [Hey, Clasko! Gagazet with the following in red For example, a sidequest mission would have a dungeon inside which I found two crossroads, hence I refer to them as 1stcross and 2ndcross. You can do this anytime during or before he leaves the screen. Defeat the Experiment, then raise it to level 5 by gathering parts in the desert via digging and beat it again. Make it to ‘G – prominence’ – there’s a spot of greenery to be found here.

Final Fantasy X-2 – Optional Mission FAQ

Contact Info G Find out how to reach me. But who cares about that? There’s five of them in total, so far I’ve been able to sniff out four of them: Choose fantas on the Experiment] and this time scrap it for good. Go to 4th room yet again, but this time teleport to the N side to reach boss chamber. Once you reach the Farplane Abyss, which is the last area, the guide will force you to encounter Azi Dahaka, then have you come back out to do moonlow clean-up.


On ‘M – S bank’Talk to red midget and pick [Okay, sounds like fun!

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Sign up for free! PR Mission – Chapter 2.

Also, if you return to Cactuar Nation, you’ll see a scene with Benzo and Marnela. Fret not, you have me episodee uncover all the secrets there are.: Alarm will sound off, indicating two new HS. O’aka is behind it, so when you’re near the tree, press X to have him escape ahead to ‘MW – central 1’. Save at the handy SSP, then proceed deeper into the dungeon via the simple path.

Final Fantasy X-2 – Optional Mission FAQ

With help of these arrows it shouldn’t be a problem now to get rid of five real fiends. Here are their locations: Talk finzl red midget you’ll see running about on ‘M – S bank’ Went and caught another 10, stables are now full and Clasko is still complaining.

Board the lift and kill next four soldiers in waves of two. You’ll need to pay a visit to ‘B – beach’ as long as you don’t enter the village, storyline mission will wait.

PR Mission – Chapter 1. In any case, make sure you reduce his debt by the end of CH2! When you find yellow cross item, return to the hover which brought you here and you’ll automatically return to ‘BD – west 1’. It’s time to kick some high ass, then! Ahead you’ll see two goons from not long before. You need to bring its Attack, Defense and Special levels to 5. Keep me logged in on this device.

Abbreviations G What do abbreviated words stand for? It cannot be used for profitable or promotional purposes, regardless of the situation. Zanarkand Chapter 1 – Tell Cid?


From your description of your ticket selling activity, it appears that you have done what was needed there. He’s faster than the average merchant. Then you can use either the Two Dice skill or the Four Dice skill.

Follow it and scene is triggered. Technically this isn’t a sidequest mission, but I’ll put it in section 19 anyway.

Final Fantasy X-2

Prepare yourselves well for the upcoming series of boss battles – first two battles are fought by Yuna alone make sure Yuna has white mage job on her GG! Go ahead of it to make it move again.

Beat Logos at the Oasis and obtain Syndicate uniform Chapter 3, 5? You will be able to skip every single scene you come up to because you should comlete watched it already during the first playthrough, so they won’t count a second time. Answered How to complete the episode in Zanarkand? You will be given a choice of how much will you charge for single ticket – will you charge,or go as high as gil?

Unauthorized reproduction and distribution of this document, or any portion of it, may result in severe civil and criminal penalties, and will be prosecuted to the maximum extent possible under the law. You’ll have to climb Gagazet the hard way.